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A college football player's tragic love story was a hoax.  The question is, was the player himself a victim? What do you think happened in the bizarre case of Manti Te'o?

Credit: Reuters
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Victim? I don't think so. He helped put it in the public eye before all this came to light. I think he used it to get his name in the press as the season went on and Notre Dame helped him in their PR.
On the other hand I really could care less and the media is blowing this out of proportion now.
It appears this was a case of a kid initially lying about meeting her in person because he felt embarrassed about the online-only relationship - and yes, he wanted sympathy when she "died" - then it blew up in his face. I feel bad for him... a good reminder that dumb lies are just that. Dumb.
I think various media networks ran with a story for months without bothering to verify it.  The story isn't that Te'o got duped, it's that journalists aren't doing their homework.
definitely NOT a victim. nobody forced him to lie.
He can participate in advertising razors or lipsticks
I believe he was definitely in on it. A lot of things just don't add up...
College students must have stopped reading.
In the grand scheme of things whether or not this is true (which honestly who cares) this will mean nothing come draft day. The kid is an amazing athlete who is MONEY in the eyes of NFL teams.
^^ following his performance in the national championship.... Not so much
True, however one poor performance isn't a deal breaker 
What's happening with USA Sports nowadays, Armstrong just admitted his lies and now this.
Well the way I see it, Notre Dame was generally accepted as over rated the entire season. While they did have some impressive wins (Stanford), I thought they weren't going to be accepted as the truly superior team until they beat the best.. Which turned out to be a bad mismatch. And I think Teo will get clumped in with that failure. But I could be completely wrong too..
If he didn't know he is an idiot. He knew, media always swallows Notre Dame BS. NCAA is worst, always protects their glamor teams, except
U of Miami, everyone goes out to screw them.
Stanford was robbed by the refs... He was in on it, he got caught, the end... But as usual, the journalist will make him pay instead of admitting they didn't do their do diligence...
Everyone wants to be a hero, or have a swan song of some sort. Maybe it's too much reality TV! Sad kid.
I most definitely wouldn't waste an NFL draft pick on him. 
As mentioned to me earlier today: "The SEC, real football players and real girlfriends", lol
how could he not have known?  It's ridiculous that he would have a girlfriend that he had never met before.
Only he knows the truth let the fingerpointing begin.
He didn't go to funeral of the love of his life. Duh he's a liar.
He gives a damn because this will haunt him for a while to come.
Can't decide. Both possibilities are equally bizarre and unbelievable.
Why do people care so much? It just shows that there's nothing else to put on ESPN. 
Nobody died so not a tragedy..... Worlds densest man maybe.
Notre Dame - lying - it's ok it was just religious white lying. 
I think he could have fallen in love with her the person he though she was, the one he talked to online, phone calls, text.  Happened to me, Guy turned out to be way different than I thought, cruel, and mean, but it still hurts the same.  It's easy to be someone else online, to think you have met someone you can bear your soul to, then when you do and it turns out they are a lie, not what you thought, it hurts.  I think he really thought she died, and that he loved her.  Then when he did find out the truth, it's hard to believe you let yourself be duped  that some of it had to be true.  Online dating plays into emotions, and deeper into the heart than some personal relationships do.  It's easier to open up, and give all.
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