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The New York City Marathon will go off as scheduled this Sunday, despite the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, including power outages, transit problems, gas shortages and devastated neighborhoods.

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Photo: New York City Marathon runners in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in 2010
Credit: Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal
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New York showing that nothing gets us down!
+Friday Foster 
8-(  It is no a matter of been down... it is a matter of helping each other get through this, and a marathon is definitively not the answer to the plights of the people.
Well...maybe everything is okay there now.
It is crazy to be having the marathon!
From where I'm sitting inspirational.
Sports always bring a city together. I'm all for it.
Is ex-Congressman Weiner attending or participating?  That could be very exciting...   8-)
This is a kind of gas that doesn't risk to be in shortage...! It insuflates a some fresh air after so difficult days... Go ahead!
Idea:  How about we cancel the friggin race and all those people who came in from far away to run can get on buses to devastated areas and help pass out supplies, help with rescue/recovery, setup shop to accept donations.  I am sure they would be happy to volunteer for a cause and not run past a sea of destruction!
Shame on this race and everyone running in it, shame!
They should not be having the race when parts of NYC are still devastated as well as NJ. All the people helping during the race should really be helping with relief efforts.
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