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Thoughts on Pope Benedict's decision to step down from the papacy? What part of the world should the next pope be from?

Credit: Reuters
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They're all from the underworld anyway...
It says something about one's character to step down, rather than be carried out, from a lifetime appointment.
Maybe he just buggered the wrong boy!
The next pope should come from the true homeland of jesus himself...
the next pope should be a woman, due to the such overbearing psychosis religion induces in males. males as the heads of global religions is generally a very bad idea.
Excellent Pope. This decission takes courage.
Next pope have to be an  american. Mexican or Brazilian I hope.
+Andrew Lyons My confusion came with your inaccurate reference - I am neither the pot nor kettle.  

I wasn't aware Pope Benedict XVI was a misogynist and a bigot.  What proof have you?  Even if you do: it's their church, so what is that to anyone (within the confines of the rights of other people)?
In other news... My daughter and her imaginary friend had a fight and are no longer speaking.
He must be in really bad health or wrapped up in a bad controversy ! 
He was not supposed to be in the first place
Isn't this the fancy cross-dresser who was in charge of investigating little boy buggering cases worldwide under the last fancy cross dresser? 
If I'm not mistaken Pope Benedict hinted at a very short reign when he was first elected Pope.  He was old then at 78 so this is of little surprise to me.  Praying for him as well as the Universal Church as we head to Conclave.
Given I could be looking for a job soon maybe I will give it a go
I think this pope was very retrogade
the Church need more modernism 
How about the part of the world where raping children is a path to excommunication (and prison)? Currently, priests who marry are guaranteed to be excommunicated... but not priests who rape. :(
I'm not surprised but its good to step down rather than hold on to the chair and you're not able to do all the tasks. Hope the new pope is younger and active.
Proud of his dedecision, it takes a lot of courage to recognize one's limitations. Wish him well

Someone needs to make a gif out of this guy
WELL DONE!!! Have a Wonderful Retirement Dear POPE!!!
I am not Catholic, but I can appreciate his willingness to step down to ensure the role and responsibilities of Pope continues to maintained at a high standard. He has a reason for needing to step down and would have never voiced it if he did not feel it necessary. He's the Pope, respect his decision!!
Good job pope :) you did the right decision.

I believe in GOD, And I know He does. I think He is following GODs will. In his position I would! May He have a wonderful life from hear on.!
Time to step down and take a good rest!
+Inetta Jordan Exactly. If he can step down to make sure that the quality of his office is maintained, I respect him greatly. Not many people will step down from an office for life that causes them to be famous and well - liked. 
why is it even a race? Its serious responsibility!  
According to the Vatican's own prophecy, the next pope is the last Pope before the return of Christ. He will take on the name of Peter.
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