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Time Magazine has named President Obama 2012's Person of the Year.  Do you agree?  Who else should have been named?  

Credit: Time Magazine
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I'm just wondering how long it will be before Obama is deemed the second coming...
Yes! And Malala Yousafzai (Runner-up), of course!
Yet again he gets recognition for nothing.

What exactly is it he did to get a Nobel Peace Prize before being sworn in as President?
What has he done in the past year to be person of the Year?
Who cares? No one reads Time anymore anyway. I predict they go the way of Newsweek in another year or so.
Brad G
what's a "magazine"?
Why does Time continually vote in the worst of the worst?  Wait, dont answer that...
Time magazine is still around? Maybe they should give themselves the award for still being around....
Prasanna that is like Congress voting to give themselves a pay raise - it would smell funny
I disagree.  I don't have the animosity towards Obama that will likely be expressed by other posters.  I just don't think his accomplishments rise to the level of "Person of the Year."

I might recommend Draghi of the ECB, Aung San Suu Kyi, or if an American has to be the "Person of the Year," how about picking one of the reporters that has gone into Syria to show that tragedy to the world?
Well, thank god it wasn't Psy and Gangam Style - I would have felt sorry for humanity if he came 1st or 2nd. Phew! Faint in humanity lives on.
No president in recent history has accomplished more, while working with less. He was elected against a tide of backward leaning conservatism and greed. He was re-elected by AMERICA despite the  long odds and the virulent diatribe from the right. Not only does he deserve this honor, he is the best we've had since Dwight Eisenhower, a great Republican president who understood the need to govern for the many and not the angry few.
he accomplished the blind in this world is scary
Since it started, with 1 exception, everyone winning president has gotten 'Man of the Year'... Kind of of a joke publication really.
47% of americand living on cuppons ?
1.500 $ to stay home & not work !
Foreing debt rised by 78% in Obama administration ?
Yo are nut my friend ! :)))
This man will be remembered as the first Afro-American president, and the man who forced the GOP to get out from the caves... History will make justice to this great american!
This is yet another sign that, for whatever reason, +Barack Obama doesn't need to do or be anything worthwhile to have the media be madly in love with him.  He's accomplished nothing, but he gets award after award for it.  Same thing happened with the #nobelpeaceprize .  From Time magazine...

"the award honored Obama's 'efforts' to advance global harmony rather than his concrete achievements to date."

These awards reflect Barack Obama's campaign promises to give people things they haven't earned, championing entitlement at every opportunity.  Time Magazine apparently agrees with that approach.

While we're giving out awards that have nothing to do with merit, I'll take an NBA MVP, a doctorate from Stanford, and a super-sized helping of organic nuts.
Go Mr president!! ... Person of the Year - yes you're!
Good for you Richard ! Grab all you can, but be aware, Obama will just put taxes, on taxes, on taxes, on you !
EVERYBODY else....
He has accomplished nothing but driving the bus over the ridge, taking all the public transients with him... You the American Public will now buy GM Stock for double its value while the Government is selling it's share (Ours) for half the face value....The Union President of GM  workers should have been selected, HE is a Miracle Worker for GM.
Yeaaaa ! Dumbass muslim o f the year !
You got to work for that and put bilions in holydays trips!  :)))))
Too bad it didn't say "Game of Drones" on the cover. 
our nation has hit rock bottom since Billy Clinton Gos have mercy on us.
Apparently Time Magazine has abandoned all integrity.
chris c.are you a perfect person.that is a President of a United State and you your just a ordinary person IDIOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
Of all the people who made a difference this year... and Time chose Obama instead?

Apparently James B. In the pic he looks like ____________ ( fill in own caption). Sad they could not find some one else to be truely honored.
What did Obama do besides win an election? I mean, he didn't invent anything, he's caused more people to go into poverty than any other president in history, he's increased our national debt more than any other President, he's violated the constitution more than even Bush, etc. Maybe that's why he won?
Since we support the same arse banger with our money by watching their shows, reading their rags, and buying their products, maybe we should stop giving them our money?

What is really screwed up is the rest of the world thinks that Americans are idiots because of our government.
Its funny seeing all the butthurt conservatives go nuts. Use your gun to put yourself out of your misery. The world is better off without you idiot spewing hate.   
ter nea
Think what you may of him... but he now joins Hitler, Stalin and Khomeini....    Is this an honor or insult?
Ken Dow
What is Time Magazine?  Never heard of it.
But, but, Mitt Romney went to Costco by himself!!! Doesn't that deserve international recognition. He pumps his own gas man!! When's the last time you saw a picture of Obama pumping his own gas. 
This is almost as hilarious as seeing republicans meltdown after the election. Keep it up idiots. 
Everyone knows Blue Ivy should have made the cover, but he’s a good second pick. 
And then they wonder why Time's circulation is hitting bottom...
Nobel Peace Prize, two times man of the year... is there anything they won't give to this failed president just because he's not white?
He is white.  His mom was white.  But I do wonder why the TIME magazine is looking gray.  Maybe a depiction of the times of his administration?  
the bar is set low, for the next winner
So was Adolf Hitler in 1938, similar characteristics 
+Michael Fidelis Adolf Hitler was black? Born in Hawaii? A Democrat?

GTFO, if anybody resembles a NAZI it's Christian Taliban like yourself. 
You are an idiot John. Keep your libtard rhetoric for other ignorant ill educated idiots 
+Michael Fidelis Are you? Faithful, Michael? (just teasing) I agree that +John Poteet obviously can't read. You said: Characteristics not physical features or birth place or affiliation. I agree with you that his education is lacking because I am a Libertarian and we don't talk in such nonsensical mannerisms. I'm just really glad that Romney didn't win. With the information I just received tonight, many of us that have served this country, would have been rounded up and kept in one of those new FEMA facilities or so the data shows. OM.
mohamed morsi egypt president is good choice too..........
God bless America this is well deserved
I love it just wish the world would trust in god n he will guid us the right way keep it in fath presadint oboma
So many 'followers' worshiping at the feet of their 'Saviour' who as we all suspected, will be driving your bus over the cliff, creating yet another third world, unemployable nation. It is simply a treat to see these folks 'defending' their idol. But I bet that he will abandon his followers just before the bus crash.... Just wait...That's just the kind of man he is...
+Terry Titsworth really what does this president have to gain by allowing the things you mentioned. Unemployment is down and the economy is progressing. If you recall he inherited an economy that was crashing and he has put the brakes on that. We are now recovering from what would have been a crash. His bailing out the banks and auto industry prevented a major business catastrophe. The housing market had almost tanked. Everything takes time and now that a little time has transpired we are now seeing a turnaround. When a person makes changes in their household affairs it takes time for changes to be seen. Under this president I was able to pay for my son's medical until he found a full time job. Those who could not get medical because they had a pre-existing disease now can get health care. His administration brought Bin Laden to justice. He is not perfect but don't say he has not done anything.
ann do you live in the are delusional..
Also when unemployment was at it's highest his administration allowed those unemployed to get their benefits longer. What if he had not been a compassionate president then everyone would really have something to complain about. Many people set in their homes for years without making a payment. So please don't say what this compassionate president has not done. You are lying or hiding under a rock if you can't see what president Obama has done.
I think I will have a Christmas drink to deal with some of hypocrisy against this president.
Ann, just read his papers and look at the 'influences' in his life. Forget that stuff about his 'dear grandmother' because that's all whitewashing. look at his real childhood, where he was and what he did. You have fallen head over heels for a druggy fraud.
+TERRY TITSWORTH his influence s were positive. What exactly are you referring to? If you are referring to his dad he was not in his life. Let's get back to the facts. However his background is what has in some respect united people. 
Asian raised? Socialist 'pals' Folks that bombed federal buildings, Great POSITIVE influences...Your earlier reference to him allowing the working stiff to pay extended benefits to those he caused to lose their jobs? You do realize that the Gu'Mint isn't who PAYS for those benefits don't you? it is the Working Taxpayers...The same folks who support non-product creating Gu'Mint workers. The Working, product creating Work force. 
+TERRY TITSWORTH let's agree to disagree. Your comments make no sense to me and probably mine make no sense to you.
Ken Dow
What is "Time Magazine"? - never heard of it.
What has he done to be person of the year?
brooke he has been a total do nothing,..but dictate and tax..
The president should never be person of the year no matter what, unless he cures cancer or world hunger, but he hasn't done anything "person of the year" worthy in my eyes
The more you haters speak ill of the President the more God keeps blessing him.
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