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From precious pets to precious gems: Some owners are memorializing dogs and cats by turning their remains into jewelry.

A pet owner turned her cat Meowy, who died after 20 years, into two blue diamonds that she set on a ring. 

Photos: Natalie Pilon
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In the strictest term, she is wearing a corpse on her finger.
Jack H
In the strictest terms, she is wearing compressed carbon on her finger.
In the strictest terms, she is wearing quarks on her quarks.
It's funny how I literally just finished reading A Dog's Journey by W. Bruce Cameron two minutes ago.
Certainly, in the trunk of the car this guy is the grave of his cat
Creativity rating for the memorial of a pet: 8.5

Creativity rating for name of said pet: 1.5
new kind of talks
I say give the money to charity. $1400 is a lot of meals.
that is mean to a poor little cat.
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