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Decision day in America. Point your browser to our Election Day stream to track developments:

When do your polls close? Glad you asked.

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vote for freedom not obama or ur self means freedom.
I hope election results don't turn on absentee ballots and automatic recounts
The only choice is Romney.  He understands what small business owners need to build their businesses and grow the economy.  We are the only ones (small business Owners) who can create jobs in the private sector and win in a time that we have been losing in.  Mitt Romney will surround himself with credible people who want to work hard and he will not allow them to make excuses.  He will drive America forward with a vision for our economy to turn around.  Obama has to many people in the give me programs and the government cannot support everyone.  The government works off of our tax money with so many people unemployeed and leaning on the government to give them everything; how can you give if you don't have enough money coming in to pay everyone.  Socialism people is where the government controls not you.
Vote! A president who loves the USA. A president who isn't ashamed to be American. A president who supports his military. A president who respects this country. A president who respects the citizens. VOTE!
Happy election day? This is not a holiday, but a day of solemn civic duty.
THIS JUST IN ....... People voting republican are supposed to vote TODAY. Those that are voting democrat are supposed to vote TOMORROW.
+Jesse Vandewal You are why we need +Gary Johnson more than ever. Republican foolery. What is really sad is that many Democrats reading your statement might take it as a reality. +Gary Johnson For President. The Man for WE THE PEOPLE. Thanks +Kathy Harris (Surprise,AZ)
it's amazing how people do such things to win other's trust when they could earn their trust...
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