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Gerald Ford emphasized the word "energy" in 1977. Carter stressed "Soviet" in 1980. Clinton chose "help" in 2000. Bush focused on "Iraq'" in 2008.

See what buzzwords presidents have used since 1934 and tell us what issues you'd like to see the president focus on during tonight's State of the Union speech. We'll share some of your answers.
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If he walked out and said the war is over, our kids are coming home and said thank you good night. I would be delighted and probably jump for joy.
When asked why he set up manufacturing in China rather than the US, Steve Jobs cited the fact that it was easier for him to set up a plant in China, dealing with their government, than it was in the US, due to the onerous nature of the governmental regulations. Maybe if we were more open to free-market business than a Communist dictatorship, more employers might be interested in staying.
+Brian Tanguma Sadly cheap labor is not the only factor for shipping outsourcing, but better work ethic. Not saying that I like outsourcing but it's not the sole solution for the unemployment issue.
So,what how is that going to help us poor people
Its easy to have a "good work ethic" when you know they will shoot your family or put them out on the street unless you do work!
So do you have a percentage of globally outsourced positions where this is the case? And with regard to being out on the street unless you work, I'm guessing that that never happens here in the US...
Its a dictatorship they can do want they want. I have seen videos of a Chinese worker not being able to walk and having to use a steel cups in his hands and shuffling around on his butt to get around. The US worker has compensation laws so you at least get a set of crutches to use and disability pay.Most women and children in the United States are not out on the street. They have people  living in cages in Hong Kong.Do you have the percentage of foreign workers that have a better work ethic then Americans?
Probably a minority... as is the percentage of workers you highlighted...the point of my comment earlier is that "cheap labor" is not the only factor why so called "greedy" business owners outsource...again I'm not saying that I like it (a former position I had was outsourced) just stating facts. In addition, a lot of laborers are thankful that they are earning a living because they don't have the option of receiving a paycheck from the gov't if they don't, and it's a step up from the deplorable living conditions they would have if they don't work.
China basically has slaves. I am glad US regulations don't permit that.

I would like to hear about a plan for long term economic growth that is realistic.
"Balanced approach" heard enough of it and dont want to hear anymore about "fair share" it is anything but fair! 
IMHO, I'd rather be able to breathe in the city, as opposed to not having governmental regulations!
Call me selfish!
Anyone here own their own business? If so then you understand what the government can do and not do to help you be successful. BY THE WAY I'm not talking about extremes - no regulations vs. communism. It would be good to see him show personal growth and have a plan that points this country - United States - in a unified direction. That's the desire and purpose of every good leader. So the word is "United." 
How about focusing on what made this country great; in other words on liberty?
+Dereck Jones I wouldn't call you selfish, simply ignorant of the history of the subject. The vast majority of cleanup was done by private citizens and companies before there were regulations. I understand that isn't the popular view, but it is the historical record. Most of the improvement in "clean air" happened prior to the creation of the regulations, and indeed after the regulations there was no improvement in the trend if cleaner air.

Technically the rate of improvement slowed down, but I think that can be attributed to it becoming more difficult as things get better rather than necessarily being an effect of the regulation.

It also makes sense to happen that way when you understand the government of the U.S. only does things when enough voters have already made the decision. The government is by definition a Johnny-come-lately, and the "clean air" aspect is no different.

Thus, fortunately you don't have to choose clean air over liberty, as they are not mutually exclusive and choosing liberty has been the single best force for clean air. 
Vitriol and belligerence, coupled with the use of Dog Whistle words such as 'liberty', 'freedom' and 'constitutionality', since the 2008 presidential election, has been a means of communication for a certain group.

What shocks me most, is the convenient shifts in narratives used by many against the government, when its advantageous to do so. The same voices condemned FEMA and called for the abolishment of the EPA! Yet, turned around and scream for help from these same agencies after the Gulf oil spill and hurricane Sandy!

Cuestión ¿se han cumplido estos énfasis? Calderón, dijo “empleo" pero no cumplió.
Få fart på President flyet mitt nå har jeg sittet her og ventet lenge nok. Få satt Ned prisen på hue mitt folk blir så nervøse når det er for mye penger og gi opp nå
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