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The cost of attending public colleges is rising faster than the cost of private colleges. It's almost twice as expensive to attend The University of Georgia or California today as it was six years ago.

How is your family saving for college? What are your concerns about its cost?
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My son is 11 and we have been putting back for his college since the day that he was born. He is also really good at golf. My wife and I hope that a scholarship and the amount of money we have put back will be enough. Either way, we strive to make sure that he gets a quality education 
I still owe student loans from UNF!
Just go to a regular college and save your $$$ the University doesn't make the student. The Students makes the University, no matter to what kind of AB League University you go to. Is just crazy how much $$ you have to own when you finish your career. 
So far, my degree is the biggest rip-off of my life. If you don't have parents that pay, with friends that will give you a job, go as cheap as you can. Real knowledge is free, and only acquired via individual effort, the rest is garbage.
I paid $4k/year in tuition (in-state) at UC Berkeley in the late 90s/early 2000s, which was twice what my sister paid 5 years before that. Now I think tuition alone is $14k!! At this rate of increase, tuition will be more than $50k/year when my kids are in college! 
One of the most important lessons from my 90k investment for college and law school - supply and demand. As the government makes college more accessible through student loans, demand increases and public colleges raise tuition because of the never ending supply of students, funding fat pensions and private-sector like salaries for administrators. Controls should be put on all institutions which benefit from federal student loan programs.

Another one of the most important lessons - return on investment. If you need to borrow money to pay for school, view it as seed money for a business. Choose a field that will enable you to earn far in excess than your student loan balance, and pay off your loans early. 
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