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Thanks to you, we're close to reaching 1 million followers! Now, we want to hear from you. Tell us - what would you like us to do more (or less) of in this space? What kind of news would you like to see and share?
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International news, opinions (maybe with some led discussion?), and some hilarious pictures or something.
It would be great if you post here your blogs too.
We second +Brian Denton; more video content would be much appreciated here. Also, the WSJ should start using Hangouts to make things more interactive here!
Definitely more video content, but all the other suggestions are great too.  Hangouts would be great too
How about just telling the Truth! Good, researched Truth. Be the first one in decades to inform the people of what the intentions are of the politicians not just what is out there.
Any news relating to business or real estate. No photos needed. Just the basics. I've read your newpaper for 40+ years.
International news, economic topics, discussions about what is going on behind the scenes
Hangouts, opinion, political, national and worldwide news.
LuciO M
More interviews with C.E.O.s like Bezos, Batista, Ellison. The hard to get ones!
More pretty female reporters. Less ads.

Fei Cai
share more news with us!
tell congress to stop fucking with the american people
more business news and less political opinions.
How about some hangouts, international news, politics, info graphics, and personal finance?
I would like to see article about who actually own's  most central banks in the world and how much money they accumulated since 2008!!!! & why are you all "afraid" of glass-steagall !!!!
I like to read and share more macro economic data
If you could public Russian version.
Thanks for all your suggestions. We'll try and incorporate some of them into what we share here.
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