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Here's how the economy performed during Barack Obama's first term, including job growth, corporate profits, weekly earnings and other measures.

What are your hopes for the economy in the next four years?
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More jobs (not necessarily better ones), debt reduction, improved corporate finance/ethics regulation.
And yet the public discourse is all about social issues. Jobs and the economy! How often do we have to shout it? 
Mike 1
I don't think that's a bad set of graphs for Obama - Dave Cameron's would look a lot worse
The graph on the left is a dangerous one since it combines sometimes disparate data into a single view.  I would caution readers to clearly distinguish between causation and correlation, when evaluating this image.
I would be more interested to see Corporate revenue rather than profit.. since profit can be affected by employing less people.
What I understand from both graphs:  we need a new president.
+John Pavao You will have your wish in 4 years.  Until then, I see both good and bad, which would probably be typical of any president although different data points would represent good and bad for a different president.
TThe public debt per capita line is the one that scares me the most. Even with a growing population we each owe 50% more than we did 4 years ago. Ouch. At this pace, that line will reach 100% before the second term ends.
+Stephen Kappel , ...and yet, if we were to compare to GDP, the level is less than it was at the end of WW2.  It's actually not as bad as it seems in terms of historical percent of GDP.  To your point, the issue is that it needs to stop growing now as a percent of GDP.  We can manage the current debt level in a reasonable way.  The higher that number goes (again, % of GDP), the less true that will be.  The line on the graph is very misleading.
It's not Debt per Capita that matters, It matters how much the Debt is compared to Revenue and GDP.
+Eric Henry Do you think that the projected $25T of debt we'll have in four years is manageable?
Are we getting close to the "it's Bush's fault" part?  ;-)
Because that seems to be where every political conversation on Google+ ends up for some reason.  January 2023, it'll still be Bush's fault.
As John Stewart would say: "How are they going to blame this on Obama?".
+Jeff McNeill , that has to be one of the most foolish comments I have seen yet. You definitely need to learn more about economics.
Little squiggles little line s up and down they go /the best way is to take a trAin ride-and see the starving the homeless the mad the walking dead -what the gov polices have done/if you dont see this presumely the countries not going to the dogs
The important lines are the skyrocketing corporate profits versus the tepid personal income rises, continuing a 30+ year trend. We work harder, they give no raises and pocket the wealth generated by our increased productivity.
Amazing how he turned around the bush recession. look at the private job turnaround
This Pharoh and his Pharisee masters did this on purpose
Smart people know if you can control the debt&poverty of a nation,continent,or country you can control everyone and everything with unlimited power
I awoke to debt slavery and will awake to manufacturing collapse and ruin for a new world order of advanced usury
20 years thier will be only high and low
Threaten,terrorized,and fear will keep us stagnant with growing geopolitical tensions...but more war will keep us afloat
...and there went our rational discussion. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but we have officially jumped off the deep end in this thread. Seems it is impossible for a moderately civilized and sane discussion to last very long on most of these threads. Adios!
I bet the Romans said they same thing look how that turned out. Nothing last forever. Believe me I wish things would but we have become a nation governed by mass media and advertising. People don't even know what the facts are any more. 
Chris C. It's obvious that you are a babbeling fool. 
OMG. I am tired of people saying that it's Bush's fault... He only has control of the Marines which is why there can never be more than 250k active Marines.. To go to war, it takes an act of Congress... It was Congress that went into war.... 
Chris C. I made the Koolaid before I ever heard of Obama. Corporate America and dirty politicians have been driving this country to war, killing off many poor and middle class, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the middle class going away, everyones become a slave to the wealthy & corrupt. I don't need health insurance. I'm set for life, but many people live shorter lives because they don't have any. It's selfish bastards that have done well. Obama is giving a dying middle class a chance. If the middle class fails, there will be anarchy. In that case only the guns will matter.
Gene your telling the undisputed truth and the human Insturmentality has one thinking his or her sacrifice was not in vain but for usury against his family being sanctioned while at war on both sides
We really need another stimulus and a fast acting stimulus. Not one that is dragged out over many years.  Why do you guys keep thinking we need to worry about public debt? Private debt is the real problem. Our infrastructure is horrible while China's is constantly improving.
Then they want you to hate and save in a uniform when you come back to inflation and ruin
We are going to be locked on perpetual debt and Battle Royale forever...just wait till we create an A.I smarter than us
Didnt he inhereit all this from George Bush? Or because the charts look good its good policy? Regardless, hard to agree with QE and mortgage-related subsidy still artificially bouying metrics; fundamentals still point down, especially jobs. 
Given the same set of graphs, with George Bush's name on it, the Liberals currently cheering and nodding at Obama would be screaming for his head on a platter. 
Same could be said about republicans Walter
Look, the begining of the middle class downslide was Ronald Regan. He went after the middle class like he was a hired hitman for Corporate America & the GOP. Ever since then, the middle class has been under the thumb of management, and losing ground every year. As the wealthy move up even higher in the food chain and the middle class slides down to poverty, jobs go to cheaper foreign labor, resentment sets in, and civil unrest leads to violence & anarchy. The greedy selfish bastards don't believe in a win/win scenario. They want it the banks, Wall street, corporate America, and the dirty politicians. 
Where is the national debt graph vs gdp
ter nea
I could not have worded it any better Gene.  Unbridled greed of the wealthy.... they can never get enough.
John L
+Gene Saadi : You have no idea what effect Reagan had on anything with a statement like that. The fact is the economy was struggling and through the use of supply side economics he helped build it back up and paved way for the 90's technological growths. Sidenote: Reagan did not come up with supply side which is referred to as trickle down by the liberal propaganda machine. He wasn't even the first president to apply the economic principal. It was JFK who was a Democrat. Reagan screwed up by spending too much on military but even that has ultimately assisted with the technological advances. 
>through use of supply side economics
I would like to see some citations on that one. If anything we learned supply side economics is a total failure. Even Ben Stein has admitted that much as he is a total shill.
Somebody Tweeted "Republican Mitt Romney Your Hair Smell Like Feet" & "Big Thick Midget Butt." I said "Hell Naw." Then Somebody Said...

(Article on Blogger)
+Philip Oberg they probably don't know what you're talking about seeing as the war in 1812 is never taught in the American schools. ;-)
Get rid of the income tax and remove the unlimited contol the fed reserve bank has of printing our money. After all, dollar bills without gold backing is just fancy paper. Who owns the FRB anyway? Not the American people.
#1812 you're right +Tyler Dunston So what the hell happen? 
I'm just glad that Obama won the election again. It just proves that the right has a big obnoxious mouth, but when it comes down to it people see through the bullshit. Especially when you're shown a graph, published by The Wall Street Journal, and you can't even be a little positive. You guys just have to realize, change happens, put on your big boy pants and deal with it. 
LGTM. Especially for the incoming mess of the financial + housing crisis.
I guess none of you ever devoted any time to the poor... For they have been poor for generations... Right here in the land of opportunity. Many people came from nothing and have done well, but how many are left behind... The real answer is you don't care. Many over decades have cared for family and loved ones who had no medical benefits... None. And while the economy was doing well how many medical institutions opened their doors to the sick. How many restaurants, supermarkets donated food? My point is the poor don't care about the economy because it's all bad all the time. When things are going well do businesses hire those that can't meet the requirements of appearances, credit check's and background checks? There is a government program that pays the salary of an unemployed person for a year... They must be unemployed for six months to qualify... But what happens is businesses keep the employee until funding runs out let a new person come in and start all over again. And if you think they won't fight you for the unemployment benefits your wrong. Then there you go no money for interviews, transportation or housing. We look at graphs and talk about recession and inflation while children go hungry unable to avoid sickness. That's America today, and we are not far from the mentally unstable killing and dying... Yet we have a freaking debate, two more dead today what is there to talk about? So the poor are like every other country, they will rise and will go after all those things that they have never had. Or we can change how we look at live itself. If we are not here to help our fellow men and women... Then the world we have known will be no more and be replaced by a grotesque shadow of what we could have been. The choice lay in each other our hands right now. 
Flip these graphs 90 degrees clockwise for accurate results.
Look at the horrific economy left by his predecessor.
The most amusing part of these comments are those that believe Obama cares about the middle class. What exactly is he doing for the middle class?
you don't know a bit about communism. you still belong to the era of mccarthyism?
Why do they have to use such similar shades of color in these charts D:
I love the way WSJ puts it..."remained sluggish". According to the charts, that means as good as or better than when he stated.
I can't believe someone said it wasn't that bad since it was higher at the end of WW 2!

The fact that we would even approach those levels - levels of a complete mobilization for war with a population equivalent of 30 million in uniform - shows that we are not a serious country. 
corporate profits and public debt per capita are the only things that worry me about this infographic.  The rest looks fine given the economic environment we've experienced
When your policy is to reduce the value of the American dollar to prevent investors from exchanging their stock assets to bond assets you get __________ and a few four letter words mixed in.
+Cliff Dunn Okay, so you are another fundamentalist Christian GOP loser. You're just as bad as any Islamic fundamentalist. Between your hatred and their hatred the world is in chaos. You are probably the main reason the GOP lost this past election. The GOP Christian fundamentalists are so far out of touch with the real world and trying to control everybody's lives with their moral high Ground that the Republican Party will never win with such a splintered unpopular position. Your hatred and bigotry is just as sad as the Islamic fundamentalists, only you are an immediate problem of the GOP. Whereas both the Christian fundamentalists and the Islamic fundamentalists are the problem of the world. Please, just go to hell! As for me, I am a Christian with enough respect for our Constitution and other people to leave their decisions to themselves. 
@Gene: " so you are another fundamentalist Christian GOP ". I did not read anything that was Christian rhetoric in Cliff's post. Do you know him personally?
This is a rough room.
Not bad. I would give this a solid B+. Next projects have to be stronger job growth and deficit reduction. Much more doable now that other fundamentals are strengthening.
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