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So your employee is a social media celebrity.  Now what?

More bosses face the challenge of managing co-branded workers, with its pitfalls and plusses.  How would you describe your own at-work social-media activity? Does it benefit your employer or your own personal, public identity? 

Illustration: Viktor Koen
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It can go both ways for both the employee and their employer.  Some of the posts by employees just make you cringe for both parties while others make you proud to be associated with their brand.  With employees now posting through social media networks the public face of branded entities are no longer held in check by carefully choreographed PR departments.  As a consumer I actually prefer this, warts and all!
This is a very interesting subject that I think will get a lot of attention in the coming years. I would guess we are looking at fewer restrictions rather more restrictions for employees. Don't think anything else would be accepted by the employees themselves.
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