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Poll: Only 9% of voters view Congress favorably. Americans have a higher opinion of colonoscopies, cockroaches and root canals than they do of Congress.

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Sounds about right to me.
Roaches?  Like those u infest in ppl's homes/
And yet, no one will do anything about it. Everyone is to busy living their lives and don't want to bother with forcing change on our government. Only WE are to blame for what we have. Countries around the globe are standing up to their governments and demanding change, except America. 
Our politicians play the voters like a drum...just pander to their petty ass social issues and they'll keep voting these goons back into office...a nation of pathetic brainless lemming idiots...
It's that high because the Congress bums view themselves favorably!
The problem is that voters approve of their Congressman. Or at least keep voting for the same representatives.
Well colonoscopies will save your life, members of Congress are too busy saving their own asses. At least cockroaches have a pleasant personalities. And who would rather have a root canal than have anything to do with a congressperson?
I find these statistics useless. If they actually meant anything, Congress would be regularly getting clotheslined. Instead the generally same set of assholes are there, not getting much done, and spending too much money.
How about opportunistic loser assholes?
+Jared Oberhaus Or they didn't have anyone else to vote for in their district.  That's what happened in mine at least, that's a #fail  for the Democrats. 
I am sure Newsweek would agree.
I'm pretty sure a communist takeover of the United States also has a higher approval rating, hahah!
Our Congressman and Congresswomen are doing a great job.
Some of us have standards +Carol Stafford Obviously yours are pretty low. But you are in a select group - one of the 9 percent who like the job Congress is doing.
And when do we toss out the crooks and bring in some accountants to fix the budget?
Surprised it's not deeply in the negative. We need to throw all of them out and start over with term limits.
Democratic New York Rep. Jose Serrano reintroduced a bill in Congress Friday to repeal the 22nd Amendment, which places term limits on the U.S. presidency.
Cockroaches are good chicken feed. I'm pretty sure Congress would choke a worm farm. 
Repeal the 22nd? I would hope the GOP would'nt go for it and the Speaker of the House would choose not to bring it to the floor for a vote.
Jeff you and I are never going to be on the same page period.
Jeff, I do not degrade individuals on the drop of a dime like you do. Especially our congressmen and congresswomen or anyone else on capital hill.
You didn't mention the senate or the president and vice-president. Combined, the favorability is at zero.
Best stat:  Americans have a higher opinion of Nickelback.  Ha!
It's like Mark Twain made a comment long ago. He said " Everbody talks about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it." Like Congress, everyone gripes and complains but when election time comes "We the people" vote the same vermin in most everytime! What's up with that?
Favorability is at Katrina and Sandy.
If a meteor crashed through the roof killing them all they probably wouldn't be missed 
+David Greifzu Oh come now. Imagine the wailing by conservatives if they faced President Barack Obama with no lunatic House Republicans to keep him in check. 

I wonder how accurately you can steer a meteor? 
I'm sure some losers would roll on rugs and cry.
Americans should stock up on floating devices just in case.  U never know when you're gonna need them.  Be prepared, always.  You guys get hurricanes more often than anyone gets hit by thunder so it seems.
Well you got...
A faceless press
To begin with!!
Colonoscopies, cockroaches and root canals are each more effective at what they do.
At least the with the cockroaches, when they infest, we got ways to get rid of them.
and theyre getting a raise too???
2013's big joke!!!
+Burt French well of course. He would love to remove term limits for his master. What dictatorship doesnt want to stay in power permanently?!
no name
Congress, more hated than lawyers, used car salesmen, and child molesters. Now who would've thought that? I always have!
If things are so damn good... Why change?
They are a cancer on this nation and its people they have sat up there and corrupted a nation and its laws and allowed science and industry to corrupt them raped pillaged and plundered a nation to the point of ruin an bankruptsy. there is 1 thing i dont here from these assholes how about politcal entitlement reform.cut salaries in half/pay for your own damn health care no more dinners limos security using your seats to use and abuse tax laws so not to pay any taxes and then turn around and tell a nation nothing but bullshit and lies on how we got here.Both partys are corrupt both partys have sat up there a bold face lied to a nation and its people why they looted a nation and it people blind but according to them its our fault there corrupt and a junta.America are we a nation to allow this to continue are we a nation that worries more about the next iphone/video game/rockstar if we are we derserve what we get.
Terrible who are these ppl who make the law with their outdated view on 2013society
just how in the 'H' is ANYBODY supposed to have a favorable view of useless people who waiste our money (and we don't give them enough to waiste so they steal more that we have to pay interest on) and do NOTHING useful with it????? wake up everybody! we don't need them anymore. If we need to pass a law, we can vote on it via the internet. Goodbye worthless people, and good ridance!!!!!
US Congress is an institution for legalization of corporate crimes.
Its been my experience that most of the folks in Congress dislike the people who elected them just as much.
first take murdoch passport of him and send him back to australia then remove fox news and send orielly colter hanitey to afganistan
it's so beautifull..
But yet the sheeple fall for their lies at election time. Shame on you my fellow citizens 
About 9% too high IMO. Somehow the president enjoys upper 40's approval ratings. Those two don't go together. The president is the leader and if those he's leading aren't doing well...he's not doing well. He's supposed to be a unifier...not a divider. At 9%...congress is divided.
Once Republican obstructionism is abolished (hopefully along with the Republican Party) the approval rating will inevitably rise.
Meet me in D.C. then and speak ypur mind!
More than half the American congress wouldn't even qualify for the political youth organizations here in sweden. 
Hmmm. By the people, for the people. The "people" must be real scumbags.
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Rats, roaches, snot and slobber are their equal.
+Brian Rohan Why don't you run for office? What is a sheeple? Do you have the solution? Is everyone brainwashed? Why are you bald? Do you have job? A roof over your head? Food on your table? You need to quit driving that BMW man. You know bitch moan and whine
I am very discouraged with our congress....raises....really ?
Good job for who..theirselves...yes...because they gave theirselves raises.nice !!!!!
Yet we stupidly keep electing the same idiots???
Who sucks who's oil???? We cooperate with americans, profit together, the whole world is a big market we built community, cooperating... What stupid is some american business cannot compete with overseas, and then they petition the congress for higher duties imposed, and what does the general american get??? High price! Thats what i call a total fcken idiot
But they view 'their' Senators and representative in the house favorable. 
What I find most interesting here is the number of obviously right leaning Republican people who are now willing to accept a PPP poll's findings as gospel.

Also, +William C Bert and someone else way back have it right. Generic approval levels of Congress have always been low, but approval levels of individual congressmen within their districts are much higher. This number is funny and all, but is ultimately meaningless. 
Put term limits on them! Lifers are not politicians anymore they turn into Lobbyists.
no name
Oh I see the liberals out there posting still refuse to accept that their liberal political heroes are part of the problem. Must be nice to be so indoctrinated to ignore the blatant way your limousine liberal leaders grab power and money while placating the masses with promises that they will have the government give them everything. Those same liberal politicians are just as deep in the pockets of special interests as any republican, but you won't accept that because your mushrooms, fed crap and kept in the dark because you're to lazy and/or ignorant to think and see for yourself. 
We are all held on contempt if we object to any views or laws that are passed. The way you idiots argue over who's fault it is or that this poll isn't correct. Who f'n cares its still true they pass which bills either pay them more for their vote or gets their pay raise as long as it doesn't affect them its ok. We the people should be a voice as one. Instead it's we the republicans or we the democrats and that is always followed by are not to blame. We the people are to blame for letting this continue to happen. What if nobody at all votes. They will still put who they want in the senate,congress. It's time we the people take matters into our own hands,legally. Every one of these greedy people should be taken to trial and held accountable for their injustice to the American people and treated like the terrorists that they are. We the people fear the wrong thing. That we may be different or stand out if we take a stand. As JG Wentworth says its my money and I need it now!
+Jack Middleton : If you put term limits on them you give them an extra incentive to become lobbyists. It's what happens with Michigan legislatures.
Wonder why ? Giveing in to the destroyer of americas economy. Next election replace as many as can. Start in demos circle cause they back the destroyer of america. Sure as hell should not be sworn into office, traitor.
Impose tariffs on imports from countries that do not have minimum wage laws comparable to ours = problems solved.
Compared to congress, a colonoscopy pretty cool.
+Jay Ross you said it right. Part of the problem. The majority belongs to your hollywood GOP heros.
no name
+Kevin Lybrand See you have to blame republicans, a party which I identify with partly but I'm independent. Instead of placing blame on those you consider the enemy, maybe you should clean your own house first. But I doubt you would do that, its to easy to blame the other guys when your people are just as corrupt and incompetent. I know it's the liberal way, but it's time you do something other than toe the party line and kowtow to your heroes instead of holding them accountable like you should. Maybe then they'll all do their job and stop buying your vote with handouts of others money.
Even in Nigeria, congress are self-serving. Selfish
I blame the ones responsible. If you identify with criminals then I also blame you. Buying votes? Thats a new one Jeb! +Jay Ross Where have you been? All polititions are pretty much full of shit but to fall for that statement. The voter bares the blame. GOP agenda is nothing but bought and paid for script.
A more important statistic that is almost never reported is how many voters approve of their representatives to congress. 
It is so nice to see that this government misrepresents itself by saying it is for the people but proves in every way that it is not.  You work for the magnates who steer the shadow governments that steer the American Government.  You pimp a nation as prostitutes preying off of their hard work and their every means in order to collapse and control them all the while you yourself are the real whores that bed with the excessively rich. 

Thank you for your latest theft of our payroll checks and thank you for all the lies which you speak continuously and without end.   Brilliant that you preach a national debt! What better way to get people to accept your extortion!  You practice coercion, theft, oppression, fraud, embezzlement, tyranny, and refine your lies to resemble truths.  You use the controlled media to sell your lies as honorable maxims but behind the cameras and the rehearsed words is vomit so putrid that not even the vile dog will return to it. You rape a nation of people and attempt to extend your rape to foreign lands and call it foreign policy aimed at good when in fact it is foreign policy aimed at bad with its secret agendas meant to usurp, control, and take over another.

Thank you for your continuous rape and swindling of us and all our families.  Thank you for concocting fables that you hope people will buy into so they won't protest your theft against them.  You stir the pot of patriotism to excite the heart and blind the minds of the people in order to prevent them from seeing your evils and duplicity.  Thank you for holding us in check and controlling us by your laws that you yourselves are above.  Thank you for these laws that you make against our wills, without our say and which violate our god given rights in order for you to commit your insidious crimes and call them lawful. 

Thank you for drowning us all in a sea of taxes we cannot even tread water in while you bathe in a sea of excess.  You are nothing but organized criminals disguising yourselves behind smooth planned out words, television cameras, and fancy suits.  A whole nation detests you and yet the narcissists in all of you is in denial and is convinced you are adored.   You are too arrogant to realize that you are repugnant to an entire nation, a nation that knows what you really are.
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