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Chinese hackers infiltrated The Wall Street Journal's computers, apparently to monitor the newspaper's coverage of China. They also hacked into journalists' computers at The New York Times and other U.S. news outlets.
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Instead of hacking into our news outlets, don't they have better things to do? Like, clean up the air pollution and do something about the slave camps?
That would require the current dynasty to regard these things as problems.
Communist gypsyes and prostitutes perverses, these Chinese are..
They could just start acting in a way that they wouldn't worry about being reported on...
Wouldn't it have been cheaper to pay for a subscription? 
Allan S
+Gary Goodson I get the snark, but... the Chinese cracked in hoping to find information on who the reporters used for their sources. 
Allan S
+Andy Britt Will that amount be settled before or after the fines and recompense for wholesale intellectual property theft and piracy is levied?
Aha! Got their hands caught in the cookies jar did we? Smack smack.
+Nikolas Manak I'll stop using computer, first, but the need for getting the information from many middles is too big, besides, the computer, like the on-line communications too, has become an indispensable tool for everybody who needs to be a real professional, indeed. Contrary to these, do you know the lyrics of 'Too much information' by Duran Duran?Cheers!
+Miguel Abele Of course you are right(and liberal-democrat in mind, like I am too) too, but please let me assure you that you speak like an Ambassador does for his country instead, so: don't you believe there is sms. you should do with the attitudes of your nationals, instead being forced to make compromises with animal and corrupted people, like the Chinese are? All in all, what do you really understand from a life lived and built with the brain, within a very corrupted nation and world too,  rather by the hormones and 'genital actions', instead? Thank u.
+Allan S, I think I know which one of us is exhibiting cult-like behavior. Take a step back and see which one of us even mentioned Apple, and then made an accusation of cult-like belief. Tone down the need to rage against Mac users.

Reality is a properly secured *Nix system with a competent admin who knows how to button it up properly will be way the hell harder to crack into and easier to monitor than OSX, and especially the security joke that is Windows.
A lot of these things happen with the help of inside jobs and a little social engineering. Of course you could fight back by creating 'honeypots' filled with false information to not only confuse the attacker but to lead them on a false path where they could end up persecuting the wrong individual.
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