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Marianne Lake will be one of the most powerful women on Wall Street when she takes over as CFO at J.P. Morgan Chase.

This graphic shows the low ratio of women to men in the highest ranks at big financial firms.
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Yeah, what a b|tch..
And who did those banks give the most campaign contributions to?
wow, that woman looks like a witch, she doesn't even know how to smile, i would fear her
So +Markim Capixaba is a Googler, goes to Harvard, and his first reaction to the CFO at JPM is to comment on her looks. 

Can't imagine why there's a problem. 
i admire her and i look up to her gender inequality is not so rampant at all
I had to stop reading the comments section of WSJ. com articles when I noticed it was turning me into a misanthrope. It looks like even their g+ posts draw the worse of humanity.
I can't wait for the scandals, law suits, and feminism to begin! On your marks.......WHO CARES!!!
Looks like men are just better at massive fraud.
Am I actually living in 21st century America? Still feels like the '70s!
I think we might be looking at this wrong. To be a top executive at a bank, you need to be a real asshole. Maybe men are just better at being assholes and scumbags than women. 
+Felix Macdowell Back then, the press overblew every female corporate executive story, too!

Can't wait until her name is floated for Treasury Secretary.
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