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Hold it: A claim that Instagram lost around 25% of its daily active users because of a change in its terms of service is unlikely to be true. 

Are you using Instagram these days? Why or why not?
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I dropped my account.  My heart sank months ago when I first heard that Facebook bought them out.  I knew it was inevitable that they would @#$^ everything up.

I didn't hesitate to cancel my account.  For Android users that don't care about the social aspect and just want amazing photo processing control, Pixlr Express is the best app developed for smartphones.  You can share to whatever platform you want from the app.
Its all chicks taking duck faced pictures or pictures of their abdomen...Dont get me wrong i enjoy some, But mostly its lame 
I never understood the purpose for Instagram.  It seems all the social networks already allow some form of image uploading and storage.  Some even have built in editing.  To that end, many alternative apps seem so to have equivalent or better editing capabilities without the social requirement.   -two cents
What we do know is that on Google+ alone, you couldn't look at your stream for 2 seconds on the day the announcement went out without somebody claiming rage and that they were going to delete their account.
I don't know.  I honestly really liked it.  I wish I could have opted out of the social aspect of it as you could snap a picture and have a really nice filter on it in seconds and the sharing was pretty seamless.  However, I tried Snapseed and quickly moved to Pixlr Express last week and LOVE it.  SO much control and amazing results.  Some of my friends don't even realize that some of the pictures are coming from my phone now.
Rob Fig
They deserve to be dropped, it seems to lack integrity and decency regarding the change of terms. The change seems outrageous indeed.
I am getting tired of these companies attempting to slip privacy or property grabs past us, then having the temerity to say "Oh, I didn't mean that", when they obviously did, and only got caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.
Rob Fig
Agree completely +Steve Brown . They deserved to be dropped as lead on water for the daring scam they tried to pull.
Deleted my account over the TOCs - have't looked back since (Flickr, Google+, Snapseed cover what I want iphonography wise...)
I tried it out, but never got wet over it and never understood why it was so cool,  I shitcanned it after uploading 8-10 pics and being bored with it by then....  now I am glad I did....
I dropped it the same day they announced the new terms in protest. After they apologized for their screw up i reopened a new account, but am using it much less now as I am not in a fully trusting mode as to what they will do next. I hope Google's photo app pics up soon, and become more integrated with other social platforms. I only trust google in the world of free online services.
I'm using it and loving it! Anyone who is mad is likely to be a pro exploiting the free service, I use it for fun and could care less of they use a photo for an add..... Not very likely anyway....
not likely at all since they explained it will never happen. I didnt care much for +jeremy moore for the privacy bit of that "misunderstanding" , but more from the bad business model suggested. If Mark Zuckerburg is cornvered to justify his purchase of Instagram by trying to milk it in anyway, one would expect a better and smarter business model. That one suggested was simply silly...
It goes beyond that.  We should ALL be concerned with online services.  When the announcement was made, a lot of people were retorting with 'it's a free service, get over it'. 

The deeper we get into cloud-computing and shared services, we need to be VERY alert to what happens with our data.  Yes, Instagram is free.  But, that does NOT give them the right to sneak in some new fine print and say, we can use your picture for our own uses without compensating you simply because you use our service.  No.

I think this would have been completely different if that was the EULA announcement and then in the next breath stated that you can pay $20/year to retain the rights of your own photography, regardless if you are a pro or not.  The people who don't give a crap can go on using the service as it is.  The people that care, can pay if they don't want to just go on and use another competitors product.
I am still using IG... I'm a photographer and will continue to use it. Now that being said, I will continue to use it for the "fun" aspect. NEVER would I post one of my good photos to Instagram or Facebook. I take my photos to make a living, not to get likes and witty comments on them.

Sure the goofy fun family shots made with frames and horrendous filters are what you put there, and if IG wants to use those... Go for it!

A TOS should be read an understood. And companies are allowed to change them at will. You want to use the service... Roll with their punches! I agree that when it come to violating copyrights IG could easily cross a line and use a great photo. That's shady and I'd like to see them make changes maybe to compensate somewhat the original photographer... But that won't happen and we know it.

+jeremy moore don't forget the little bit that if they use your for advertising and then get sued using that photo that you will also be named in the suit.
Not using it anymore.  Why?  Because just like any other service or business nowadays, if you don't serve my needs the way I want them met, then I will go somewhere else.  Snapseed now...
+Drew Warren, love your idea of "freemium with data ownership", could you make some kind of "manifesto" so that everyone could understand what you propose? I simply know that people will instantly say (you already said that they say it and I have eard it too many times) "it's a free service, get over it" if they think "free without data security" is the only way they get the services they want. Cumps
I don't use it for filters, just for the social aspect and the photo sharing
+Claire Bordelon you must be a lawyer because that was the first time that situation ever came to mind lol well done
Rob Fig
Serves them right. Their business is going down the tubes over stupidity and greed.
Yes I'm using Instagram cause its still the best one out there...
no because picsart is way better!!
+Drew Warren actually, they do have a right to specify the terms they are willing to offer their service for, just as we have the right to agree to them or disagree. And yes, being a free service means they can change them and post them as they desire as there is no legal contract between a free service user and a paid service user. In order for a contract to be valid, both parties must receive "consideration".

Usually that is the form of compensation with money, but it doesn't have to be. I suspect a wily lawyer could have made the case that gaining rights to use your photos for whatever purposes counts as "consideration" and thus changing the TOS should be considered a breach of contract, or at minimum a termination of it which would include termination of any consideration. 
I stopped using Instagram cause images no longer appeared on Twitter within the feed. That's it. I don't care about all the other shit. 
Rob Fig
This is why the Google motto comes to mind. "Do NO Evil". That fast "change of terms" cost them money and good will. Hard to get it back in business. Stupid move, have they apologized?.
Rob Fig
Would she still love it, if they trafficked with her photos?
Honestly, I don't use Instagram because I believe it's plain useless . Even the blue pill i.e. Facebook has it's uses . At the end of the day , it is what it is .
The more you tighten your grip the more users will slip through your fingers. Get greedy and annoy your users and watch them flock to the next fad that cost next to nothing to produce. What is instagram anyways? Just an app that lets self conscience girls hide their fat and imperfections with filters?
Rob Fig
It was a good site to share photos, until GREED and SCAMMING ISSUES were used by idiotic advise (likely of Wall Street). Flickr wont copy their idiocy now!. hahaha
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