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The bionic eye? New technology could restore sight using an eye implant and video-camera-enabled glasses. Here's how it works:
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That would be amazing. 
Is this a real story? Or is it like one of your political stories?
You can tell it's Fox News because as soon as you make a comment, you get called a "libtroll".
Why can't people act like adults? Why do some have to act like obnoxious six year olds and call people names? 
wow now how do u solve the problem of the suns intense rays, because for me even my eyes are sensitive in the summer time.

Also it would be hard to see in the dark because our eyes rely on light reflection to see, its hard for cameras to do the same, and it is the same for colors. We rely also on the light to produce colors.

Finally it would be cool to have night vision goggles on the inside :D
I can see at least few potential uses for military like UAV and missle control plus espionage. Now, having said that -Penatagon likes keep it's toys exclusive.

Anthony Washington I was thinking the same thing. Lol
Star trek is finally coming to real life!
Rami S
wow that's some star trek shiznas
Let us hope that external skeletons, vision-augmenting devices such as this one, etc. will not find some "other" uses after they are tried on the disabled.
Can we get wider color vision, say from IR to ultraviolet? A-la "X - The Man With X-ray Eyes"?
Now if Google Glass, or whatever it is, could do this, then I'd say it was a good thing!
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