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Do tax disclosures by Mitt Romney and President Obama influence your vote?
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Had it been for a traditional amount of time done by presidents immemorial, yes. 1 year? Just tells me he has plenty to hide. 
not buying anything Obama is selling, was wrong for ILLINOIS, America, the mystery man.. Was wrong turn for our Democratic Republic. 
This is the same old "news" from months ago, Romney still has only released one year of tax history, 2010. when he files 2011 and releases that it (if he does) that will be 2.  We need to see the year he was sworn in as Governor of Mass (He transferred all his assets over to his wife the day before so he did not have to declare them) and 2009 which will show his level of participation in the Tax Amnesty program for tax evaders to come clean.  

he said he has $100M in an IRA, we need to understand that because one can only contribute $6,000 per year into an IRA.  That is 16,600 years worth.  How did that work?  

has he been audited and required to pay taxes and fines because he never paid the proper taxes?  Did he somehow use the "Son of Boss" type strategies in his personal finances?  He did it professionally, it is public record, he did it for Marriott as their Chief Auditor responsible for all their tax filings and financial books. and Marriott lost a $70M tax avoidance case in federal court and had to pay pay pay.  it was described as "fictitious"  "fabricated".  he was hired by Marriott specifically for his experience and skill at implementing such schemes due to his "experience" at Bain. Let's see what he did at Bain tax wise.

He is most definitely hiding something.....  But he won't talk about it, like he will not discuss his "experience", just take his word for it he says. Take the word of a one term Governor with an sickening record, 34% exit rating,   808 vetos and one thing he called his Shining success, Romneycare.  But now that is evil too.

The GOP has delivered 4 more years to Obama on a silver platter, one probably borrowed from Romney.
+Marcus Salim That goes without saying.

What we really need is campaign finance reform/ bloody revolution, but I think those two things are equally likely.
+Mike Mac $100 mil in an IRA isn't unfathomable, given two simple facts:

1) 401k accounts can be rolled over to an IRA. 401k contribution limits are so high as to be irrelevant.

2) One invests money in an IRA. It doesn't just sit there -- if you've invested well your balance should be more, much more than your contribution or rollover amount.

+Michael Durwin Of course! These damn poor people thinking their entitled to food and healthcare.  What do you think this is, some kind of socialist death-camp?
+Brian Pardy  those two are hypothetical, but still speculation at best.  $100M in his IRA is not speculation, it's fact.
Mitt and Ryan's are such losers that President Obama is leading over their ticket in Massachusetts where Mitt was governor, in Michigan where Mitt was born and in Wisconsin where Ryan is a Congressman for the past 14 years!
I earn much less than Romney but pay a higher tax rate. That just isn't right.
I agree bob... And Sabeena.
I believe the tax rate on gains is much less than the tax rate on wages.
Romney has paid more taxes in his life than you're ever gonna pay, ever.  Did you give away 4 million in charity to get a lower tax rate?  Romney did.  Does that make him an asshole?
Smiling while saying that he's just like the rest of the unemployed makes him an asshole.
+Mike Mac he can roll over a 401k into an IRA. That would be one way to get a big balance. Also the tax compliance enforcement is handled by the IRS. Not the average citizen. He doesn't need to release anything. If it makes everyone feel better just have the IRS audit his prior returns back to 2008. You can't go back further than that generally speaking.
+Mike Mac your accusations that he hasn't properly paid his taxes are also speculation. Innocent until proven guilty
Mitt's IRA that has $100M is also something an average citizen won't have.
At least this is the most people seem to have to complain about. Someone following tax law and paying the capital gains rate. How dare him. Thank goodness liberals donate all of their income until they meet the average household income level. Oh wait.....
As Mitt said about the SCOTUS ruling on the ACA, "Just because it's legal doesn't make it right".
He likes being a private person, so he should stop running for a public office. Then move with his money in his 13 Cayman Islands and 5 Swiss bank accounts.
Hey Sabeena, would you vote for Mitt if he let you personally look at all of his financial records from his entire life, I mean anything you wanted?
+Blake Hooten   I can not answer for +Sabeena LoBello  but if you asked me that my answer would be "Not no, but hell no."  Why?  Because Romney/Ryan have shown they are openly dishonest, the roots of their platform are based on factchecked proven lies. and they seem to be smug and proud of it.  Besides, he has a pock marked "success" record at best in my opinion, and many others opinions including many other GOP conservative and moderates.
Illegal immigrants does not pay taxes and will get free health insurance!
Your opinion and many others opinions including many other gop conservative and moderates. Well mike congratulations you must be in the majority right where you wanna be. The problem're not. His success isnt matched by anybody he's running against. If you're planning on voting for obama, keep in mind he's never held a job in the private sector.
He's done enough!  Now, if Obama would just be as forthcoming with his real birth certificate.
LOL after-birther alert !
+Blake Hooten maybe your right, except for the "success" part, Romney may have shown some success raiding companies and strip mining them, but his venture into politics has been an embarrassing failure for him and those he was to represent, they tossed him out as governor after one failed term, with a 34% approval rating. the only political "success" he has ever known is Romneycare, now he is against that......, he has nothing left......
Ok if you want to vote for people who you deem politically successful go for it.  Most Successful Politician 2012!
No, +Blake Hooten. Showing me which Cayman Islands, Swiss banks, and Bermuda offshore havens he keeps his money won't persuade me to vote for him. There are plenty of reasons why I am not voting for him, but you're free to do so.
McCain's team made an excellent report in 2008, which shows why #MittIsNotFitToBePresident . It's still valid today in 2012.  
By "success", you mean laying off people and outsourcing their jobs overseas, then you're redefining what "success" is. People who are still losing jobs, thanks to Bain's outsourcing which Mitt touts, will say otherwise:  
Mitt's energy jobs are also fuzzy on the math:  
New Romney ad features miners forced to attend pro-Romney rally — without pay  
It's false when you say President Obama hasn't held a job in the private sector before:
(Community Organizer is a job as opposed to trying to convert the French for 2+ years to dodge the draft.)
Small business owners favor President Obama to Mitt:  
Home sales are at a 2 year high, unlike what FNC says:  
OEF and OIF veteran Michael Breen said the John McCain's views on national security are no longer in the "mainstream."
Navy veteran and Marine Dad Phil McLaughlin said he was compelled to campaign for Obama because veterans haven't always had the kind of appreciation they feel now under the leadership of the president and First Lady Michelle Obama.  
The ACA is *not an attack on economic inequality as the ABO crowd is cawing.  
Obviously, those with rightwing blinders on don't want to acknowledge that the U.S. economy is rebounding from 2007, just as expected.  
+George Salgueiro Where are Mitt's transcripts? President Obama's college records are not sealed:
Exactly +Blake Hooten   who would vote for Romney based off one single "success"? 
+George Salgueiro What do college grades have to do with Romney not releasing his tax returns?  Good try to distract tho since you have no defense of the subject being discussed.
It has everything to do with it! You guys have already said you wouldnt vote for him if he showed you all of his financial records, so why does it matter to you at all? I defend Romney because he hasn't done anything wrong! Success used to be admired by adults in America.

Btw sabeena, providing a link to the nytimes to back up a claim is hilarious, and im not sure if you would know why.
It wasn't I who said that his 1040s are what's keeping me from voting for him, +Blake Hooten. There are also Republicans, including Jon Huntsman Sr, his opponents from the primary and other conservatives, who have asked him to release his tax returns, which you blissfully ignore. Why does it matter? His father George is the one, who set an example of releasing them and the POTUS himself had released many years worth of tax returns, too.
Nobody said he did anything wrong when he takes advantage of the tax loopholes . As I said, you are free to vote for him.
BTW, Blake, home sales being up is still a fact regardless of the link being from NYT or not:  
Here's one from fox, your favorite, right?? It also says the same, i.e. it's up.
My point overall is that the people who whine about romneys taxes arent gonna vote for him anyway. Sabeena youre not gonna vote for him no matter what, even if you wont say it. If he released his financial records you would have to wait for the ny times to tell you what to think of them anyways. Oh and existing home sales are up by 3%, wow. That is amazing. Are you saying that has to do with something obama has done? Surely not. Youre much better off attacking romney for stuff he hasnt done than praising obama for stuff he has done
+Blake Hooten respect your opinion, but this thread has nothing to do with Obama, we are discussing Romney and his tax returns here.  Any mention of Obama (or anything else) only attempts to distract from the topic..

Do you feel that Romney should not have to defend his claims about his ethics and responsibility in relation to his tax history, even though public record clearly shows he has followed the shady path several times before?
+Mike Mac go back to the top of the thread and reread the topic sentence that has obamas name in it. Since the topic does have to do with obama, i wonder if you feel the same about obama having to defend himself in regards to his financial dealings. I mean, did you demand an explanation for the tony rezko deal?
+Blake Hooten lol  ok, it has nothing to do with Obama and the rise or fall of housing sales, it has to do with Obama and Romney's tax  returns.  Good grief,  but there, is that better? :)

Now let's get back to tax returns.

The tony rezko deal?  Sure, as long as it is a question that can be answered with his(Obama's) tax return history. (because that is what we are talking about, tax returns)
Obama has released, what, 12 years of returns?  So all that is already available well on both sides of that transaction in 2005.

The questions about Romney are strictly tax related, I would support asking Obama to release tax documents also if there were serious, documented instances that could signal tax fraud like there is with Romney. Since Obama has already released them, we are waiting on Romney.
Nevermind. Obama has released more tax returns so vote for him. Good luck in November
I could not care less if Romney paid taxes ever.
I could not care whether, if he should not have paid them.  But we don;t know, we only have all the unanswered questions after seeing public records that seem to indicate maybe he didn't....
Mike Mac, you really don't care either way. You're not going to vote for Romney regardless of whether he paid his taxes or not. You're really just looking to keep the noise level on this issue up. Which really puts you in the same class as the birthers and all those wanting Obama to release his education records.
+Smittie Smith  if "keeping the noise level up" is making sure that the truth is not drowned out by manic false, distorted misrepresented talking point chants from the GOP echo chamber, then yes, you are totally correct.
So, you're an online operative for the Democratic party. Thanks for self-identifying.
+Smittie Smith   No, I am not a Democrat, I am a Moderate Republican,  I used to be a hard liner until about 11 years ago.  Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them a "democrat" 
Both sides are working their talking points, some accurate, most not. Tax returns, birth certificates, education records are all just so much noise that, at this point, have little to do with the problems this nation faces or how to solve them. Online political activists on both sides keep the noise level up on irrelevant talking points in the hopes of keeping everyone distracted from the real issues that are much harder and have no sound byte answers.
+Smittie Smith   I guess we can agree to disagree, I feel Romney's lack of disclosure on issues directly and implicitly related to his platform stump are very relevant.  He is the one that made claims about his tax history, and related it to his platform, he who makes the claims are required to source them and prove them.  he refuses. If a man will lie and cheat on taxes (he did professionally, that is documented fact with actual court case documents), and he is interviewing for the highest position in the land,  he better come clean, and he has not.

That is all I am saying.  No one needs to forget that....
So, where does that leave a moderate Republican like you? Voting for Romney while you hold your nose or voting for Obama? Or voting for someone other than the two contenders?
Its tough to consider not voting at all.  But that is indeed an option.  I would rather maybe not vote vs place a vote "against" a candidate I liked less by placing a vote for one I still did not agree with. 

The GOP has really put their Moderates in a bind....
That's noble. The very qualities that would make some one a respectable and noble politician are the same qualities that would make him/her never run for office. So, we're stuck with the likes of Clinton, Bush and Obama. At the end of the day I want smaller government, no deficits, and progress toward debt reduction. The realities of politics are that it will almost always be a hold your nose and cast your ballot deal. I will vote first against anyone who I believe will increase the size of government, the debt or the deficit. Secondarily, I will vote FOR anyone who convinces me that will actually try to reduce the size of government, the debt and the deficit.
It kind of funny. Party hard cores see Romney as a moderate.
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