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The U.S. unemployment rate last month dipped to its lowest level since February 2009. More details in our report:
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M Eeee
Let's hope it continues. at this pace, how long before have the job count back that we had in, oh, say, November 2008 ?
I can't wait to read about this 10 more times! No but seriously, it's a good sign finally. I was pretty excited by the record numbers on Black Friday and I'm glad to see it's showing at least some kind of trend of recovery for workers.
Back to 2008? That will be probably at least 6 more years.
I don't know about six more years. It's hard to tell but that would be a whole decade lost to this recession. It was a bad recession, but I don't think it was that bad. I think the recovery should get more and more rapid once it gets started. Then again, the after-effects of this year and a half long recession has been notoriously unpredictable.
It started in 2007 and we're about half way through a decade, so I'm being optimistic about it being six years.
Well it's been four years since it started in December 2007. Recoveries tend to be kind of quick, though. Just like recessions, recoveries tend to snowball. Not as quickly, of course. Maybe I'm just stupid. It'd be interesting to get some feedback from +The Wall Street Journal. Maybe they can shed light on how recessions and recoveries occur historically.
The interesting number will be the January figures. December is full of temp retail jobs that won't readily convert to full time. They are also not "high end" jobs.

As long as the numbers are not manipulated (and that is why it is important to keep tabs on the OTHER employment figures that take into account sector and underemployed figures.)
Yeah agreed to an extent. But you also can't really take any predictions on the subject at more than face value. Nobody has really been able to predict this recovery. Like, at all.
OMG, capitalist economy is cyclical! Who would have thought that? </sarcasm>
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