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Pentagon chief Leon Panetta is removing the U.S. military's ban on women serving in combat. The decision could open more than 230,000 jobs, including front-line positions and elite commando jobs, to women.

What do you think of the decision?
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I wholeheartedly support this decision and our women warriors.
I don't know how I feel about this. Women are phenomenal in a lot of combat skill sets but men are generally stronger. If we're talking snipers, medics, tanks, etc. I say let them in. But ground pounding? No disrespect to my female Marines current and former, but be careful what you ask for.
I'd say "look up Genya Pavlichenko" before making sweeping statements.  :) 
And I would say that there are always exceptions to the rules. But they are exceptions only. And there are some men who shouldn't be  in combat. Generally speaking, however, I agree with +J. Marshall on this one. 
I think generally the military knows who and where they would use women soldiers a lot like they do men already, as far as deaths go we should start by agreeing not to show more empathy for a woman casuality than a mans as this will drain us of morale needed to fight, but again that would be the medias decision to make not the militarys. If it were my decision id only accept the woman who can truly get the job done which I'm sure the military has already done off paper.

How many male soldiers will die so that Hillary Clinton can have cover for her role in the Benghazi murders?
+Bob Flanagan no more than those who gave their lives in Iraq under the premise offered by the Bush admin and supported by Condeleeza Rice. Where did that come from? (scratching my head)
Dont know why the change but happy for women who want to serve . . . However most of the world don't treat women like they are treated in the US.
Does anybody remember when the Left was Anti-War?  Now the Left is excited because women can be on the front lines?
Frederick, that's because there's a Democrat in the WH. The military is now fashionable. When was the last time we've heard of an anti-war protest?
The liberals are "anti-war" only when it is convenient. So much for integrity and principles.....
During my tours in Bosnia and Iraq (multiple to each) the female soldiers, air force, and sailors were an incredible distraction to the men.  Whenever I would go to a command area, a large FOB, or a major installation, every female walking around that place had a drove of men and a few apparent lesbians following them whereever they went, and hovering around their particular work stations.  I don't really have a problem with females in the lines because I've seen them doing patrols and convoy security in the MPs time after time.  One of the women from my parent unit won the first Silver Star awarded to a female in a huge battle in Sal Man Pak, south of Baghdad in 2005.  I just know that my reaction during my hazardous duty/combat tours was that if I could, I would not have females in those zones outside of hospitals, etc. because they were so distracting and they seemed to have a real problem with mid-tour pregnancies.  Just my impression.
You cannot have a highly efficient and functioning organization that adheres to a “Separate but Equal” policy. We have been placing women in combat environments for years, maybe not as armed combatant but at mortal risk none the less. Women are an integral part of our society – they should be able to participate in ALL aspects of it.
Does this mean women are now eligible for the draft?
I really don't think that the draft means anything anymore, so probably makes little difference either way. 
As long as they can pull their weight it should not be a problem.
Whats next?!...change the enlistment age to 12 or 13?
Sun Tzu says that you should leave all affairs of the military to the General.
As a woman in the military a long time ago, I used to be able to hump a 90 pound rucksack and a M-60 for a full day of a hard march. Many men could not even keep up. Indeed some women and some men cannot be in a combat unit, but there are a few of us who could do very well and can hurl a 250 lb man out of a burning vehicle without much of a problem. Again some men could not pull a 250 lb man out of a vehicle either.
+graey hat The Art of War is a little outdated, don't ya think? Women have been fighting and dying for our country for years, but they don't get the recognition for it because so many back home would get all up in a tizzy about poor defenseless women being killed/injured in combat. Is it ok with you if your General has a vagina?
And the fact that there are men who cannot handle combat. As long as the standards are not changed women should be given the opportunity to be in a combat unit and to command combat units. Men have no advantage in command and there are examples where women had the strategic advantage over men. When I was in the military I was hulling around a 90 lb rucksack and a M-60 for miles upon miles. Some of the men could not even handle this, but I could.
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