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A Wall Street Journal analysis found that Google often customizes search results for people who recently searched "Obama" but not "Romney." Slide back and forth with our interactive to compare results.

The findings are more evidence that mathematical formulas, rather than human judgments, influence more of the information that people encounter online. 
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The Google new Knowledge graph is an on going project. Comparing it to Romney because he is a presidential candidate?
Google offers different search results to different people for a long time now. This is not really news.
Obama has been president, Romney is only a candidate.  Makes sense that Obama would be in a list of specialized search terms.
At last...I know where to apply for a job studying and publishing the obvious.
+Demetria Gallegos Do you understand what the post is about? The so-called interactive makes the whole thing look silly. The highlighted topics are

1. Obama, Ryan trade charges on Obamacare and Medicare (CNN)

2. Edward Zelinsky: On Medicare, Obama and Romney Are Both Wrong.

3. Medicare: Obama's Plan Vs. Romney-Ryan's - Business Insider

So what really is this article about? What is the customized Google search here?
this image have no sense....on romney side it shows only ads and not result....AND IT ALSO SEEMS THAT SOME RESULT OF THE LEFT CONTINUES ON THE RIGHT!!!!!
yes i know...thanks...but the image haven't sense....:D
Although I love Google, that is outright corrupt.
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