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Pope Benedict XVI started tweeting from @Pontifex today:

His first tweet: “Dear Friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart.”

Credit: Osservatore Romano
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"Dear friends, I use an iPad, paid by your contributions. Poor people need iPads too, the problem isn't hunger, it's info-exclusion..." That should have been his first tweet... what about helping the poor? Right... leave that to other people...
He pressed enter,that's it, he's clueless, tho they're might be a young alter boy under that table =-O
I give the pope props for doing this. Catholicism has been through so much over the past 10 years.
Immanuel!....  May The God Be always with us!.... Amen!...
Now he can FaceTime with God. On a real note: someone get him up to date and tell him he is too limited with that. Get him a Nexus 10 Tablet. Show him real technology.
Dear Pontif,
IT IS good to see Your Grace embracing the electronic message stream. GOD's Love IS being distributed in high volumes and now with Your Grace "on the boat" maybe the Conditioned Ones will Comprehend the Potency and Stop trying to control there prabhu and bhagini. If not, then Your Grace should get prepared for stormy weather. IT IS in Your Grace's own congregation from which the disturbance IS coming. The TRUTH IS here and preparing for a Past Time to Manifest. My Heartfelt Love to you. Om tat sat.
Is that an iPad? I feel sorry for him. 
well that's 21st century...:DD
Actually, the iPad is a gift for the Pope. This was when tablets first went out on sale. Benedicto loves his new iPad. The internet is a good way to communicate with everyone.
Personally, I don't see anything wrong with someone wanting to be GOD; after all, no request is too extreme, or too small. In any event, does it matter who you are?
Are their people who really give a shit what this former brown shirt Nazi has to say!?

Damn, Galileo must be plucking in his grave.
It's great to see that the Pope is a lifelong learner!
He's blessing the iPad cause its going to sin. On peoples pockets 
Seen here telling great Nazi tales to all who care. How odd.
so many inappropriate comments to make.  so little time.
Zero  cool!    Who's next? I should think  Mafia will  be able do it. :)
Hey ho!  @Pontifex! @jesus(Jesus Christ) is lookin' for a follow back! Just passin' it on...
sorry i don't tweet with child molesters 
I'm not Catholic but I will follow the Pope. He rocks.
I heard the Pope added Snoop Dogg to his Circles. THAT'S WHAT'S UP 
Mercy... Where is the footprint where jesus walk??.... and this snoop dog in his circle what's that?
Someone get him a samsung in a couple of months. Then he'll be up to date.
This is the future. This is what everyone dreamed of ... having a conversation with GOD Almighty.
Benedict XVI gives us a very good illustration of how technology should be used for. Technology should be for the benefit of humanity. The United States, for instance, is using its technology as well as science to defraud the poor and mentally ill. Furthermore, Mr. Lloyd Blankfein Chief Executive Officer for the Goldman Sachs Group, Incorporated sells fake medical insurance for people on Medicare. Therefore, Mr. Blankfein is not a very good example for the youth of this nation to follow.
Baal versus Jehovah, or the business of corruption vs. the Business of the Father. As you may know, the Business of the Father is responsible for the rotation and orbit of all planets in this firmament as well as producing air which is a necessity for life. The Ponzi Scheme law vs. the Ten Commandments.
The Pope following the changes in communication. O Mensageiro.
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