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In her final few hours before the attack, the New Delhi rape victim went with a friend to a trendy mall and watched "Life of Pi." She was on her way to become the first professional in her family, making more than four times her father's salary.  Our reconstruction of her life and final day:
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I fell so sad for her father. His dream came to an end with the death of his daughter. Rest in Peace.
An unforgettable disaster 2012 & will be condemned ever in coming era.
Women will have to learn to protect themselves, either martial arts or carrying knives, or red chilli powder - whatever it takes for self defense. There is no other way out.

Watched Arif Zakaria on TV where he shared some stats. Last year out of 642 (or so, can't remember exactly) rape cases in Delhi alone, only 1 was convicted. Horrible!!!
red chili powder?  I prefer a 9mm.  Sometimes my ruger 380.  Altho the correct quote is "God made Man and Women, Colt made them equal." I just haven't gotten a Colt yet! ;)
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