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An Australian family narrowly escaped a wildfire by hiding in water beneath a nearby pier. The story behind the now-viral photos:

Credit: Tim Holmes/Holmes Family
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I guess all they could save was the camera to take this picture 
Very powerful photo.  But is this an annual thing for Australia?  What was it...3 years ago and the wildfires hit?  I'd move to New Zealand.
so some ahole would rather take pictures of them drowning their butts instead of helping them? lol
+Daniel Amador No, someone was in the water with them for the same reason they were. 

But some ahole kids thousands of miles away decided to look for something to snark about ignorantly. Guess who?
Amazing photos. So lucky they were near water.
Makes you appreciate what you have and realize how unimportant material things are that's for sure
Now their is a mother who can think on her feet, look at all those children she saved with quick thinking! God Speed to that family. 
+Daniel Amador the person you refer to as "ahole" was the grandfather sending the kids mother pictures to show they were ok. 
Hob Bee
A real, modern day Norman Rockwell.
Hope they are safe. It does not matter WHO took the pictures and WHY........their safety is of prime importance.
Is it really?
I am happy for their lives
Ужас как страшно
oh sad it's natural calamity. god may safe them. jan. is very coldest month and water also become too much cold like ice. imagine how they serve their life.  
الله يحفظهم من هده الكارته
Hob Bee
God bless your family always
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