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Which airline gets the most complaints? Our ranking of all major U.S. airlines, from best to worst, is in:

Based on your experience, was flying better in 2012 than 2011?
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I am not surprised at all by united. worst airline experiences in my life. 
The Ranking is a bit confusing. If United has Rank 6 in late flights, does it mean it is worser than American or better?
The infographic is confusing. At first glance the top ranked airline (delta) shoud be best, but actually it's united that has the best ranking, as the scores the overall is based on are all negative traits - not ones that an airline should be proud of.
The top of each row it the best in that catagory, correct? Unless I'm wrong, I don't see what's confusing. Prepares to be confused
+Matthew Hahn Jr All the rankings are negative: Late flights (who wants to be rated #1), cancelled flights etc. so therefore the #7 postition would mean the least late flights, therefore a better airline?
What the hell, why didn't they just use a bar graph?
fly Southwest and you'll rarely have a problem 
I can see how it can be confusing because of the labels, but it is their rank in handling or reducing the negative categories. Otherwise, I actually like the graphic.
Flying in 2011 sucked so much that I didn't fly anything I wasn't behind the controls of in 2012. Developed a new appreciation for driving long distances and enjoying the scenery of America.
United is a joke, they have treated me like crap the last 3 times I have flown. I now go out of my way to fly someone else.
I looks as if United and American are the better picks. Delta has very bad numbers.
+Chris Williams , that's actually the inverse. The higher the ranking, the better they are. The ones on the bottom ranked worst. So, Delta does really well, but looks like American and United are in pretty sad shape.
Does not surprise me to see United at the bottom.
If you guys bothered to read the caption it tells you the lowest percentage in each category is on top. 
Why is it that no one reads the information properly? Delta is the highest rated. The categories are negative aspects and the top rated is the one with the lowest percentage in that category. 
Go to the article -- it states in the article that Delta is ranked the best.  The rankings are positive rankings, not negative.  In other words, Delta at number 1 had the least number of complaints.
Here is an excerpt:
"Best among the big carriers: Delta Air Lines, DAL +1.45% which managed smooth operations even with lots of flights in the congested, sometimes stormy skies of the East Coast. Delta had the lowest rate of flight cancellations, according to FlightStats, a unit of Conducive Technologies. It was in the top three in all six measures of airline operations studied, and that consistency put it ahead of No. 2 Alaska Airlines."
I wonder what the numerical differences are between first and last?
Right on david shrontz, dont see what is confusing ppl. Maybe read the notes below the chart.
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