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What did you think of President Obama's State of the Union speech?  What about his proposal to raise minimum wage from $7.25 to $9?

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Minimum wage isn't going to happen.  I think he threw that in to show how reasonable everything else he suggested is.
obama has no idea how how to be president. a piece of shit in a suit.
John G
He lies, my taxes went up because of him, I am the middle class. He is the problem wig regard to national security due to his refusal to pass a budget. The whole administrations bold face lying would make the devil blush.
Regardless of who the President is, can someone please explain to me the benefit of keeping the minimum wage so low?
it helps keep the cost of goods down and inflation in check.
I don't see anything about taxes there.
Great speech. From the ribbon cutting jab to getting the crowd to commit to an up or down vote. I even enjoyed Boehner's eye rolling and as I found out today Mark Kirk exploding fist bump was awesome too. Marco Rubio's water mishap ended the night in laughs. Great moments in TV.
+The Wall Street Journal

In 1975/76, in Dallas, Highland Park, I were asked, what I - an European - think about that Black&White thing; spontaneously it broke out of me-- "You mingle, or kill each other" (it was becoming very quiet).

Well just now, I predicted reelection against any doubts, because it is the American Nation, also having to proof evidence for maturity of World Leadership in front of a, where white also is only one, of the multi coloured World, watching.

Besides, Changes, if Americans Are sincere - mutually understood - are vaguely acheivable in a short period of four (4) years time, only.

consciousness ripen's to deed

I were there, in Berlin, before this election. The Man has Style and Class-- the basics for honesty...
now, subconsciously Americans
have their History and, one of
their Presidents, 1961/62,
J.F.Kennedy proclaimed:

"don't ask, what Your Country can do for You, ask, what You can do for Your Country"!

I'd just crossed the Cold War demarcation line (1962/06).
I was very impressed, age 17...

Yeah, I think, Mr. Barrack Obama is doing the right thing, massively in small Steps, e.g. "Compressed Gravity Power", whereby he concentrates - "within that little presents to the poor people" - (in my own opinion) mainly on to gather momentum for the attention and the appeal to the common sense of the Rich Classes.

The onliest way, because if the rich people don't want to play along, nothing go's...

Remember the Russian Zar Family ...anyone want 's to
repeat-- now Global?!

and, it is perceivably democratic, either for Conservatives, or (Wo)Men in the Street-- sort of serene calms ..."Mind and Sentiment Penetration and long term setting".

Right Politics, as absolut suitable for a Peace Laureate, in advance and of the present actual challenges-- the Global, nowaday economical <embered> Cold War?!

Bravo, "First Family Obama" of USA.

...Not so?

Is it possible to live on the minimum wage in the USA? 
I ask this sincerely because I do not live in the USA but in Australia. Our minimum wage is A$15.96 per hour which equals US$16.50 per hour. The Australian government sets the minimum wage to ensure any working person can actually earn enough money to live properly in this country, where things are definitely more expensive than the USA.
Mone T.
+Jake Miller Obama promised transparency and yet has been just as un-transparent if not more than any other president ie: fast and furious.

Bengahzi, Obamas admin came out and for two weeks insisted it all began over a movie protest in spite of them knowing within hours that it was a terrorist attack.

There's two examples off the top of my head.
+Andrew Walker Some will claim it keeps prices low but all it does is keep people in poverty and still in need welfare even though they have work (which is tax payer money so no new savings). It also weakens the economy since money is rarely with those who are likely to spend. 
Extra 1.75 that´s large size at taco bell... BOOYAH!
heres the problem: small and medium businesses are just barely scraping by as it is, due to obama care, higher taxes and bullshit regulations imposed by obama. Now you are going to drastically raise their labor costs too? what do you think the net result of that is going to be? it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Much higher unemployment, much more businesses closing, and much shittier life in general for all of us, all because obama is either too damn stupid to grasp simple economics, or because he is purposely destroying the US economy. Take your pick.
Your conclusions are not supported by the data from previous minimum raise increases....
My conclusions are WHOLLY supported by facts and available data. if bothered to READ the WSJ, youd know that already.
So we are going to tax the hard working higher wage earner, causing them to keep earnings low & then raise the min. wage so that the hard working higher wage earner has to look at employees with higher skill level to account for the extra pay for human capital. Hmm... Maybe we should improve infrastructure, creating jobs. Therefore improving this great nation for the future. 
+Mone Thomas
"fast and furious": What exactly do you expect to be told?  Most of what was occurring was confidential and part of an undercover operation.  Basically the exact same people that set up Wide Receiver did it again because they were not disciplined under the Bush Administration. and since Bush's administration was pardoned....

"Bengahzi, Obamas admin came out and for two weeks insisted it all began over a movie protest in spite of them knowing within hours that it was a terrorist attack"

Surely you recall this being proven a Right Wing fairy tale.  It was identified as a terrorist act within hours... You didn't know it was a terrorist act?  If they were guilty of anything IMHO it was that there were a lot of Right Wing fanatics that needed to be specifically told every detail before they could comprehend what was happening.....
and the Admin was guilty of overestimating their intellectual capability....
so  how does the guy who employs 10 people or less who actually owns and runs his biz figure into your argument +Andrew Walker ? oh right, you dont give a shit about him, because you think his wealth all belongs to you, and your govt.
He is going to screw us over , plain and simple
I agree. The problem is we are living inside a reality distortion field created  by Obama in the center of it and the media guarding its perimeter.
So now leeches on society not only get a free phone, but more money from a higher percentage wage hike than most hard working people ever see. Nice.  As a side note, the VP looks like the Jeff Dunham puppet.
Historically, the highest top-tier tax rates have corresponded with the periods of the most rapid and sustained growth.

Rises in corporate power have preceded every major economic downturn- right back to the post Civil War railroad boom, and the Great Depression.  Look it up, I'm not your damn search engine.

Companies are not going to higher more people no matter how much money they have.  They have more money than they have ever had, but they're not hiring people.  Why would they hire people when there is no demand for goods and services?  Especially when they can invest in financial instruments, and make much much more money doing it, without having to employee a single extra person?

Again, corporate profits are at an all-time high.  If tax breaks for the wealthy encourages hiring, where are all the jobs?
+Jake Miller i expected a socialist rant and propaganda from a leftist living in illinois.
+Andrew Walker  The minimum wage is a gimmick to set higher union wages, that is all it is good for. Nobody lives on minimum wage, it is for entry level jobs at fast food restaurants. But every time it goes up, the overpriced union wages go way up, because they are tied to the minimum wage.
It is amusing the number of people who attribute higher taxes and regulations to our President.  When last I checked those are all the purvue of Congress.  And yet, it is all President Obamas fault.  Place the blame where it belongs, on Congress for doing little to nothing.  And the President is trying to get ideas moving.  He has never said that his way is the only way things should be done.  He puts an idea out there for discussion. Congress needs to start with his idea and come to some sort of compromise where they put a bill in front of the President to be signed.

There are far too many folks blaming all the countries problems on the President and not where it belongs.
+Justin Martin
doesn't WSJ speak about restructering towards Global Market Economy and lots of emerging Markets, everywhere?!
6x as big against USA!
Justin Martin is right with the building of Infrastructure, for first measure it secures against vulnerability from Outside.

@jakemiller BO aaid he would cut the deficit in half during his first term. He didnt. He said Obamacare would save us money, its going to cost us more.
+Jake Miller yes, Jake,  I agree with you 100%, and so does more than half of America!, young people like you give us all hope for our democracy......

And remember when he was all like "Read my lips-".

Er wait, was that someone else?
A positive step forward that is overdue.  An inspiring speech as opposed to the usual blah, blah that state of the union speeches are noted for.  Hopefully, Congress will begin to function instead of a simply rejection of anything presented.   
+Andrew Walker It's not about being possible to live on the minimum wage. For one, you sure could get a second job - the minimum wage laws do not forbid having two minimum wage jobs. There you just doubled your income! Secondly, you could be living in a family with several people working, some of which can be making way more than minimum wage.

Finally, it is not the business of government to provide you with a life! You are supposed to do that yourself. Government should not be in the business of creating jobs nor insuring that you have enough to live on. It is not, never has been and should not be part of it's charter. If you are such a loser that all you can get is a single minimum wage job and are sucking wind then look in mirror for the person who is responsible and the person who will ultimately pull themselves out of the situation that they themselves have gotten themselves into.

And then realize that the minimum wage laws are a farce that really serve to keep people poorer and watch Power of the Market - Minimum Wage from the Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman about how the minimum wage hurts, not helps, the people you wish to help.
+Jim Kinkade I think by definition, union wages are set by a contract negotiated with management.
+Mike Ahab And there goes another intelligent discussion down the tubes.  Instead of sticking to facts and intelligent talking points you have to go and start name calling.  It is a shame that trying to discuss these things seems to always turn to the immature and ignorant method of arguing.  That is the problem in this country.  Folks are not willing to actually discuss issues like adults.
+Dave Seans I can't tell you how timely your encouragement is.  Over in another thread there's some middle-aged jerk telling me I'm what's wrong with the world.

Which is funny considering he and I agree on the subject at hand.
Which is negotiated against the minimum wage. The higher that goes, the higher union salaries go, they may not even have to renegotiate if it is say 210% of the minimum wage in the contract.
What a great idea -- make unemployment worse, especially for the young and disadvantaged!!!!
They renegotiate when the contract expires.  If you haven't noticed, the unions aren't exactly at their fighting weight, and are only getting weaker. I don't think you should be afraid of the unions crippling business as, again, corporate profits are higher than they've ever been. 

Besides, of course this isn't going to happen. Obama just threw that in to remind everybody of a time when people actually came up with ideas.
+Andrew Walker Three guesses as to why it's so much more expensive to live in Australia. :-)

If the law says a job must pay more than the value it delivers to the employer, what do you think will happen to the job?
As for the Afordable Care act not saving money.  That is a bit of a misleading statement.  First, President Obama did say that money would be saved, however, he stated that it would be saved "in the long run"  And would be saved in the fact that some things, such as birth control, would not be charged to the person insured.  The argument most people make is similar to saying "If I buy a new more fuel efficient car it will save me money in gas"  But gas prices rose so that was obviously a lie.  When in actuality, while you are paying more for gas at the pump you are filling up less often so you are saving money.
+Timothy Habart Huh? He didn't call anybody a name 'cept a leftist, which is a perfectly good description of somebody who might hold such beliefs. While he didn't name call - I will - you sir are an idiot and which to squash what you say you want (discussion of the issues) by outright lying to produce a strawman that you quickly blow down. You sir are a liar and dishonest.
+John Gottfredson Name a president that hasn't raised taxes...

Also, can rightist even go in conversation without yelling socialist or hitler? Pretty good reason why you guys aren't winning anymore.

Raising minimum wage isn't going to help anything. What should happen? Ceo gets less money. What will happen? It will get passed on to the products we buy which ultimately cancels out the salary increase. I hate both parties.
Nice speech, only promeses.
+Andrew DeFaria What have I lied about?  Using a term of leftist is calling a name and attaching it to a statement like "Socialist Rant from a Leftist" is exactly what I am talking about.  And, to refer to me as an idiot, when you know nothing of my intelligence, or dishonest when you know nothing of my motives or inherent honesy, is the type of problem I was referring to.  Instead of talking to me and finding out where I was coming from you fall into a rant personally attacking me.  You have given a great examply of my point about one of the bigest problems with this country.  No intelligent discourse, only childish name calling.
Just get a second job if you are not being paid enough.
Don't complain about lowering real income.
Don't complain about your children going hungry.
Don't ask for a handout, we had to give 1.7 trillion to bail out the banks, so the poorest in this country have to be responsible and work 2nd and third jobs, while America's companies are more profitable than ever before. Bravo WSJ.
+Timothy Habart You can keep on dancing there, but we're not buying it.

And Obama isn't even pretending to address the debt, just "slowing the growth of the deficit". We're still broke, just not getting broker as fast as we might have. 

What a load of nonsense. Obama's strategy has always been take as much as possible from the makers who create wealth, and give it to his clients: the takers and fakers. A classic Chicago pol. 
"Ronald Reagan proved to us deficits don't matter."
-- Richard Bruce Cheney
+Timothy Habart You said he was name calling. Generally people say that when people are calling people bad names. But "leftist" is not a bad name - it's a description. If I call you a man did I name call? No. Neither did he. And he didn't say "Socialist rant from a Leftist" YOU DID! So you are being dishonest and claiming he said something he didn't say.

So then, you lied - or you made a mistake or miss characterized or misrepresented the situation. Now if you would have recognized this and said "Sorry, your right" then that would rule out the mistake but since you obviously didn't do that then you must be ignorant of the facts here or purposely continuing to hold a belief not supported by the facts because you don't want to admit you were wrong.

And do not think that I need to know your life's story to estimate your intelligence. It's pretty plain to see. Oh and BTW, examply is not a word - you idiot! And bigest is not a correct spelling. Are you that stupid or is it that you are that lazy that you can't employ a spell checker to help you with your obvious difficulty in properly expressing your thoughts in the language you chose to use? You're an idiot! End of story.
+Blake Alsobrook You seem to bemoan success. This tells me that the chances are high that you don't possess any of that...
Same old bs from some one never had a real job and has no clue how to built and run a business
As a statesman... he made us proud. The "gun drama" was noble... remains to be seen if he will ever get the guns out of the wrong hands.
You're so busy being terrified of the government providing you with services you don't notice Tyson Foods feeding you bleach.
More importantly, please for the love of god learn how the government actually works.

Separation of powers, and checks and balances would be a good place to start.
+rocco diconza Businesses have been rolling in profits the past 4+ years. And Carly Fiorina already told us in 2008 that running a country is not the same as running a business.
Again, jobs are coming back to America and companies have started to hire again, but I won't hear Sean Hannity mention it in his "fair & balanced reporting" because of  ABO crowd's utter disdain of the President even if means the demise of our nation:
+Jake Miller The government doesn't provide you with services without bleeding you for them, whether you wanted them or not. Unless you're one of the takers and fakers instead of being a maker.

There's no such thing as a free lunch...
+Jake Miller Irrelevant and unrelated. Should Tyson be selling us food? Of course, it's their business. Should the government be providing services? Of course not! It's not their business. Read the Constitution.

As to the "feeding you bleach" - I haven't heard of this. Maybe it's true. If so then that's when and where government comes in to allow you to sue such businesses or individuals who commit crimes. That's the proper functioning of both entities here. How you tried to relate to the two is dishonest and irrelevant.
+Andrew DeFaria Here is the direct quote from his post "i expected a socialist rant and propaganda from a leftist living in illinois."  Seems like the words were his.  You are wrong about my not telling the truth.  You are wrong on every level.

The mere fact that you would jump to that conclusions you did shows that you are not looking for intelligent debate.  You have proven, once again, my point of the inability of some to have an intelligent debate on a topic which is important.
Here is the problem about you debt people. If you actually know economics austerity when the economy is in the tank  has ALWAYS failed. I mean it even goes against basic logic anyway. You honestly think cutting back spending when fundamentals are weak is going to help the economy? Cameron did it in UK and they are doing worse than us. It kills jobs.
Oh yeah. I love it how you idiots love to think that because someone doesn't think poor children should go hungry, they bemoan success. Die in a cabin fire. 
+Timothy Habart Sorry I don't view any of that as "name calling". Your skin is way to thin and you wish to argue delivery not facts. Socialists are leftists by definition so there's no name calling in there - there's just description. So why don't you discuss the facts instead of discuss and bemoan how they are delivered? And you still need a spell checker!

But you are right - I'm not looking for intelligent debate here. I've already seen the participants and (largely) they are not intelligent to start with therefore there will be no intelligent debate happening here...
+Scott Ferguson Hmmm... What in this "giant team of professionals" qualifies them? I mean Obama has never run a company let alone a country! Doing his best. Meh! What if his best is not enough? Or not even on target. I do not see Obama (nor most politicians) as having any real training or knowledge on how best to run a country - they know how best to run a campaign! (and many of them screw that up too).
I think it's sad how little he focused on the economy, I mean I understand the gun violence thing, and the war, blah blah blah but clearly our largest issue right now is how to improve our economy.  Im sure this will be another three years of empty promises until the next election and then that will take over all of the media again as it always does.  We need change! clearly he isn't doing it
SOTU is never anything more than populist horse hockey. Blah blah blah lie lie lie half-truth half-truth half-truth whatever. 
The speech is great. He is a man of transparency. The minimum wages is good it will help to control high inflation. I hope it will bring the cost of gass.

+Blake Alsobrook Why the fuck do you imply I think that poor children should go hungry? Fuck you and the ass you road in on! I never said that mother fucker! I think such people should be helped. The question is how best to help them and who should. You seem to assume that obviously that's governments job and I'm simply asking where do you see it defined that that's what government job is? Nowhere. And also, why do you feel the need to take from others who do not necessarily agree with you on the method of helping others in order to fund the charities you wish to see funded. Who the fuck gave you the permission, authority and righteousness to steal other people's hard earned resources? The answer is you feel the need because your plan doesn't stand up on its own merit and is not shared by other people. People will not voluntarily go along with your plan unless forced. You lose all virtue when you have to stoop to using a gun to accomplish your so called "good deeds".
+Andrew Walker "we have a higher minimum wage to  encourage people to work rather than get welfare" - another method which would save you a mint is to abolish welfare altogether. You'd not only "encourage" people to work - you would make it a requirement if they wish to survive. I'm not here to provide you a living!
Mr lobello where !!!! Fixing roads? And only get 15to20hr a week? Are you joking? 
+Andrew DeFaria We are a wealthy country and we have a social safety net so that people do not fall into poverty so easily.

Abolishing social welfare, as you suggest, for those genuinely in need is not acceptable by our standards.

Simply a different system to what you have. 
+Andrew Walker Persist in your socialism and you won't be a wealthy country for long. And China's on your doorstep...
+Andrew Walker Why do you feel the need to have the government do this? If your goals are that virtuous why then will not everybody clamor to support a private entity to handle this much more efficiently than the government? One where all contributions are voluntarily given so that all those people who wish to contribute do contribute and all those who do not wish to contribute are not forced to contribute? What is your moral justification for taking resources from a man who does not wish to go along with your ideal? Doesn't that make you the thief? (It does in my book).

And why can't friends and family in your wonderfully wealthy country help their own? Are they that immoral themselves?

As I said, you lose all virtue in my eyes when you need to take out a gun to steal the possessions of another to implement your social goals.
+Andrew DeFaria the preamble to the constitution, and the spirit and letter of each article.
I've never utilized any of our safety net programs, but nice try.
Finally, if you consider raising the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour despite the FACT the in 1968, when you adjust for inflation, the minimum wage was $11.00, to be theft of other people's hard earned resources, you are insane. Business profits off of the exploitation of supply and demand of all capital goods including labor. In laymen's terms: you advocate for slave wages and pass it off as advocating for more freedom. Starving children that are not the problem of the government because folks like you bemoan government regulation in what you think would be a free market where the invisible hand of the market, i.e. god, will take care of everything. 
+Andrew Walker You didn't answer: If the law says a job must pay more than the value it delivers to the employer, what do you think will happen to the job?
I think the whole argument that austerity measures when "fundamentals are weak" is the worst time to implement them is amazing.  It's kind of like being on a drinking binge and concluding that slowing down or stopping would be a disaster because it will cause you to have a hangover.  So the best course of action is to borrow more money and order another round of shots!  Salud, America!
We should give American employers even more incentive to outsource their labor so we can bring the American economy to it's knees thus weakening the spirit of the American people and allowing us to take over the country with a system of government similar to China's. BLAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Blake Alsobrook Please enumerate on what you think in the Preamble of the Constitution says that the government is supposed to provide a safety net or prevent kids from starving. "promote the general welfare" != "provide social safety net". Indeed, the government didn't even have the power to levy the income tax until 1913. And the "social safety net" didn't come around until after the Depression. Also promote means: Further the progress of (something, esp. a cause, venture, or aim); support or actively encourage. I have no problems with the government "actively encouraging" things - it's their hand in my pocket that I object to.

The "spirit" of each article? Give me a fucking break. That's just code for saying "my (biased) interpretation". I will not accept your conjecture about how your feel about something when you read it. If it doesn't say it, then it doesn't say it - you lose.

And why, for gods sake, would you trust something this important to the bumbling politicians?!? Time after time government has proven to be extremely less efficient than the equivalent private enterprise (Did FedEx give up Saturday deliveries? Are they declaring bankruptcy?)
yeah, and then rents and prices for food/clothing/good will go up. why are people so convinced that the 'solution' is as simple as increasing minimum wage? that is where the problem is. ever since min wage has exceeded $3.25, prices of goods, clothing, food and rent has gone up like crazy. a devaluation of an entire economy by the compulsive desires of a democratic population.
You are not informed enough for me to exercise effort towards. Have a fun life being distracted by purty colours. 
+Blake Alsobrook Oh a couple of other things. First off I'm an atheist - about the most atheistic person you'll meet, so you guessed wrong there - strike 1. Secondly I didn't say you used one of out safety net programs. Strike 2! Third, I did not say that minimum wage is related at all to the concept of taxation equaling theft. Raising the minimum wage does not require any additional taxes (save perhaps a small amount to pay for the people who will be enforcing the provision). So taxes and minimum wage have nothing to do with each other - strike 3! You're out be we'll continue...

Business profits by producing a product that other people are willing to purchase. The product must be good or you'll lose business. I'm in business - are you? Or are you just a laborer - my guess is the later. Strike 4!

Nobody is ever forced to buy a businessman's product - YOU choose to. That is unless the government's selling something (Obama care - you gotta buy it!) It is government that has the monopoly on the use of force. Otherwise show me an example of a private business with the power to force you to purchase their product.

Also, tell me how taking my resources without my permission or desire is not stealing.

Finally, show me how regulation feeds starving kids - I'm dying to know...
+Blake Alsobrook Please let me translate - "you are not informed enough for me to exercise effort towards" translates to "I have no data or evidence on my side to support my position so I'll just say you're not worth my effort to be dismissive". 

Thanks for admitting that you lost this argument. It's in keeping with my estimation that you're a loser!
Mone T.
+Mike Mac fast and furious I expect to be told the truth wide receiver was a controlled gun operation and no 1 got killed.

Hillary Clinton's what difference does it make defense to being question about the reason why we were attacked in most people's estimation was a passive admission to being deceptive
+Andrew DeFaria keep masturbating onto copious copies of Atlas Shrugged.
It isn't government's job to provide for the common good? How about during natural disasters? Maybe helping children eat disturbs your sad delinquent argument about sapping initiative based upon Social Darwinist theory, but your tug buddy Milton Friedman's got your back. 
If we thought it was the government's job to provide for the common good, we'd be communists.
If you thought it was the government's job to allow for the common good, you'd be a libertarian.
Sovereign government is in the unique position to best promote the general welfare and that is why we pass laws and erect courts to establish justice. 
+Blake Alsobrook Is that the best you got? Pathetic!

No, it isn't government's job to provide for the common good - the actual words are "promote general welfare" and promote most assuredly does not equal provide. Crack open a dictionary some day stupid.

And no it's not government's job to provide even in a disaster - it's the community's - and the individuals that make up the community's, prerogative (<- look it up).

And I told you before asshole that I do not wish to see children starving in the streets and I'd venture to guess that you've never, ever, actually seen any children actually starving in the street. And, I would add, if you did you'd probably not do anything to help them personally. You want others to do your dirty work and yet you have absolutely zero moral justification for that.

I... have a nobel laureate on my side and let's review, you have... well... err... right nobody of any merit on your side. Guess what - you lose again. Sucks to be you. 

So now be gone asshole.... Geeze what a maroon.
$9 still isn't enough.
+Andrew DeFaria First of all, minimum wages aren't paid by the fucking government you stupid fuck. So why even discus the welfare issue here?
Because you know you're wrong and you want somebody to teach you.
The fact is, 15% of Americans live below poverty you selfish piece of shit.
Small businesses produce 2/3 of the jobs. But they don't produce the minimum wage jobs. CORPORATIONS DO.
And those corporations also pay for elections. Corporations that CAN AFFORD to pay people fairly but choose not and since they pay for our governments elections, our politicians make sure it stays that way. Well, at least many of them. Especially republican trash.

You know who makes minimum wage? People who live in areas where jobs are scarce and are desperate. So these companies will hire them and pay them a fraction of what they should be getting paid.

Inflation has far out-risen the minimum wage. And you can't sit there on your throne of arrogance and tell me that anybody that works full time shouldn't be able to make a livable wage. If that's what you want to tell me, I'd like to meet you and scream the stupid right out of your arrogant brainwashed head you stupid fuck.
Last night I had a dream that Joe Biden was my father. Thoughts?
Damn Obama haters! You people are the ones I used to hate waiting on because you think your so much better than the rest. I have a college degree and own two companies now and still support him. Your credit score supports equal opportunity lender. Same should be in your presidency. 
+Brent Alexander Name one time that austerity fixed the economy. It never happened. Your analogy fails because it makes no sense. I just pointed out it failed in Ireland. 

Also, stimulus has worked in China, Japan, and many other places. It worked in the US too. Your so called spending is problem makes no sense what are you talking about? The housing crash is what caused the economic crisis. It has nothing to do with debt.

Japan's lost decade everytime they cut spending the economy dropped off.
We have been living beyond our means for over 10 years and arguably over the last 30 years. Remember Jimmy Carter Malaise speech in 1978 to the effect that we were living beyond our means? Well we all laugh at him (thanks to the Elite owned MSM, and bought Reagan's BS: hook, line and sinker. Turned our that good ole boy Carter was right on the $. 
I live in Arizona, a low wage but not low prices state, so I think Pres. Obama's proposal is GREAT.
Anyway it's true that you guys have the President who can say "Let's raise minimum wage." I envy you...
Well, I didn't watch it but, i think that jump for minimum wage is a little ridiculous. If he really wants to raise it then raise to like $8 max, probably less. $9 is a little too much right now
If raising the minimum wage is such a good thing, why stop at $9? Why not $10? Or $20?
Their are a lot of uneducated people commenting right now..for crying out loud your on GOOGLE!!
Joe Biden looks like that banjo playing kid off of Deliverance... all grown up
haha this post is crazy, thanks for the lulz
The truly lame comments made me laugh. Great entertainment!!

Anyone else recall how Reaganomics and Bush's 2nd round both tanked our economy??

Give tax breaks to the REAL middle class and they spend it and that increased demand for goods and THAT increases jobs!!

But tax breaks for the rich and corporations don't trickle down. The CEOs buy luxury goods they don't add jobs or even increase wages for their employes as they give themselves huge bonuses.

Try looking at wages in the 1950's and the relationship % between the lower wage workers and the CEOs compared to now. 
I recall citizens being able to push positive & negative results from each and every president we've had.

So does air force of o e

+Mone Thomas 
" fast and furious I expect to be told the truth wide receiver was a controlled gun operation and no 1 got killed."

Most people do not under stand Wide Receiver (WR), so I understand you may not totally understand it.

Did you know WR was the trial for all Gun Walking operations?

Did you know it was stopped when the Bush justice department found out about it, how it was not authorized, considered criminal and how the guns could not be effectively tracked?

Did you know hundreds of guns were lost under WR and were never accounted for ? (they do not even know the serial numbers of the guns, so no one knows if or when anyone would have been killed with any of the lost guns)

Did you know that F&F was perpetrated by the exact same people that were responsible for WR?

Did you know that F&F never would have happened if those responsible for WR were held accountable for their actions?

Your welcome.
Nobody here talks about the relationship between our minimum wage laws and the wages paid to our brethren overseas in the countries that export their goods to us. Sorry but raising minimum wage means nothing while it still remains cheaper to get someone else thousands of miles away to do the work for us and send us their goods. Why does this seem like a no-brainer to me? Why would you ignore this and put forth a solution that only provides more fodder to the problem? Does Obama hate America? Why not, at the very least, ponder the possibility that we may need to renegotiate these W.T.O. treaties. Americans are dieing here. People are giving up on hope. People are committing suicide. Somebody has blood on their hands and are either ignoring it or just doesn't care. F#ck Obama. F#ck Bush. F#ck Clinton. F#ck them all. And especially f#ck congresses of now and recent past. Stand up to the W.T.O. They are turning the USA into a third world country.
+Krewe Maynard  thanks again your a hero.  I will make sure to tell my voice to text converter to check out that link at the next stop light or traffic jam.
This man is going to make us a third world country 
Mone T.
+Mike Mac so it sounds like your saying wr (gun walking program) was stopped under Bush because they found it to be a bad idea, unsafe and possibly illegal.

It also sounds like your admitting that under the Obama amin they decided to start it up again (gun walking program) presumably knowing that the Bush amin knew it was a bad idea and possibly illegal and unsafe.

Thank you!
+Mone Thomas  What I said was that because the Bush Administration swept it under the rug, the same people were allowed to  try it again.  The current administration stopped it when they became aware of it, investigated it and those responsible for both times won't be doing it again...

 Good try to take my words and distort them to meet your agenda :)   

You are welcome, You just needed a little clarification on what you thought you read :)
Every raise by minimum wage, COLA, or other not based on increased productivity merely devalues the currency. Thus, every saved dollar is diminished by a like percent. This is hardest on the elderly who worked a lifetime for a fraction of the current minimum wage. The dollars they saved have lost most all of their purchasing power. Plus the Fed has reduced the earnings of savings below 1% a fraction of inflation. Reduce the proverty level by increasing the value of the currency and paying a fair return on savings. Every public corporation job should pay a fixed number of shares per pay period and all must sell their shares in the same market to raise cash. Raises, thus, come from increasing the value of the shares. Likewise, do not extend unemployment benefits without requiring some engagement in public works for tax dollars expended.
No matter where u look, aus,usa or china or sweden, the middle class is always paying for the party. Always! Not the wealthy nor the poor.

Left or right, both get the above i hope

Happy ❤day btw
Mone T.
+Mike Mac what the current admin did was stop it when a U.S. border patrol agent was killed. But please feel free to contact his family and give them your explanation.

But I have truly enjoyed the back and forth. 
+Mone Thomas  timelines are vague but one this is clear, the judiciary committee was briefed on the operation almost a year before Terry's murder, and they did not stop it, it continued until after the murder. There are Democrats, Republicans, State Officials and others across two administrations that are all to blame, the same ground people were involved from 2005 until 2011....those are the facts....
Sad part is, even if they would have taken firm action to stop it, the guns used has already been sold 2 weeks prior.

Your attempt to try to paint me as condoning it and asking me to explain it to the family would be laughable if not for being such a tragedy.  The Right's attempt to pin operations from 2005-2011 all on the Obama administration are purely opportunistic stabs fraught with distortion of factual omission to try to narrow the scope ....

The back and forth is always fun :)
Fanboys of at least one side of the oligarchy each. Both of you together form a significant part of the problem. The executive and legislative are giving you tennis balls to play with. We've been sold out to the W.T.O. That is the current and most pressing issue. Take care of that and everything else will be much easier to fix.
I miss the days when g+ wasn't swamped by hipster dip-sh*ts moving to the next social media breakout. They're like zombies that eat intellectual discourse.
So what do you think about the president's proposal to raise minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 Bob?
+Paul Guerrero  All of those items have gone up every year for the last hundred years or more.. healthcare actually has gone up less over the last 2 years than it did in previous years, about 3% instead of 9%+

Your argument points are about as valid as blaming Obama that you have one more candle on your birthday cake every year.....

Also, saying income is down is very distorted and misleading. Income did not go down, as more people have entered the curve that are making less, the average went down. The bad part is companies are making record profits, have record cash reserves, and are paying record low taxes.....
I think it has little value beyond playing to a political base of poorly educated voters who, best case, vote based on empathy, and worst case, vote based selfish self interest. Free market should dictate pay, anything else is just becomes inflation. That applies to all subsidized services. Look at every area were the Govt. has subsidized cost to help, and you see increased costs that outpace everything else. And, you can't point to the Post Office as a working example anymore... +graey hat 
I didn't watch it. Couldn't listen ti the lies.
@Mike Mac: Saying income is not down is distorted and misleading. With the feds 'Quantitative Easing' with the goal of making bonds a less attractive substitute for poorly performing stocks, our currency is not worth what it should be. This is reflected in the price of commodities traded on the world market such as food and gasoline. Then when you include The President's proposal on raising minimum wage to $9.00 an hour... it brings one to question his intelligence in regards to basic economics 101. Yes inflation is a natural occurrence over time but not the devaluation of our currency at this level. Every time the cost of living goes up faster than the rate of my income increasing, I make less money.
+graey hat    inflation is the devaluation of our currency.  Over the last 3-4 years, the rate of inflation is lower on average then it has been in 15-20 years.   Also look at the dollar relative to other FOREX currencies. The value of the dollar is almost double what it was in the `80's 

very few working people think that the record profits and record cash reserves companies are making and holding today do not need to be forced back into the economy. You may be one of the minority that disagree with this.

If anyone wonders where all this this "middle class" reduction of wealth went, you need not look past the bank accounts of those same companies.
@Mike Mac: You use the last 3-4 years to support your claims on the rate of inflation but I challenge you to expand your scope to the years of time Ben Bernanke has been at the head of the Federal Reserve.

Also, how can you "force" peoples' money back into the economy? You might be one of those people who want to tax 'Big Corporations' but please allow me to put forth the adage 'Corporations are efficient tax collectors' (in that they have their subtle little ways of passing these costs down to their customers (us)).

And as far as reduction of wealth of "The Middle Class" goes, you do not have to look much farther than the anemic interest rates banks are forced to offer on their savings accounts and the jobs being allowed to be sent overseas because somebody is in the W.T.O.'s pocket.
+graey hat   inflation  was generally higher during the entire 8 years of the Bush administration. The highest rate was actually the year before Bernanke was appointed.  besides I am not arguing inflation is really lower, I was making the point that it is inflation, and generally it is 2.5-3% a year, every year, except late Carter-entire Reagan era, where it started double digit and then leveled out to average about 4% while deficit spending was adopted as "policy"

You force money back into the economy by raising corporate taxes for starters.  Companies investors will not stand for the loss of margin and companies are forced to invest locally for tax incentives and increased production to offset their increased tax burden and maintain the same level of profit.
Raising min wage also puts $ back into the economy. They may whine and complain, but given the option to pay a little more and maintain their margins, or take a lower profit and margin by reduced production, they are too greedy to not go for the money......

I am one that thinks corporate taxes should be higher on average, I am one of those that are sick and tired of subsidizing big business with my tax dollars only to have them horde the profits and not re-invest in America.  

Take Facebook for goodness sake, they make over $1B cold hard profit, paid zero taxes, and got a refund of over $400M.
WTF, over?

Then we get to "Big Oil".......
@Mike Mac: I really wish you would have addressed my adage: 'Corporations are efficient tax collectors' (in that they have their subtle little ways of passing these costs down to their customers (us)). To me it seems like that statement nullifies your current rhetoric on the subject of taxing corporations. And as far as your example on Facebook is concerned, I don't know the details but we both can probably agree that the current tax code needs to be reworked and loopholes removed.

Also on the Facebook example, let us not forget about the story of Eduardo Saverin and his renouncement of his US citizenship in order to avoid paying taxes. It would be a shame if other high wage earners followed his example.
+graey hat
"'Corporations are efficient tax collectors' (in that they have their subtle little ways of passing these costs down to their customers (us))."

Maybe in some instances, but competition is the great leveler. 

On the Eduardo Saverin example, yes, that is a problem. How much we really do not know, many "high wage earners" already pay minimal taxes.  I doubt a lot of high earners would leave the US though, they are here for a reason.  He did pay a lot of taxes though, just "saved" est. $50-60M.  If you renounce your citizenship and pack your trash and leave, there are "exit" taxes that have to be settled at minimum, other wise you are a fugitive and subject to arrest when you set foot on US soil..
@Mike Mac: You say that competition is the great leveler. Are you suggesting that American corporations should fall and make way to foreign entities who are not subject to the same rules, regulations, and taxes?
+graey hat  the tax/import/etcschedules should level that playing field also, we have lots to do but for congress to sit on their hands, continue to siphon billions  of taxpayers money directly to corporations as refunds, and on the other side grant them subsidies etc and huge tax breaks while they rake in money and store it in their back room...  well...  thats not the right answer either
@Mike Mac: "the tax/import/etcschedules"- Are you suggesting that we violate our current free trade treaties that we have through The World Trade Organization?
+graey hat   don't believe those treaties are applicable to companies that produce products in USA Factories based and owned for USA distribution, and the associated taxation?  That falls under the corporate tax statutes etc if I am not mistaken.  Also, most of those treaties are how we deal with commerce between nations, not how exports and taxes internally to the USA are handled for USA owned based companies.

But what are your suggestions other then just questioning everything?
@Mike Mac: Impose tariffs on imports from countries that do not have minimum wage laws, corporate tax laws, and environmental regulations that are equal to or greater than ours. AND THEN AND ONLY THEN worry about imposing more taxes and regulations on corporations based in this country. If the latter is done before the former we risk totally destroying the American industrial sector. This is where I stand. Any opposing views that can change my mind are welcome (but probably not likely).

+graey hat   I could not say that I think that would not help some, but that would require that we violate our current free trade treaties that we have through the WTO.  The backlash would be significant, likely spinning the economy into recession..... or worse
Well you can't have one without the other. And if by "or worse" you mean trade wars we only have to look at our exports of food commodities and refined fuel to know that the United States really does have the upper hand.
+graey hat maybe but we export food and oil products for our profits, (or oil company profits), no matter how we look at it, it would get very ugly.  Many some of those here remember the trade wars that caused the treaties we have.  They were put into place mainly to protect our trade, we were getting our clocks cleaned......
It's already ugly. It was ugly when NAFTA was just a gleam in Bill Clinton's eye.
@Mike Mac: Regardless, you can not impose more restrictions on America when everybody else is getting a free ride. If Obama was a true leader he would say, "Sorry folks but we need to lower minimum wage to 4 dollars an hour so we may better compete in this world economy." Heck, if he wanted he could also add, "Look what the Republicans made me do!". After all that is his style.

+graey hat that is pretty funny right there,  we also need to move the poverty level down to $8000 a year for a family of 4 
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