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County-by-county view shows how polarized the U.S. is politically, economically, demographically. Explore our interactive map.
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Ale thea
so how did Obama win...looks like almost red...
Ale thea
but it is red and blue not red and green...
+Ale thea The places in blue are smaller, but more densely populated, so while they're fewer and further between, they actually have as many or more votes. Weird, right?
I'd like to see that map expressed as a cartogram - i.e., drawn so that each county is resized to show population instead of land area.   Comparing the two would be useful!
Very interesting. The people have spoken so lets all get on board instead of being stubborn. 
The really frustrating thing is that a nominee can win the popular vote, and yet lose the election because of the way the electoral votes are done.
+Daniel Valentin I totally agree. I didn't vote for Obama, but he won, so moving onward and supporting him as best I can is the way to go.
CA represents 55 votes right?
Craig C
Now that the election is over, perhaps it's time for media outlets to encourage less divisive conversations. 
JR Silva
EDUCATION... EDUCATION...EDUCATION! As a former teacher, I am tell you the problem is our kids can't read, comprehend what they read or have the skills to think, analyze and construct their own thoughts based on real evidence and not on what they see on commercials. 
The map is misleading, we must know the population of each area, though it looks like much red, the population within those areas could be low.
JR Silva
+Michele Murphy There is more red, however the blue areas  and pink areas are more populated... thus more votes. 
Still though that's alot of red Lolz
+Eliseo Villa That is because of population densities in remote areas, which typically have white, rural voters. The spots of blue represent major metropolitan areas. 
Do people actually think votes are allocated per acre in the US? ;) Look at the link in Tim Hall's and Jim Avila's comments above. Empty land does not vote.
yeah. That makes sense.

Black people have it too easy in this country.
Presidents aren't elected by square footage. They are elected by population density. You'll note that most of the red "area" on this map is empty space, especially across the midwest and western states. This map is misleading and misrepresentative to most people.
JR Silva
+Cody David, as a republican I voted for Obama because the GOP decided to adopt the extreme values of the Tea Party which put public employees, teachers like myself, out of work. They wanted a government that could decide what do with your body and who could be included in your family, while not wanting a government that protects us from unethical business and corporations practices which got us into this mess when they were given free reign.  
look all of that red! Now can someone remind me how he won the election?????????
Because no one lives in those places.

Look where the blue is...
He had more votes...that's how he won.
i don't give a shit where those places are Elector votes is what counts, and that is whats wrong with this country
He had more of both...

And I think you mean electoral.

No one lives in those places.  Population density mean anything to you? Come on man, use your brain.
JR Silva
+Steve Sampson I am resistant. I have been told too many times by friends that I should. I am stuck on the idea of the old republican who valued in investing in infrastructure like roads and highways, education, protecting/preserving the earth, protecting workers from corporate abuse ensuring them a safe work place and a fair wage. All those values are gone :-(

I'll probably make that decision in 2016 and see if the GOP makes the right choices and removes the cancer. 
You're not going to see a republican candidate promote infrastructure investment for a good while.  That's completely antithetical to their current goals.
There's no reason not to have a popular vote for president.  The electoral college was originally meant to account for the fact that vast swathes of the population were uneducated and could not possibly make an informed decision.  That's not the case any more.
JR Silva
+Jake Miller I agree with you, however with the situation our public education is in... it may not be that way much longer. Just look at how many people base their ideas on the biased reporting of Fox News, MSNBC, Rush or Rachael. I don't trust the public would invest the time to investigate claims before believing it. I wish we would pass laws like in Canada the prohibited the yellow journalism and lies from both sides. 
I don't like lumping MSNBC in with Fox.  Yes, they're not impartial, but they don't claim to be.  Fox News calls their opinion fact.  Which calls the very nature of fact into question.

The problem is that it's all for profit.  I've got no idea how to fix it.
Most people can read, though.
With my students the majority of them could ready, however of that group, almost half of them could not comprehend what they were reading. We train them to read, but do little to get them thinking about what is being read. They can reference and answer from paragraphs but can't summarize anything. It's the side effect of NCLB. 
Republicans think that they represent the conservativism. It has been long forgotten what a real conservative person is and, it makes them look high hypocratic people. At the other side, democrats are not charged for their liberal positions. Actually, it makes them look coherent and, therefore trustful by the people that look at their behavior, like it or not. The GOP has since long not presented a candidate that trully represents its principle. Being a good, decent family man, isn't enough to preside the USA. Fortunately, the majority of us are still good and decent people but, it alone doesn't able anyone to be an american president.
Amy A
People has soooo many year living in the united states and never understand how it is
I agree with Cody. Blacks disproprtionately voted for the black candidate. Not one news organization called anyone on this. Obvious bias. And thanks to Howard Stern who outed so many Obama supporters as to their ignorance. Less government, not more. If I want to help someone, e.g. a storm victim (which I did) let me decide to do that. Not an inefficient government beauacracy handing it out.
JR Silva
Regardless of color, people voted for the candidate they believed to be the best option. I am sure race had a motivating factor... ON BOTH SIDES, however in general the choice was simple. A government that sided with people civil rights and middle class or one that sided with corporations and the extreme wealthy. 
Blacks count for no more than 15% of the USA population. Actually, we should be proud for the social equality lesson that has been given to the world, choosing a black president. Please, do not pull this old, dirty card...
If only instead of the electoral votes it was square mileage won that elected the president 
Hey, if money is speech, why can't land be votes?
I'm sorry that you see things that way Mr. Silva.  I am in no way wealthy, but despise unions with a passion, and hate that my hard earned money is sifted away via taxes, and in many instances, given to help people that never had the wherewithal to aim higher, or do better for themselves.  I would NEVER vote for a democrat, and don't care what color people are, but just want people to do for themselves WHEN ABLE.
+BOSCO F. Thanks bud! Perfect. I too believe and know America is better than that. 
Almost all map look red. Don't know how they declared Obama's win.
+Lawrence Gulzar Population is not uniformly distributed. The red blocks are low-population rural areas, and the blue blocks are high-population urban areas.
Two thoughts: Now that's vote management; and Obama clearly doesn't give two hoots for most of the US
That's a very close-minded attitude.

I wonder, Buzz, how do you feel about gay marriage? Drug laws?

You like public schools?  Drinking sewage-free water? The concept of a "weekend"? Police? How about the interstate system? Minimum workplace safety standards?  I figure you for the kind of guy that's a big proponent of workers being killed and maimed in the workplace pretty regularly.
+Shane Breslin Yeah, most of the empty land didn't get to vote, but all those "human beings" in cities did.  It's shameful we don't restrict the vote to landowning people any more.
Rich people live on the water.  That's is your 1%. 
What's so clear here? Obama succeeded where the people live - Romney succeeded in the wide open spaces - like the area between your ears?
Looking at WI, I am wondering how Obama won it, when it surely looks as if the majority of the state was voting for Romney.
You do know that means you're wrong, right?  Romney didn't win.  He didn't win the popular vote, and he didn't win the electoral vote.  Reality does not contort itself to your whim.
While most of the county is red, all that red only makes up for a little less than half then populations voters. One could say that people whom live in areas with more population activity are likely to vote democrat. This means that Republicans has to cover such a large amount of america just to get votes for them.
Plus red areas represent a small, isolated population of single channel majorly biased informed public.
+Jesus Silva You sound like a Republican with Eisenhower values. I very much like that, but I believe Republicans will never field a candidate that will reflect those values. Perhaps it is time to simpy drop party affiliation and vote your values. I am a registered Dem, but certainly have no loyalty to party and do not think of myself as a Dem (in Hawaii everyone is Dem so need to pick Dem ballot to have impact in primaries).
America needs to realise.. the rest of the world doesnt care..
Yep, those places where you can't see your neighbors from you house, are where Romney won.  Almost everywhere that there is a lot of people crowded into a small space, Obama won.
That's like me saying "the sky is deff green in my mind"

It's a belief that you hold, despite knowing that it is objectively untrue.
blah blah. its just 4 more years of the same old same old crap!
Which is why we have the electoral vote.  To prevent the densely populated regions from trampling on the rights of the rural regions.  Currently, in Iowa for example, three to four counties has the power to control the entire state.  
Regardless Obama is not a good president.
Right, so if you get rid of the electoral college those regions hold no more or less sway than anyone else.  Like, you realize your own logic disproves your argument, right?
Election results by county
Okay but REGARDLESS he is still a horrible president, an I like how nobody is coming up with excuses for that.
Overlay some education level data to really start making some people twitch...
Bush only screwed the whole country over in his 2nd term. Just like Obama is about to do. 
WSJ trolling the ignorant
And this is why the Wall Street Journal is such an immense joke.
Smart people's votes count twice, that's why Romney didn't win
that really is a profound graphic.  However people sometimes work in a different county then in which they reside.  The reason this graphic makes the election look biased is because people judge by their eyes.  try to imagine all the people living in the world (it is easy if you try) .  trees and grass don't vote you silly people get over it! if you want to argue about costs then ask yourselves where the resources are and why.  the truth of the matter is the mega rich control our economy and use propaganda like this on you.  wall street journal!? hello people!?
Actually the map does not show how divided we are. It only shows which party has gotten the majority. Look at the % instead, and you'll see a different picture in many counties. However, in big cities, the difference is very pronounced....
93% democrat 7% Republican.

I want to stop here before I become rude.
He won the electoral votes. I don't understand how they can call it a democracy if we let the electoral college make our decisions.
+Tory McTeer The Bush tax cuts that eliminated the Clinton Surplus were in 2001 and 2003, his first term. The Invasion of Iraq was in 2003.

Bush screwed the whole country over in his first term, but 8 years of Clinton buffered the effects until the second Bush term.
Notice that the red is where self sufficient people live. And DC is not one of those areas. I know there are working people in DC, just not on Capital Hill. 
It's very interesting how all the highly populated areas are democrat, even though the map looks red Obama won because city people agree more the liberal ways.
Very Interesting! Thanks.
 Should be:
Red = whites
Blue = minorities
Cool map tho.
And +Buzz Covington, I  agree with you. I have a family member, as you may too, who takes total advantage of the aide and don't bother seeking the many opportunities this country has. The amount of abusers is small and most people on aide want better. The system should be fixed, not eliminated to prevent its' abuse. I am currently working anywhere from 8-20 hours a week on 8$/hour. Still sending out resumes and not losing faith. I have yet to claim unemployment after losing my teaching position 2 years ago. I work where and when I can. Thank GOD for my other half! I am not ready to give up on the GOP, but this ticket was too extreme and had the extreme wealthy's interest at heart. 

This president has been pushing education which is the answer. My parents were migrant farm workers and I had my nose in a book and earned scholarships to be someone. I pursued a career in education and loved it until it became a training center to take tests. Thank you NCLB!

Obama was in charge and is responsible, he played nice, gave in and continued with this trickle down crap that hasn't and will not work. The GOP however has decided to take the country hostage in congress until the wealthy keep their cuts and the middle class continues to pay for it until they find themselves in poverty. At one point, they kept paychecks for military families until they got their way and wealthy won again.
That's interesting, Gregg. What I noticed is that it appears to be more red where people have less education. That's probably a coincidence, though.
The south has more people on welfare than anywhere in the country.  Agriculture is a government funded basket case.  
It's the cities that elect the government. People in rural ares have very little to do with it. Whatever happened to no taxation without representation? I don't feel my vote counts for diddly. We pay taxes that support programs I don't have access to. Billions of dollars are spent every year to keep constituencies happy to ensure they will vote en mass for the party that is paying the freight. Ideas don't count for anything anymore. The system is broken and we the people are to apathetic to correct it. 
If only the area of the land, it looks like Romney's victory predominantly.
what country is that? looks like beef map for me. is it beefland? 
And I thought we only got wailing and gnashing of teeth over the electoral college when the popular vote and the electoral vote weren't in agreement (like in 2000).  ;)
I can't stop seeing the Cretaceous shoreline. 
Romney still lost the popular vote and the electoral. This is not the same situation as it was with Gore and Bush. 
So basically this map is showing that large urban centers, college towns, areas with large concentrations of college educated people and areas with large immigrant populations, tend to favor democrats.  Oddly many of these same areas tend to be some of the highest per capita incomes in the country.  Interesting when you consider that republicans place so much value on high income people.  Go figure.
Chad P
most of those red places are where there is barely any population
Blue = massive public schools, strong public sector unions, high tax rates ???
I hope that "polarized" isn't being used in the negative. The point of making us a federated nation was that an election like the one we just had can/does occur, and that each voting participant takes responsibility for those who made it to office, and the policies they push forward.
Quit voting for Republicrats.. Problems solved..
+Ale thea As Jon Stewart said yesterday: Republican wished it was vote by square mileage not people :)
Perhaps this map should be breaking into counties in each state, population size and how many actually voted in each county. If it will help you guys see the big picture. Results shown clearly. Mr. President Obama won clearly. Lets try to see behind the photo and move on. If people in NH voted for President Obama then that should sum all confusion up to everyone beyond this map. The rest of the world approved re election of our president. God Bless us all. 
So rednecks and hillbillies voted Romney is what this map is telling me. 
If America was just those parts which are in blue it would be the best country on earth. 
We all need to ask ourselves we the people (not taking government hand outs, retired or working for the goverment) are you better now than 4 years ago. Do you think more government is the solution to our debt crisis. We need to get on track and start manufacturing goods again. So now what?
+Cory Eliason Few people live in rural areas. If rural tax dollars had to pay for the services rural people receive you would quickly see that you are the burdon on the city dweller. Do you think you pay enough for even a month of winter maintenance on the county road? for fire protection? for the mail carrier? for the sheriff's deputies who have to patrol hundreds of square miles to make sure you weirdos aren't axe murdering each other? For wildlife management? For the BLM and Forest Service officials who keeps your back yard pristine?
Folks , the right person won and that's a fact . We cannot keep electing war mongering people like Romney who wish to spend billions trying to make the world one big democracy.......never gonna happen . 
I find the bar of blue that hooks from the east coast around appalachia into the delta of a particular interest.  This land is notoriously the share cropper areas of post civil war era slaves.  geographically the democrats may have leveraged with the presidents race in the electoral college it is true, but obviously the oppression still remains when the minority group is restricted by checks and balances.  so what I am trying to say here is if the gop couldn't vote the dems out they still managed to buy them out and our healthcare and education will suffer without more taxation of the mega rich
Well you see those little pockets of blue have several million people in them. The blue areas of California probably account for 10% of all votes cast. Most of the red areas are empty by comparrison.

I didnt here the Republicans complaining when Gore had the popular vote and Bush declared himself king...I mean President.
Map key:
RED - Strong work ethic, love of country, concern for the future of the Republic, identifies nationally ("American")

BLUE - Dependency upon central government, moral ambivalence, delusion of being "smarter and more informed" than all others, identifies regionally ("New Yorker", "Californian")
This map is telling you that Obama is NOT accepted by most of the country.
A bunch of snot nosed kids that have had socialistic teachers and want to live with their mommy the rest of their life.   Thats who voted for Obamma.  wait till they try to get a job
So the lazy welfares that want more government controlling their lives voted for Obama is what the map is telling me..
If it was symbolized by population you would see that the population density in middle America is actually a lot lower than on the country's borders. It doesn't matter that you see a lot of red because not as many people live there. It also shows the differences in viewpoints of the mainstream culture centers versus the beliefs of people who live in the isolated areas of the country.
would like to see a population map overlaid upon this one.
Obama won, Romney lost.... build a bridge, and get over it.
corrupt election process. there were other choices. Obamney was not the only one
+Cody David +Steve Conrad 
Personally I do not vote by race or party line.  However the majorly of blacks vote Democrat. Herman Cain would never get even 80% of the black vote.  AL Gore only received 3% lower than Obama.  I don't believe AL Gore was black.

Democrat Walter Mondale—89 percent of the black vote 

Democrat Michael Dukakis—88 percent of the black vote 

Democrat Bill Clinton—82 percent of the black vote 

Democrat Bill Clinton—84 percent of the black vote 

Democrat Al Gore: 90 percent of the black vote 

I keep seeing comments about the education levels of the chart. Are you saying the people who feed the country are not intelligent enough to make a decision about who should be in control of our future? I think a more apt description is the fact that cities and the surrounding densely populated areas have huge blocks of voters that are on the government dole somehow. Those people are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. Lets do an overlay that shows where the most government assistance like welfare and food stamps go to. Bet it's mostly in the blue areas.
+Montana Fox Not quite as weird as you might think. I read an article a while back that speculated that people who live close together tend to be less self-sufficient and more likely to enact laws for the common good, whereas people who live further apart are more self-sufficient.
Um, sorry to point this out, but, all that red didn't do diddly squat, now did it?
+Ozzie Lozano The debt crisis is not the priority right now.

Our primary goal can only be to jumpstart the economy so that, under whatever tax laws, we can get the revenue to get the debt under control.  Cutting taxes makes the debt worse, and cutting programs that get people out there spending make the economy worse.

The federal government is the only entity with the motive and borrowing capacity to make investments of the scale needed to get us moving again. Our physical infrastructure is crumbling, and our telecommunications infrastructure is years behind western Europe.

No one else will make these investments, because there is no motivation.  Why invest in hiring people to meet a demand that doesn't exist when you can make enormous returns in the financial sector?
In 1968 I made an election result map with half a square on graph paper equal to one electoral vote.  The candidates were Nixon, Humphrey and Wallace.  I remember the artistic work to make the distorted states recognizable.  (I don't remember noting the faithless elector from North Carolina.)  I have seen similar maps for recent elections.
Very sad!  We are in big trouble!
I can't believe there are people that need this explained....the blue areas, overwhelmingly, represent densely populated cities and the red areas are mostly rural. It looks like that EVERY FOUR YEARS FOLKS...
Obama promised Samsung Galaxy S3's as next generation of free Obamaphones. No wonder he was elected. LOL ^^
Doesn't this prove the need to keep the Electoral College?
Red = Hillbillies, Blue = The rest of us. 
Obama"i will close Guantanamo Bay" newsflash, its still very much open. Obama. "i will cut the deficit in half" newsflash, we are $16 trillion in debt. Obama " i will broadcast all white house meetings on C-SPAN" newsflash, never did once. Obama. "Obama said in February 2009 that his presidency would be "one-term proposition" if the economy did not recover in three years, newsflash hes technically only made over 300,000 jobs in the positive from all the jobs lost during his presidency. we all know its official now. OBAMA is reelected. i just pray that we as a whole country(not red vs. blue) can find ways to actually keep our word as elected officials to do the peoples work and put America on the right track. he says he will work with both sides, dont just say it, DO IT! im not sure about a lot of you, but i work for one on these mom and pop shops in the private sector, a small business if you will. the kind that Obama says will only be taxed if they make over $250,000 a year. what company can you think of that makes less than $250,000 a year (not profit). really think about it. even a little sandwich shop thats a no name chain needs to make that in order to stay in business. and ask yourself this" have you ever gotten hired by a poor person???" probably not, because the people with money are the job creators. im no money maker myself, never even made $30,000 in my life. but i know that u kill the incentive for people that want to make more by forcing much higher taxes on higher income. if $250,000 is so much money, why has my company had to lay people off, plead for us to hold payroll checks because they didnt have enough income on payday to cash our checks, and take away benefits like sick days? my job is such a solid foundation of proof that i witness almost daily on how hard things have become in America. Obama needs to come to the center, like Clinton did. no back room deals, no smoke and mirrors. real change that leads us in the right direction. thats all i got to say for now.
Now that's America, alive and kicking and conscious of our reality and past.
This is the problem,too many people are too stupid,especially in those red areas,its been explained several times,more people live in blue areas and vote dem,thats why!!!
All the red places are bad, and all the blue places are good.
+Cody David you got right the areas in blue are counties with larger cities. Example,take a look at Pennsylvania, the counties in blue have big cities or are close to one such as Philadelphia. What does that tell you.
+Cory Eliason Not intelligence, education.  There is an ENORMOUS difference.

And you seem to be forgetting about the over one billion dollars in federal farm subsidies that go to Iowa alone.
the only reason Obama has won is he won states that have higher population than other Romney has won
love to see an overlay largest entitlement areas in the U.S.
Isn't that just saying 'the only reason Obama won is that he got more votes'?
Etta P
All of this racism can't beat us so join us..GO TEAM OBAMA!!!!

@justin barker.Are you really that entrenched in political dogma that you are incapable of seperating reality from propaganda? Do a google search on where the gun violence and murders occur. Not so much in the rural areas as you seem to believe. How about we use your idea and you stop sending us the money you seem to believe is wasted on bumpkins such as myself. We the bumpkins will stop sending you the the smart people the food you eat. Fair enough?
Notice all the core red states ,wy,ok,tx,nb,ms,tn, all have the good ol boy concept down, but where all the people ,cities, and well ,um well educated citizens live , the majority believe that money is no longer the main commodity valued beyond the human rights we have fought so long and hard for in race, pay,sex, sexual choice, womens choices , and education. We woke up, money is a tool nor an excuse to rule people.
Some comments are just retarded... 
Obama won end of story.
Romney is a rich bastard end of story.
According to the map, my county was light pink. OMG all that land around my house hates Obama! LOL!
+Jon Simpson if you figure in corn subsidies and all kinds of pork to build stuff that few people use then the red states are the kings of entitlement. 
The places highlighted in red don't count, LOL jk
Ironic, farmers are the biggest suckers of government teat in the country. They pay pennies on your dollar for property taxes. They get to buy fuel at a lower cost. They get paid not to work the land. The reap the benefits of a massive protectionist complex designed to keep their products competitive. Why the government even buys up their surpluses on the pretense of aiding poor nations.  
Land area does not vote. People vote. The blue areas are where the majority of the people live. 
Etta P

By popular vote, Gore would have won. :)
Actually, no, Romney lost the popular vote as well. 
I'm happy to have Obama in office, I voted for him. I don't think this map proves anything clearly. We all should be able to come together no matter who won, we are still Americans who need to stick together to make our country better. But no all the OLD folks just can't stand the change so, they are just going to complain while us young people, that are educated, change the country! Keep complaining we know, we know your soo angry.. That's exactly why OBAMA is president right now.. Good day all! 
The further you are from the sea, the more conservative and 'other' you become.
Actually Obama did have the popular vote and the most electoral votes so for this election it was fair.
Hmm, maybe people in sparsely populated areas are different and/or think differently than those in cities and more urban areas?
Popular cote,Obama, unpopular vote Romney. Obama 303. Word
Looks like I will be staying on the west coast.
At last something we can agree on. All subsidies should be stopped. Oil, farmers, natural gas, mining. Of course that would mean that ALL subsidies such as programs designed to keep government wrapped up in our lives need to stop. Including welfare programs on the fed level. The states should decide how they are going to deal with issues that effect their populations on a local level. Not a one size fits all mandate from the federal government that more often as not does not address the needs of the needs of a local population.
Electoral Vote, folks....
Jake Miller - "Our primary goal can only be to jumpstart the economy so that, under whatever tax laws, we can get the revenue to get the debt under control.  Cutting taxes makes the debt worse, and cutting programs that get people out there spending make the economy worse.

The federal government is the only entity with the motive and borrowing capacity to make investments of the scale needed to get us moving again. Our physical infrastructure is crumbling, and our telecommunications infrastructure is years behind western Europe.

No one else will make these investments, because there is no motivation.  Why invest in hiring people to meet a demand that doesn't exist when you can make enormous returns in the financial sector?"

Well, he did a lousy job of this his first 4 years and I am sure it won't be much better after all of the health care taxes and costs kick in next year (after the election by coincidence).  I voted for Romney because he has the experience to work through this issue.  I am going to support Obama because he won, but I don't think he is capable!
I see mostly did blue win??
I don't get how people are getting the info that Romney would have won the popular vote. He LOST(Romney) the popular vote by more then 3 MILLION votes. So explain how he wins the popular vote, I'll wait
@ Aaron Cortez. Thats rediculous. My family is inter racial. Racial bias is ignorant and statements that perpetuate racial bias are especially ignorant.
This map is misleading because it focuses on area/color and not population/color.
Stephan: Note the population concentrated in the Blue areas. The three small blue areas in PA have more population than the entire rest of the state. 
Because +Stephan Harz the Blue areas are populous. Way more people the red areas are mostly farm and grasslands. 
Yes, shockingly large urban centers full of freeloading welfare recipiants voted Democratic!!!
Please, for the love of Pete, if you're just going to say 'but it's more red', please read the rest of the comment thread first. Of course, nobody that does that will ever see this comment. :P
If saying that the Blue states have more welfare recipients is going to make you feel better about Romney losing go right ahead :) 
The system works.......... doesn't matter if you are Dem. or Repub. Too many people don't educate them selves on the issues and just go with a herd mentality. My vote was split between Dem and Repub. candidates. Some of the comments on here amaze me. We drive the economy by the way we spend or save. We make the wealthy rich by the way we spend.
Call me crazy but shouldn't some of the states be green..LMAO
After looking at the map, and seeing such a close election via the popular vote, I can honestly, unfortunately see another 4 years of gridlock, polarization, and country divided down the middle like a cracked egg.
Think people are you better or worse than 4 years ago?
I quit. This thread demonstrates the intelligence divide between red and blue. It's like the grand canyon. 
What a blessing it is to live among people who would never ask "this map is red, how Obama won?"
Truth is our government is being controlled by the people screaming the loudest on both ends of the political spectrum. The special interest groups have taken over. 
American politics is bipolar...2 extreme views prevail...
Rank by Population Density
(number of people
per square mile of land area)
Rank State Population Density
All United States 79.6
1 Washington, D. C. 9,856.50
2 New Jersey 1,195.50
3 Rhode Island 1,018.10
4 Massachusetts 839.4
5 Connecticut 738.1
6 Maryland 594.8
8 Delaware 460.8
7 New York 411.2
9 Florida 350.6
11 Pennsylvania 283.9
10 Ohio 282.3
13 California 239.1
12 Illinois 231.1
14 Hawaii 211.8
15 Virginia 202.6
18 North Carolina 196.1
17 Indiana 181
16 Michigan 174.8
19 Georgia 168.4
20 Tennessee 153.9
22 South Carolina 153.9
21 New Hampshire 147
24 Kentucky 109.9
25 Wisconsin 105
23 Louisiana 104.9
26 Washington 101.2
29 Texas 96.3
27 Alabama 94.4
28 Missouri 87.1
30 West Virginia 77.1
31 Vermont 67.9
32 Minnesota 66.6
33 Mississippi 63.2
37 Arizona 56.3
35 Arkansas 56
36 Oklahoma 54.7
34 Iowa 54.5
38 Colorado 48.5
39 Maine 43.1
40 Oregon 39.9
41 Kansas 34.9
42 Utah 33.6
44 Nevada 24.6
43 Nebraska 23.8
45 Idaho 19
46 New Mexico 17
47 South Dakota 10.7
48 North Dakota 9.7
49 Montana 6.8
50 Wyoming 5.8
51 Alaska 1.2

The bottom line is you will not win an election if you dont

1. Cater to single females the fastest growing electorate.

2. Minorities both Hispanic and Black

3. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals and transgendered community.

Until you provided something for each one of those electorates to latch on to, your NOT going to win. The country is changing views from 50 years ago simply don't resonate with people anymore. 
The republicans need a leader who can move to the center...easier said than done
Voter fraud...lots of reports coming in now of them filling in absentee ballots 
Looks like utah-ans don't like obama
+Wilde Oscar we have make make money before we spend it. Who here that is no self-employed works for someone who is rich? Its a cycle one can't live without the other. You make the rich richer they create jobs.
The 47% are concentrated in the blue zones.  Fact. Just as I said previously, they are now in control.
So all the cities where all of the people receiving welfare are living generally voted for Obama...makes sense
Dv Cox
Where's the news here?
Farm subsidies are welfare, so are the funds that go to help the hurricane and tornado victims.  The people there are just in denial of their receipt of welfare.
This excuse that the Blue states are the ones receiving the most welfare are off. Last time I checked deep south red state seem to be doing a good job living off the Government 
Really!? Really people!? You see more of the color red and don't understand why Obama won? No wonder our country is going to hell. 
What we need is equal access to the presidential debates and ballots in all states for the Libertarian Party. +Gary Johnson managed to get 1% of the popular vote with only ~$2,000,000.00 raised and not being in any of the televised debates.
I wonder how many people commenting on this thread have ever actually read The Wall Street Journal.
I voted democrat but i was not comfortable with my vote..if republicans had a better leader someone who can silence the tea party and all the other fanatics in the party and move the party to the center..i would have voted my view the achilles heel of the democrats is...abortion and samesex marraige...
Wow, those electoral votes really do something ...
I dont understand how people feel comfortable with the taught of having one sex decide the fate of our unborn children...after all both sexes are responsible...
+Cory Eliason Actually I'm happy to pay for all those things and for everything else too. I just get chapped when I see hypocrisy.
+Ozzie Lozano Your logic if flawed. Money trickles up, not down.
If you get rid of the electoral votes President Obama still wins PERIOD. 
This map illustrates population density pretty well too. 
Similar to the book/movie "Hunger Games" the cities rely on Government...they have to have it, can't live without it.  They look upon the rest of the country as morons, idiots and ignorant that we can't see all the 'good' done by government.  They have to have government think for them...they really can't do it themselves...big cities show that with the education their kids recieve (poor).  

Those of us out in the 'Districts' have to live by their rules and provide for them what they cannot.  They drive our debt up paying for tons of government services.  I think it is high time we let the cities fend for themselvs... speaking of... NY and is government working out for you NOW??  Stay warm!
For the people complaining about the electoral do realize Romney also lost the popular vote, right? It would have made no difference in this election whatsoever.
As far as samesex marraige..i mean its one thing to accept homosexuality as we should...its another to encourage samesex marraige...after all if it wasnt for heterosexuals there would be no homosexuals

romney should have won what is wrong with america
Wow.  What a stupid thing to say.
I wonder if you could over lap with county unemployment and welfare info. Wonder if it matches up.?
Small join small is bigger than united mark.
If ignorance were measured in mass, I'm pretty sure this thread would probably have become a black hole by now.
Jake, I didn't mean you either (by the electoral vote comment). It's one thing to oppose it on principle, and another to think it would've made a difference this time.
Dave chappelle voice:

What's his last name?

Romney definitely got more votes per acre, especially if Alaska is rescaled to be more than twice the size of Texas.
No, +Jake Miller ... We no longer have need of unions due to the fact that we now have laws, regulations, and guidelines in place to keep workers safe, and from being exploited.  Unions are nothing more than way to collectively screw people over, and cause complacency and laziness.  Mob tactics still run amok in the unions, and it's either their way or the high way.  Evil, evil unions.
Actually, fewer votes per acre, but more acres.

I was talking about Amir up there, using The Hunger Games as evidence of the moral bankruptcy and sedentary dependency of cities.
So did Al Gore
Wtf...are you crying about

Real quick ... Real simple

Presidents are selected not elected ! 
This is wsj so they are going to present the data in a way that misleads the reader into thinking that the election results were somehow unfair. Judging from a sampling of the responses here, they were partially successful 
Although it appears that it's more red and Romney should have won, the pockets of blue had way more votes than the red - that's why.
+Justin Barker Explain how my logic is flawed? Do you work have you ever been employed? Very simple yet so complicated to understand!
Frank, you have no concept of the depth of stupidity you're facing in this comment thread.  It's too late for us, get out while you can.
Union saved my job ...genius

Do you have any idea what the powers above you would do with no union?

You can't be serious 
Yea its density of course, like cali is worth half of the Midwest just being able to take cali is like 30 electoral votes or sumting while like Utah worth like 3 or 4 electoral lol aka cali = battle state. 
looks to me like the areas around the borders (and cities where global industries like IT, etc are based) - typically are where americans are more exposed to immigrants, different cultures, etc are thus more progressive or acceptable of new different clutures (blue).

And the "interiors" where there isnt a lot of diversity (diversity does not just mean black and white - it means asians, europeans, folks with different cultural and educational backgrounds) are red and are less accepting of "foreign" ideas.

I dont mean everyine who lives in blue ares is open-minded and i dont mean everyone in red ares is not open minded ... i mean the majority is (in case some troll wants to take offense and start screaming)

have a nice day!
No matter which side won The "power elite" had a plan to still move forward with their "old world order" plan. Democracy is an illusion. The major media outlets had also made their front page with obama winning before everyone else knew. 
fuck Obama his bullshit nothing will change ford more years now never back him changing ou America to commie regime all ready shit about iran shooting at us us cover up impeacment 
Its the North vs South all over again, kinda.
Glad Obama won. The government would have been blatantly hijacked for the benefit of a few. Halliburton for everyone! Although red is one of my favorite colors.
Obama won but this pic makes that look wrong 
You have to love the hate that this president has caused. Palin said he was "shucking and jiving" you had two other Republicans call him lazy, and another call him stupid. You would think that we could move past the racism, but some people just can't except it.

As far as him destroying America?? Were republicans saying that about Bush when he had the military stretched too thin?? Fighting two wars at the same time? no! Did they say anything about all the outsourcing of jobs to China and India? NO! Did you even bother to say anything when Cheney and Halliburton got caught red handed ripping off the military and the people of the United States? Hell NO!! 

Face it, it's not a Red/Blue thing. It's a black/white thing You have racism in you and you don't want to admit it. Don't bring out your one black or Hispanic friend argument either.  

Health care reform, shamelessly called ObamaCare has helped people that needed it. Even my WHITE friends in red states that were against it because they didn't educate themselves  they just believed Fox news and regurgitated the words to me. I showed them the articles on what it really is and they were able to get care for something they couldn't afford at first.

If he is such a disaster, I guess saving Detroit wasn't a good thing? just let them die and have all those people not have work. What more unemployment?? Then PRESIDENT Obama would be blamed for that. What the Lilly Lead better act is a bad thing?? omg equal pay for women ? Well of course its not right. Woman belong in the kitchen , right repebs?? Ohh wait, we pulled out of Iran, why in the hell would we do that?? Well that's were your deficit took such a big turn, that along with tax cuts for the rich.

Stop being such assholes, educate yourselves and stop being bigots!!  Hug someone of color, i promise out color wont rub off on you!! Talk to one of us, I bet you I speak better English than you , and I do it without an accent!!

Done with my rant, so pissed off right now I need to go carjack a white person. OHH WAIT!! I can't I am a black person and I don't own a fucking gun!! how can that be??

That was for you +Cody David my post from yesterday on a post very similar to this.

You think people don't know what's going on in this world?? How about opening your eyes and seeing that the republic party has an image problem because of their self-righteousness. You can't insult people, tell them i'm rich and it's your fault your not. You can't insider trade, hide the money and say, it's okay because i'm smarter than you.

Those that don't understand the electoral college, please look it up!!! it's not that hard to understand!! the red in the middle is areas were very few people live, the areas where President Obama won, the blue have a lot more people in them!! so they count as more votes, AND look at the numbers, unless they changed from the time i went to bed last night President Obama had more total popular votes!!! so either way he won the total number of votes!! PERIOD!!

+Erica Erkkila Thank you!!! GOOD LORD!!, and we are the stupid ones??

Stop the fucking hate or this country is fucking doomed!! We had to live with President Bush and if you had paid attention you knew this economic fall was coming. It was projected several years before President Obama got in office. 

 +Cody David  WAKE THE FUCK UP!!

+Omar Hickman Well said, but we don't know what is going on according to +Cody David SMH!!!
Read a good paper about that thin blue crescent in the south - linking it by way of fertile cotton-growing ground to an ancient shoreline and the kind of shellfish deposits that made it fertile.

So part of our political landscape has been dictated by geologic time.
Racist people.. Yep I think so.. Black people have it so easy let them tell it.. Lol.. Oh yeah and as far as welfare and food stamps goes you can thank your trailer trash family's because more white people are on it than blacks.. 
Classic example of how visualizations can be misleading. Square miles don't vote, people do.
Just a wee bit of under representation for rural area isn't there.  Major Cities elected the president and make most of the decisions for everyone else.  I wonder when it will all come tumbling down?
I just read every single comment. Wow.. Just.. wow...
I'd like to this map side by side with another map showing the degree of personal and or state indebtedness. 
Much of the red is rural America; mosly farming. It's a bit ironic that these people would support big business conservative ideology, since huge agriculture corporations and corporate farming is utterly destroying the family farmer. The only reason I can think of why there is so much red in these areas is because the republican platform is far/extreem religious right, therefore they seem more religious than other parties (which interestingly are more known to reach out to the poor and oppressed). Anyhoo... I would like to see this same map showing results from a religious right vs left test. I would presume the map would match exactly.
Randy H
Hey I have an idea..with all of these important "issue" people want handled, in 2016 let's for for a gay black man from Kenya to run the country...oops we already did that. Hmm Poor America, we have missed you for many years 
a way most people can understand
Bush put two wars essentially on a credit card... And then passed the bill to Obama

This country has think tanks , like
The council on foreign relations
Everything this country and all country's do is well planned out years in advance

Enjoy responsible and look to god for hope , because that's it , nothing else to do... You'll go crazy trying to figure it out... It's meant to keep us running in circles
Board of Education, The FDA, credit company's .... All on the same page 
That's how the politicians like it - poliarization to the max. It's much easier for them to play us for patsies that way.
What's his name Randy?


You sound so fucking stupid... I can only laugh , you have to be a hick from the mountains with no experience of life other than your little town

People do some traveling get out there,

America is not yours !
You stole it to begin with
You should of got yours while you can
Now it's a free for all
Sucks to be you! ;)

The red area owned the most slaves

It's easy to work for what you got when you got a head start

The first million is the hardest to make 
+Dean Ledgerwood times have changed indeed. I was astounded at how much effort from media and elephant party focused on gay and abortion. Its like get over it, its here and ain't ever going away. ...
Fields, mountains, deserts, and woodlands do not have many people around, and these areas tend to be more republican; hence the swathes of red. More densely populated coastal and large cities/states count for a larger percentage of the electoral vote and many happen to be blue.
Voting is by the people; it is not by the amount of land they happen to live on.
+Montana Fox, "The really frustrating thing is that a nominee can win the popular vote, and yet lose the election because of the way the electoral votes are done."
That wasn't an issue either time Obama was elected. It's only happened 4 times (I believe) in our history. No matter how the voting process is done, there is always danger of something "not right" happening with it.
+Wilmer Rojas Ironically, that is incorrect. The blue belt of counties that stretches from North Carolina to Mississippi was the most fertile land in the south and hence had the most slaves. 
The whole voting system is skewed, its not one man / woman one vote, its simply more complicated. So many peoples votes were utterly worthless which is why there is a large backlash of apathy. I dont understand fully the complexities of the system, but the president does not get in by simple majority of votes, otherwise you poor lot would have a misogynist sexist pig ruining the USA in the name of the wealthy with no respect for the lower and middle class voters.
The blue areas are also the most educated parts of the country...
Cities are great by all means move there. Leave the country people alone.
Nice to see this post.  The comments provided a rich stock of idiots to block, all in on e convenient place.
Doesn't look at all polarized to me, it's almost all red. #rigged
too bad this picture doesn't show population sizes in those counties
just because some countys look big it doesn't mean it has a huge population
Like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio...?
to me that map is bs me and my friend nall think we need white people back in office
Big place usa but pity small minded politics and infighting. Creates a lack of strong and useful policy and big government which gives rise to bigger debts and deficits. They call it democracy in our western world.
So, what is it about salt water that makes people vote for Obama?
So, what is it about salt water that makes people vote for Obama?
Hard working people with good morals brought this country from an unexplored wilderness and turned it into the greatest country on Earth, and did so with a high degree of stubborn self motivation and drive. But they also graciously assisted each other, and gratefully accepted help when needed. Few people cheated or stole or laid about because in those smaller communities reputation was all important. We need to all start following their example and quickly or the US will no longer be the world's #1 superpower.
Jeff, drinking salt water isn't a smart thing to do, neither was voting for Obama.
Polarized? Seriously? If you ask everyone an A or B question, then assign a different colour to each, it will obviously appear people are polar opposites. Even though your map shows most of the population to be center-right or center-left. (You may note the darker blue in some of the more populous counties, but the Repubs went a bit farther right this time than usual, so I think center-left is actually representative of the center-right.) More informative than the map however, is some of the post to it. These give alot of insight into the intelligence of right-wing 'believers'. They seem to not understand population density or the reason for it. Is it a coincidence the blue areas are in our most modern cities? Where our best colleges and most advanced companies happen to be? Of course not. That anyone would argue that the most intelligent among us make the most insightful leaders is hard to live with. That anyone could believe a reality denying, science ignoring, history re-writing, rights hating ignoramous is the most qualified to advance humanity is downright shameful. You embarrass me by relation. To avoid this embarrassment for future generations, perhaps we should focus our quality education initiatives in these rural deep red areas. Something tells me those children could benefit from being introduced to 'the real world' and its true history. 
Ryan Ng
Now I know where not to move
I voted for +Gary Johnson , but I'd still rather see Obama than Romney in office. The ONLY major difference between the men, fiscally and militarily, is Romney's views on women.
It's funny because Obama won the popular vote. This doesn't take into account population.
I live in the little red part of NJ.
Ryan Ng
Now I know which states are donkeys.
+Terry Sansom excellent post, unfortunately most people on this board do not use and/or understand math. And that is why the US will decline. No math, no succeed. BRING back the POLL TEST! Make it exactly the same as the citizenship test plus throw in some basic math questions. Get half the questions right, get 0.5 votes. See what I did there? 
Simple look at cell coverage lots of areas don't count
You guys just don't get it.  Socialism only works as long as there is still money.  When the rest of the world decides not to use US$ as the world's reserve currency and we can no longer just print more money then the house of cards is going to crumble.  Gas will be $10/gal, inflation will be 20%, and all you liberal government-handout junkies will be left standing in the cold empty handed like Oliver Twist saying "Please, sir, can I have some more?"  But there won't be any more to give.  The country has decided that voting themselves free stuff is more important than working-hard and taking care of themselves.  Takers vs. Producers.  The takers now outnumber us Producers.  Look at Greece, Spain, even France.  France has instituted a 75% tax on the wealthy because they don't pay "Their fair share" and what's happening?  The rich are moving out of the country!  What's better?  Having the wealthy pay plenty in taxes and still have some money to invest and create jobs or have them move and take their fortunes elsewhere to invest and create jobs in another part of the world?
And to +Jesus Silva and others suffering from post-traumatic party confusion, why not just drop the labels that got you stuck in the first place. Remain independent to decide for yourselves what is individually right or wrong for our country and character. Who knows, maybe someday we can have more than two options...
+Aaron Cortez says he wouldn't get caught out after dark in any of those "red" counties.  Translation:  He feels much safer after dark in those congested "blue" know, like Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC, Miami...
+Jeff McDonald what is all the "free stuff" that you say people are voting themselves?  I don't think you will be able to give a clear answer on that, because it isn't remotely true. 
I haven't seen any evidence that the wealthiest people in France are leaving because of a short term tax.  Have you?  There has been discussion of possible effects, but no actual data, particularly since the tax has not actually come into effect yet.
And you're dreaming if you think wealthy people create jobs.  The Bush tax cuts to the 1% have been in effect for about a decade now.  We should be overflowing with jobs!  We're not.  The theory is wrong.  Jobs are created by consumer demand, by ordinary people having money in their pocket and feeling confident about spending it.
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I think it's pretty simple.  Focus attention on those area's that are more populated.  Take Nevada for example.  2.5 to 2.8 million people, 2 million in vegas.  New York and the surrounding counties, same thing.

Fox news said it best when they were denying Obama won Ohio.  Their are just not enough votes left, once you pretty much cover the major cities...

If you are a far right person...fear this...It says that people in these dense areas are turned off from staunch conservatism.  The party should see that, especially in California, New York and Illinois.

If you are far left...fear this...Those in those less populated areas...will never change, especially in states like Texas, Tennesee, Georgia..

The republican party, HAS to change to win again...ever.  The democratic party has to change to keep the Presidency.  

A likable  Republican can stand up and run for President, and win, if they do the following:

1) Avoid Fox news. Completely.  Karl rove has completely been discredited...

2) PICK SOMEONE THAT IS LIKABLE.  Romney is the squarest mutha on the planet.  Squares don't win, proven in 2000.

3) embrace all media outlets...EVERYONE of them.  I'd be running a campaign starting today....hit the left leaning msnbc hard, denounce the title popularity from both inside and out.

4) Talk about dollars you won't take as a campaign, but set aside funding to make you more popular.

5) More women and other-americans as leaders of the party.  Not too outspoken, but enough for people to say, hey this is a new day.

6) Work to embrace and set aside the tea party <--- this is what broke america apart.  
+Jesus Silva that sounds like obama care telling I have to have insurance or I pay a fine that doesn't sound like a choice for my self. 6trillion In 4 years that doesn't doing like a government that cares about my future simone has to pay for that.
Brian D
This is the problem with an oversimplification using the map. Much of the red areas have very small populations. For example several of the states may have a smaller population than New York alone.
Thank god we won. Looks like a Verizon commercial only republican instead of cell coverage.
obama has all the high population states but romney has more states just lower population
Looks like a lot of people don't understand basic geography or know where the population centers of the US are located.  A lot of those red counties have 100 people living in them who are all related.
332-203 EV votes is not a polarized electorate. But what would one expect from Murdoch's paper?
It's hard not to see "red," when all you see is "red."
Ummm to the ppl saying funny how a candidate can win the popular vote, but lose the election. Ummm u must have turned off Election results early. Sorry sir Obama won electoral and popular vote. 
So, the blue areas are where people live? /s
I'd like to see this compared to a educated people map.
At least at the core, we know who we should be.
Jake miller the vast majority still think the president co.trols the budget. Dont know the affordable healrh care and paitent protection act aka obamacare was writen by a small number of congressmen. not obama. That the reason we d do not have a budget is because the demcratic controled house won't play nice with the republican controled senate & the pres can't do anything about it. 
No wonder I'm feeling disenfranchised
California will probably be the first state to ask the federal government for a bail out
Mr.Welch, the US population is 23% Latino and black.That number will not shrink.  There are more Buddhist in the US than Presbyterians. "Who we are" is no longer who you think "we should be." 
Enough with this politics bullshit...we had a year of this shit, it's over now till 3 more years!!!!
The union is killing the auto industry 
and here i am thinking, wait, so u didn't include any f the electoral votes? just next time if this isn't **, those poeple withe the electoral votes wont get voted for. simple.
The electoral votes need to go voting (like New Jersey did for this election), more will vote and accuracy of vote count will show definite results.   Looking at that map, I would be interested to see if Romney won the popular vote....
Will global warming and rising sea levels endanger democrats as we know them? That map makes me think it may be so.
In obomas case, one term is enough. And am I the only one who cought oboma lying on live TV? what he said was "Two weaks ago, wait no, a month ago, I went and prayed with a mother whose son had just got injured in the military. Suprizingly, two months later, he was just fine." It happened ONE month before he said it, and TWO months later, he lived, i dont know about you but that sounds fishy.
Despite all the red, if you look at your own State, you will be able to find most of your cities.  The majority of the cities are blue, and the majority of the rural areas are red.  It doesn't hold everywhere, but it does for the majority
+kristofer feeko   Alas... as the waters rise those Democrats will use government and eminent domain to confiscate other peoples property as they move inward and then complain about it at the same time.
Loi vo
I live in Utah..... Haha all red 
People complaining about the electoral votes -that system is designed to give less populated areas more pull than they're worth (population wise). Without it, the vote would be determined almost entirely by people in larger cities. Also, Obama won the popular vote and the electoral vote, so stop with the "it'd be interesting to see the popular vote results".
What,s up with they to hire people to count the votes

I think some of y'all need to grow up
the red area is where guns and food are, the blue areas are where smartasses, abortions, and homos come from. just my opinion. not at all based in fact. but this map helps show where the problem is coming from in the country.
I'm sure no one on the page is in the top 2% of the wage earners, so we all should be working together to make sure they don't keep getting all of the tax breaks and loopholes while we little (non important) people are stuck paying for it.
So all the presidents before him won cause they were white ,right black people at one point wasn't concerned with politics cause we wasn't represented but we now somewhat do an its WHITES who claimed it was racist cause they lost what did you lose really y'all whites still bend rules to your advantage 
If the people are equal, then the election should be equality should take a one-person-one-vote, but not the electoral votes ways.In fact, the technology is so developed fast national elections is simple to do.
don't think it would have mattered which one won
The election is not based on square miles, it's based on individual votes.
I don't have a problem with 400 people in this country having more wealth than us 300+million, if they got it honestly. But when does the greed stop?
If the election were based on pretty colored graphics like this and not voters casting votes, Mitt would've won.  This doesn't exactly mirror the popular vote or the Electoral college.
+Jesus Silva as a current teacher in a rural no area, I am amazed at how hard students and parents work at having others think for them.
The would be more interesting if instead of showing area, it was distorted by population per county.  That is why looking at this map, it looks like Romney should have one.
Its not based  on individual votes either,stupied its electoral votes,so we all vote for nuthing................this country is mess up, and i would not even call this country...........................
This goes to Benjamin Jenne. Romney lied 31 times in 41 minutes. That's got to be a record in which only he can break.
Rick T
It seems mostly red to me.
Sooo,,,head for the blue spots for food stamps and obama phones
+Jesus Silva Make someone feel like they're thinking, they will love you. Really make them think, they'll hate you. For every teacher who has wisdom to pass on, their are 30 people who don't want to learn.
Just because a county is depicted as red doesn't mean that there aren't any democrats.  The map actually displays only that more people in that county voted one way or the other.
So just keep in mind if you happen to leave the city and venture into flyover country that Obama isn't very popular across most of the country's real estate. Not that anyone here ever leaves the city or mixes with the uneducated hicks, as we +Google+ elites are much better than that. ::sarcasm off::
Ben Franklin said that great nations are like great cakes; its far easier to erode them from the outside edges.
Obama won because the red is the less populated rual areas for the most part. Those are also the less educated areas.
White guy who stated go the blue areas for food stamps an Obama phones your people are on welfare in bigger numbers an for the record you fave president bush started the free phone give a way, white people are the dumbest do us all a favor an kill your selves the world as a whole would do better with out ya 
I don't think that anyone should believe that Romney should've won based on the large swaths of 'red' throughout the map, preciously because of population densities.  However, it should at least cause people to stop and consider the very diverse values, opinions, principles, etc. that prevail throughout the country.  Especially the perceptible differences that exist between the dense urban population centers and the large expanses of rural areas.  And, it would be completely accurate to say that most of the United States preferred Mitt Romney, but that the majority of the people in this country preferred Barack Obama.  And since it is actual number of voters that matter in an election Obama was the victor.

+Dean Ledgerwood Actually, the electoral college system can and probably does skew the popular vote.  New York and California are probably the best example of the concept because of the large margins of victory (although, it is certainly not limited to that state, and the effect would be mirrored in some predominantly Republican states like those in the Deep South).  Often and in this case it probably wasn't enough to have garnered a different outcome but, if your vote cannot reasonably change the outcome of the state's election and the popular vote doesn't matter then "my vote won't count" isn't necessarily untrue.

In fact, if an individual's opinion runs counter to the predominant opinion in the state there is close to zero benefit to be gained from voting (for the president, anyway, there may still be reasons to vote for other candidates on the ballot).  For example, for Romney to have won New York's 29 electoral college votes it would have taken an additional 1,650,473 votes this election (based on Google's numbers).  And, 1,650,472 votes would have produced a net gain of zero.  However, in a popular vote that kind of move would've narrowed the total vote gap of the overall election by over 57%!  

In the most extreme hypothetical, if a candidate would win just 50.1% of the vote in the top 11 Electoral Vote states they would become the president.  Which for this election would have calculated to just 26.7% of the popular vote that is 'required' to become president.
Mitt didn't win the popular vote !!! Dummy get off Fox News 
@ Ankit Bargoti  "11:04 AM Obama is Superb!!"

Obama is NOT Superb, unless he disagrees with your comment.
Does he?
Shows how uneducated some people are in this post.

Simple question.

Do people vote or do their land vote?.
So many democratic east/west coast voters.... I wonder if it has anything to do with living too close to salt.
+Montana Fox how do you reconcile loving Jesus and advocating for supporting Obama? Even a casual look at the teachings of Christ reveals a stark contrast with the ideology of Obama.
Asians, hispanic, AA, women, non-crazy whites voted overwhelmingly for Obama. This map is confusing only to those who want to be fooled.
The welfare and people looking for free stuff congregate in one location.  If you have enough souls there, they will vote DEM.  Then you have the Liberals that will congregate on one location.  Most of the conservators like to spread out and go where they can be alone. Sparce area's is where the work is.  like my area, mostly Conservators with very few liberals.
the 47% where the difference..we voted!
No . . .The Democrats tend to live in cities with other people.
That map isn't accurate. I think the WSJ is skewing a tad Republican in their expression of colors here. The current data from the elections won't be available at this level yet so it will be interesting to see that data.
+Elliot Bevers  The red parts of the map are sparsely populated. We don't let trees and tumbleweeds vote, yet.
Well, I IMHO, its just statistics.... the majority of people live on the coast, and the centre of the country is relatively baron and unoccupied so that is where the votes are centralised concentrated and focused. 

Also, I do wonder, and I know that everybody "should be allowed to vote", but really from what I can gather, should the "rednecks" really get a vote anyway.................. just waiting for the "ouch" now......
+Andrei C Zamfir What about republicans love for the rich and disdain for the the weak or the poor?

What did Jesus say about the rich man?. What did he say about the poor?. 

Love your god with all your heart and love they neighbor as thy self.  Jesus greatest commandments. 

Who is for the poor and the weak?.  

+Russell Fowler Stop drinking the right wing kool aid. People go to these centers because thats where most opportunities are for work for education for a higher standard of living. Because they are generally more educated and progressive they vote Democratic. 
Wait, didn't Obama win the elections?
Were all fu***? Now.
Pure expeculation. Dont worry you can keep youre weed.JE.
Open the link and go through the detail - this picture is misleading.
People are who say there is more red than blue do not understand maps. One blue county can be more populated by than five red. 
Those red people in main are surrounded, they don't stand a chance 
+Montana Fox i dont understand what you mean? Obama won the popular vote and the electoral vote. It was 60 million to 57 million.
+Bailey Londagin  it's almost blue and mostly latino. look at the map. the whole border is blue, DUH. you think white republicans are going to gain traction there anymore? 
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