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Did you resolve to lose weight this year? A new study shows that people who are overweight are actually at no greater risk of dying.  
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Have you ever visited a Nursing Home? Perhaps the people who wrote this study should. Go there and count the number of overweight elderly people there and get back with me.
Really now.. So ur telling me they aren't probe to heart attacks?? >.> bullshit research
You can do it if you really try. If you don't feel that there's something wrong with your weight, you'd have no motivation to change anything. But if you are conscious of yourself enough to know that things aren't right the way they are, then you'd want to deliberately do something about it. Unless genetically overweight, fat people just need to start thinking differently about themselves. The fact that you won't die by being fat doesn't mean that your life is 100% normal and complete with so much flesh dangling all over your frame.
Consciousness is the key to losing weight.
Acquire one TODAY!
Your headline writer should be ashamed.

And those of you arguing with the headline are also fools.

From the article: "Being substantially obese, based on measure called body mass index, or BMI, of 35 and higher, does raise the risk of death by 29%, researchers found."
+Giovanni Cheng the study states that they are less likely to die, it does not state that they are less prone to illness of any sort. And +Matthew Stone many people in nursing homes are overweight due to illness and the lack of ability to move. I'd like to see that legless man jump hurdles as his daily exercise that will keep him nice and trim into his dying days.
You see many more elderly who are sick and feeble because they have lost the energy and will to eat, walk outside or even move too much from their little homes. And also, most nursing homes are depressing for residents who feel that their family has simply abandoned them in their weakness. 
The guys doing the study qualify the result - BMI has its limitations etc. So if anyone's getting wound - the WSJ headline is the target. Its also true that people with weight problems are less likely to attempt to be superman (physically). A bit like drowning incidents on sea/ocean swimming is often the better swimmers - the others don't venture that deep.
+Nathan Maharaj so like the headline states a few extra pounds wont kill you but being a walking whale will. I don't see the issue with the article's headline.

And +Lion Fisile really? Fat people should be ashamed!! How dare they choose to be fat?

+Prasanna Srinivasan I think a fat person might have a better chance of not drowning actually if they did try to be Aquaman in the deep blue. Lol! 
+Clayirvoyance Schwarzenhimmel You're right. I'm actually arguing with the social media staffer who wrote the comment that "people who are overweight are at no greater risk of dying." Though technically accurate, it's misleading and it's fairly clear that it was designed only to provoke, not to inform.

As you say, the headline is sound.

I need to stop arguing on the internet before my first coffee. 
+Clayirvoyance Schwarzenhimmel
It's hard sometimes to hear the truth. But I've been to a number of buffet places and seen how people eat. What do you think would happen to all that food in your body? They turn into fat! Unless you burn them in time, they manifest as useless flesh on the body, and they slow you down. I don't put anyone down, but I'm only saying that if you are more conscious of yourself and what you put into your body and how to regulate them, in most cases, you wouldn't be overweight. 
+Nathan Maharaj lol... well by the article's own words people who classify as 'overweight' in terms defined by their BMI are less likely to die but obese people have a greater risk of death... but I'm going to just hush because it is clearly to provoke readers but not all inaccurate if going by the article. Nap time! Then I shall awake to coffee and a well deserved day off. :) 
+Clayirvoyance Schwarzenhimmel hahaha! given muscle is heavier than fat...weight and swimming..plenty of scope to argue. But the general fitness and recognition of it or lack of it helps prevent dying and injury. If you're unfit, in the BMI zone and attempting to be Usain Bolt or a decathlete, its asking for trouble....better to retire to your coke and fries and watch the children try it :-) +Nathan Maharaj WSJ and media provoke to get their kicks and clicks! :-)
Don't headlines need to be provacative to compel the reader to... you know... read?
Jack H
Death. It's the #1 killer in the world. Tell your friends.
Wish they would make up their minds
People should be eating healthy and exercising because that's what they're supposed to do
Not because they want to lose weight 
I agree with you +Sabeena LoBello
Smart people don't need new year resolutions to change for the better. As Nike would put it, JUST DO IT! 
I also hate going to doctor's offices and shopping for clothes, +Lion Fisile. It saves me money for other things that are enjoyable.
I wish they would make up their minds. I can't wait to hear what some these health enthuses have to say about this like my son +Chaz Harrison 
Yup. gotcha. extra pounds gets everyone sooner or later. Yup .
The fact that they didn't account for lean muscle mass is huge! I wish they wouldn't publish misleading shit line this. 
The title is irresponsibly written. With that said, the article does make a few good points:

" Other experts said the study underscores that BMI is an inexact measure of healthlargely because it doesn't differentiate between fat and muscle mass. Many athletes are technically obese, based on BMI, even though they are extremely fit.

Nor does BMI assess how fat is distributed, which experts say may be more important than total fat overall.

Excess belly fat seems to be particularly toxic, while extra fat in the buttocks and legs may have a protective effect, research suggests.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., recently found that among 14,000 people, those with a normal BMI, but a high waist-to-hip ratio, were the most likely to die of cardiovascular disease during the 14-year follow up, even more than those in obese ranges."
Eh.  It's irresponsible to assume a title provides any substantial or usable information
The responsible thing to do is read the article before commenting on it or making any decisions based off of it.
Actually, the responsible thing to do is to research the article and access its validity.
The mainstream media over-simplifying a complex issue to gain attention?  Same stuff different day.  This is why eventually the internet will kill off the 24 news channels once and for more and more people realize that sound bytes are NOT the same thing as journalism!
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