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"The stock is down 9.2% to $580.37 in after-hours trading."
it's only $580.37? ... hmmm... just checked it "Range: 631.46 - 640.99"
Not yet -- down 9.2, and I'll bet it falls more at open tomorrow
after 27% growth and they could not meet some clueless analyst whisper number...keep the manipulation on wall street...
Elizabeth -- high was 714 in late 2007. Ben, that was closing price, not after hours price.
looks like 639 to me...
$-57.55(-9.00%).....tomorrow will be really funny
what do market caps mean nowadays anyway...
Many people are looking at today's closing price as traded on the NYSE, 639.57

The WSJ is reporting after hours trading. After hours quotes can be seen on google finance, just below the closing price.
Thanks, +Gordon Thompson. That's correct. Google's earnings were released after the closing bell, and the stock is currently down 8.9% in after-hours trading.
Insiders should put the stock back to $630's..
You could have bought oil in 2008 for $150 per bbl.
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