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More Americans die each year of prescription drug overdoses than gun homicides:
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Andre Fadel
The difference being it kills the person that takes it, not other people. It's more like a suicide than homicide.
Not that it shouldn't be fought to stop the indiscriminate drug prescription, but comparing it to gun homicides is a little out of purpose, specially after the recent events...
Roger Teh
Drug overdose is self inflicted. Quite different from getting shot.
As I was going to St. Ives,
I met a man with seven guns.
He had not eaten in seven days.
His past seven jobs paid seven dollars an hour.
He was the seventh consecutive generation of poverty.
At the age of seven, he witnessed his father shot to death.
His mother chose to have seven children that she could not afford.

I had to wonder why. But I recognized that it is her liberty to bring children into a world, even if I don't believe that she will be financially equipped to support them.

It was clear that he had been raised in hopelessness. While his intellect may have told him, "Do not perpetuate this," his more base instincts drove him to make choices that ensured future generations would risk doing so..

I wanted to tell him that he brought this on himself, but I knew that the answer was not so simple. I wanted to tell him that he only had himself to blame, but I knew that was not true.

Instead, I sighed and chose to address the situation, instead of complaining about his liberties.

We are not China, telling people that can only have a certain number of children. We do not require means-testing before allowing people to breed. We can not genetically screen out those with predispositions to let hopelessness drive them to desperate actions, ie. the willingness to use guns against other people.

So if we are not a nation that will prevent things (and in doing so, suppress one another's liberties), we must be a nation that addresses the consequences. It's the only way to be both just and compassionate.

Besides, who among us can honestly look into the eyes of every single person that's passed through our lives and say "I have done nothing to wrong you?" It's inevitable that we have, at least some of the time. We make each other's lives darker places. It is a consequence of our liberty and of our free will. So we address the consequences of our actions. That's how we retain our honor.

/end_manifesto, apparently. Apologies for the rant.
Fortunately, I don't have to worry about drug overdose since I don't take any medicine. *knocks on wood*
+Steve Brown so you're saying people shouldn't go to jail in the name of freedom? I mean, who can blame a desperate guy who shot your mom because she refused to let go of her purse...
An evolved society shouldn't need somebody telling them what they can or what they can't do. Unfortunately we're not there yet, that's where government steps in. Just like a mum and dad step in to avoid the kid crossing a street without looking both ways. Or playing with a fully loaded gun.
We Need more education on lifestyle consequences. 
"I mean, who can blame a desperate guy who shot your mom because she refused to let go of her purse..."

Is that sarcasm? I'll blame him absolutely, and if I'm present I'll shoot him dead first and go home and sleep like a baby with a clear conscience.
Yes, I was being sarcastic! ;)
More people die in car crashes than in plane incidents, should we not worry about flight safety then?
We'll all be watching to see how many pills get thrown at a school full of elementary students next time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention WSJ.
On a more serious note, have any of you stopped to consider why all of these death rates are compared to gun homicides (instead of deaths by drunk drivers, for example)? Well, that's a little tactic the WSJ (and other news agencies) use known as Agenda Setting. By keeping guns in the conversation, they set the agenda for the masses because many people are too stupid to think for themselves about what's important. Obviously the WSJ has an agenda, and therefore cannot really be thought of as an unbiased news source.

If they wanted to ban alcohol they would compare the figures against deaths by drunk drivers. If they wanted fast food chains to clean up their act they would compare it against obesity.

Unfortunately true journalism seems to have become a thing of the past. 
+Andre Fadel and +Roger Teh - so how about the 49000 people who die each year due to second hand smoke? Or the 776 infants who die each year because their "mothers" smoked while pregnant? Or the 736 people who die each year in residential fires started due to tobacco use? Or the 10000+ people killed each year by dunk drivers - including 211 children?

Those are not self-inflicted deaths.

Those are homicides, too, so far as I'm concerned.

Meanwhile, 348 people died as a result of rifle homicides in 2009. Of those, 38 were ruled justifiable homicides. Of the remaining 310, it's estimated that 75 to 90 percent of firearms homicides are committed by criminals already prohibited from owning firearms. That leaves about 31 to 78 rifle homicides committed by legal gun owners...and "assault rifles" are a small portion of those.

Do you really think banning "assault rifles" is going to accomplish much other than making (uninformed) people feel better?

(Edited to correct auto-correct, add Roger, and clean up a few thoughts.)
Unfortunately i used to be hooked on oxycontin. Let me tell you it was hell in the smallest form. I did 5 years in prison because of my decisions while on them. To sum it up, oxycontin is prescription heroin. How scary is that. To be honest oxycontin would make you sicker then coming off of heroin. 
Just before +Dean Ballweg found those statistics I made them up and put them on Wikipedia, 49,000 die from second hand smoke, that was brilliant.
Statistics are very useful until your the person in the crashing plane.
I'm not sure what your point is +Ashley Witt . I got my numbers from the reports and studies by the CDC and the FBI among other places. If you're implying I made them up, I mean.

Or are you saying that the 11493 innocent deaths due to gun violence in 2009 are somehow more important than the approximately 60512 innocent deaths I pointed out?

Or does the plane those innocent victims are in not matter to you? 'Cause that's what it sounds like...

Screw logic, we need more welfare benefits. and the ACA act, so people can get more drugs, and take the kids to the doctor when they sneeze. This society is rotten. It lacks responsibility and obsesses over personal gratification. It is a nation of a lazy spoiled brats, who only care about getting "theirs". It doesn't matter where it comes from. Your politicians are more than willing to make that happen, as long as you vote for them. Should we ban guns because responsibility left a long time ago, or should we start removing the things that coddle irresponsible behavior?
Yes, prescription drugs have only one purpose, to efficiently kill people. Oh, wait, that is the anti-gun nuts line.
Wow, our health care systems suck. Further, just because more people die from accidental drug overdoses than from gun violence does not make gun violence less awful. It illustrates the fact that there is a ridiculous number of people dying unnecessarily & tragically. Deaths that could be avoided with the right legislation.
 But no one bursts into a school room, and shoots you with pills do they! They do that themselves.
+Kim Lattimer The drug companies have pretty great lobbying, and a PAC with infinite money. You don't think people perceptions of pills has been altered by them? They know people abuse them and sell them to the black market, but they don't care as long as they make money.
Working in the pharmaceutical industry off seen how drugs can be abused by the patients, pharmacies, and doctors themselves. We need a reform.
Drug companies are completely out of control, and they have your politicians in bed with them. A doctor tried to try to sell my twins fake immunizations. It is a temporary immunization as I understand it that protects from something that I've never heard of. I tried explaining to him that I could not afford his $8000 temporary immunization. even after insurance I can't afford the $1500s. Absolute corruption. Doctor kick backs from selling medicine. Next to banks it is the most corrupt thing in this country. It is infuriating that welfare scum will get that immunization for free, without asking the price. and I get to pay for it.
I think we need reform reform. I don't think we're doing reform right. 
Dave C
Good point. There is another light to this as well: Did you know that at least fourteen recent school shootings were committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs resulting in 109 wounded and 58 killed?

There have been 22 international drug regulatory warnings issued on psychiatric drugs causing violence, mania, hostility, aggression, psychosis, and other violent type reactions. Despite this, there has never been a federal investigation into the connection between these drugs and the shootings.

You can ban all guns, but then the next school killings will be done with bricks. Will you ban loose bricks next? Let's find the actual source of the shooting, instead of the medium used to do it.
Doctors get perks and bonuses for prescribing certain medicines, even dangerous ones. The pharma industry does their own testing. Then the scientists working at the FDA get paid big money at the pharma companies to become consultants. They are all in bed together. Now big government under obama healthcare is going to be forcing these dangerous drugs on you.
what is this analysis sponsored by the NRA?
Well... doctors and drug dealers dispense the prescription drugs, essentially pulling a trigger and killing others. Sorry, but it is very comparable. Besides, people use guns for suicide all of the time. 
For the folks saying pill deaths are self inflicted, there's still a large number of deaths of children who take other peoples pills.

That said, why does this have to be an either/or argument?  guns make killing easier, pills make dieing easier.

Unfortunately, people (and government) like the easy solution.  We can fix the things letting crazies go over the edge (poverty, stress, lack of medical options, lack of give-a-shit by those around them)... or we can ban the guns!
Might I interject that mushrooms are more effective at controlling depression than Welbutrin. One of those things are illegal and one of those things make people kill themselves.
This is comparing apples with pears. Injected by the Republican gun  lobby?
Except guns are over the counter ... do over the counter drug overdose kill as much?
So once again we need to make guns harder to get... like prescription guns!
hmm usa stell in safe side go and look to other country ^^
not unless your in the fatal plane
yoga is the answer for drug problem
Maybe the USA needs to introduce tighter regulations for both medicines and guns. I wonder what the map would look like if you overlayed the homicide rate (all murders) with the ease of obtaining potent over the counter drugs?
no name
I love the way the liberal gun haters commenting like to ignore any fact showing their agenda for what it is, hypocritical self righteous idealism. Nice to know you people can ignore far greater loss of life just because it doesn't fit in with your agenda. They're the party of save a few at the cost of loosing a multitude. I wish I could be as callous. 
Cuba and gangs in Florida state is the main reason for drugs and guns in US. First need to take step from there. Then we need concentrate on other states. 
A constant search for analogies to justify ownership of military style weapons from the gun lovers will never cease. Sadly, if nothing is done neither will the killing. 
I think the root of this "desire" to own military style weapons is based in military style clothing...To combat this and to really move forward with ACTION we need to ban all things military style.

First step we will need a citicen uniform for all citicens.

Then a 2nd one easily visible for the overseeers that know better then the rest of the population.

I really think beyond that we need to form a oveerseer council to micromanage every aspect of the regular citicens life.

If we can micromanage all aspects of the populations life with endless laws--ANY deviation of those laws will IMMEDIATLY signal for the immediate imprisionment of that "rogue" element, thus stopping any possible evil act contrary to the will of the state.


The 2nd amendment ultimately protect the other 9 amendments if we let our guns go their will be no more constitution that is what this Communist govt is moving towards resist resist resist
People know if you do somthing wrong, nothing's going to happen. It pays to be a criminal. You might go to jail. And if you do you get a free college edition, a gym, free medical, 3 hot meals a day, cabel tv and in some places privet room. All because we dont want to hurt there feelings of make them feel like there rights have been infringed on....guess what. Its jail
Florida shouldn't be that high on the list. new york needs to count those not us. Its all snow birds od'ing.......
This chart is made up. If you think that there is only one law of any kind in Georgia then your fucking idiot.
There are at least a hundred. My brother works in pharmacy. It is so strictly controlled its ridiculous.
Thanks for lying to everyone and wasting people's time.
poor america.. rich but suck at lifestyle
Poor young young still dosent have a clue on life
WSJ - What is the purpose of this kind of headline? Are you advocating that as long as there is information that says more people die from some other source, we don't need gun control legislation? That's the same stupid argument used for not wearing seat belts, continuing to smoke, not getting a prostrate checks, etc.  This is an insulting headline.
What about the statistics on Deaths from gun accidents.?.   Aren't there more accidental shooting deaths than homicides...   How would that change the overall picture?

Also, some of these prescription drugs have played a major role in many of these suicides, homicides, and shooting rampages...  

A Person using some psychiatric Prescription Drugs + Access to firearms = recipe for disaster.
mommy that is right the solution is to burn the three ingredients
This article by the WSJ is an underhanded way of insulting people's intelligence. It seeks to deflect the horror brought about by wonton killings using assault weapons by contrasting them with deaths due to pharmaceutical misuse. The conclusion they want readers to make therefore, is that we need not do anything about controlling assault weapons; after all, one death is the same as the other. 
Wilfrido Navarrete - Your fear mongering about "assault weapons" insults people's intelligence.  Do you realize that only 323 people died in 2011 from all rifles combined?  If you banned all rifles you would only stop 323 of the total 8,583 total firearm deaths.  Your battle cry against "assault weapons" is meaningless.  You are twice as likely to be beat to death by hand, or 5 times more likely to be stabbed to death than killed with a rifle.  Those are facts from the FBI UCR 2011.
it is inevitable to prevent one from the other . the problem sit's with our leaders in senate . they have control over what is issued and what is not . they control how much crime is committed in their state among other miappropriate happenings in our communities .
This gotto be an NRA undercover operation. lol
Also probably more people die in car accidents (I hope) of course in years without wars.
Larry H
Poor journalism tagline (seems like Murdoch influence has started the WSJ down the inflammatory headline path) ... soon they will be neck and neck with Faux News.
Don't they have a law in California that dying is against the law.
If I'm not mistaken, the article was seeking to illustrate that despite having strict laws on the books, there are still deaths due to prescription drugs. More laws aren't going to change anything. How many laws are there regarding automobiles in this country? Would any of them identify or prevent a mentally unstable person from using a truck to push a school bus off the road? How about a broadside collision? There are anywhere between 50 and 75 seats on an average school bus. The argument that you can't kill as many people as fast with another type of weapon is so patently ridiculous a person should be slapped for repeating it at this point. How long does it take a bomb to do it's work? The problem is not the weapon, it's us.

Let's try taking some individual responsibility instead of expecting the government to do it. Let's try watching less violence on television. "But I watch violent programming and don't go out and kill people!" You might not, but someone else has and will. Let's try communicating to the 3 CEOs of American media that this kind of programming is no longer acceptable. Try boycotting the ones that won't comply. We have to change the opinion of lawful gun owners. A civilian that owns a gun for protection isn't going to be willing to give it up if they still feel they need the protection it offers. Every other gun law can then rest on that one point.
ri yes they OD..because of the politics
+Dean Ballweg Brilliant breakdown of the numbers. I'm going to share that out, if you don't mind.
Stupid image: using state laws in one policy domain to make an inference about proposed federal laws in a different policy domain.
I love how the internet makes everyone an authority on insert subject here lol
+Nikolas Manak - Medicine cures 99%, but kills 1%. Guns kill 100%. How could you compare the two of them?
Good to see we're totally winning the war on drugs...
+Ariyo Salami you might want to check your figures...the ones that you made up, I mean.

As of 2009 there are estimated to be 310 million firearms in America owned legally by citizens.  In 2009 there were estimated to be 10,301 homicides committed with firearms.  

That works out to about .00332% of legally purchased guns being used to commit homicides...a number which completely ignores the fact that the vast majority of firearms homicides (anywhere between 75% and 90%) are committed by criminals who are already prohibited from owning firearms and are, by definition, using an illegal firearm.  

So really, worst case scenario (meaning using the 75% number)'re looking at about .000831% of legally purchased firearms are being used to commit homicides.

On the other hand, it's also estimated that firearms are used or displayed successfully for self-defense somewhere between 1.5 million and 2.5 million times each year.  Compare that to the 310 million legally owned firearms in the U.S. and that works out to somewhere between .484% and .806% of legally owned firearms are used to save lives. *Meaning legally owned firearms save lives somewhere between 582 and 970 times more often than legally owned firearms are used to commit homicides.*

But you go ahead and keep using that 100% number, if that makes you feel better.  Don't let the facts get in your way or anything...better to just pick random numbers pulled out of yo...uh...the air.
Instead of banning guns, we should ban murder. 
murder is banned if u dont know
well why do people still do it? or why would they abide by a gun ban, but ignore a murder ban?
they dont know the value of life, these days people reach to moon, they use medicine to live longer, but life for them is materialistic.
its my opinion. everybody may have their own opinion
opinions are like assholes everyone has one..even obama..hes got a really big one..its called his mouth..peace and republicans too..they are all liars and fakes..croooks..
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