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"People who are serious about preventing the next Newtown should embrace much greater funding for mental health, strong laws for civil commitment of the violently mentally ill - and stop kidding themselves that pretend gun-free zones will stop killers."

-- From our most socially shared story yesterday, an opinion piece on guns, mental health and Newtown.

What steps can we take to prevent future mass shootings?
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America is decaying in decadence and don't change society so easily...
Ban guns. Australia did 16 years ago and has not had a mass shooting since. The problem is firearms. Mental health is an important issue, but a red herring in this context. We will most likely do what we always do after one of these tragedies: wring our hands, pray, set sales records for ammo, argue and little or nothing else. 
I think there should be ban on guns (or, at least, more strict control) and mentally ill people should be kept in mental clinics, not walking on streets.
John G
Hopefully common sense will prevail, totally agree with statement.
Is it really a one or the other discussion?  I say no. More could be done by improving mental health AND coming up with innovative ways to regulate the sale of guns
Yes, ban guns and welcome communism ! :)))
Guns are not distroing America, cuppons are !
You have 47% of population on cuppons, close the guns industry and you wil have 57 %.
so if the gun-free zones don't work, are we advocating that those be eliminated?
the kid did not have a diagnosis, all this talk is based on fantasy.
if there were no guns then no would die or get hurt from them most times its not the mentally ill that shoots 
As first step, ban high capacity magazines.   Only long term solution is support network for family and friends of those with mental illness to help them report and provide treatment.  
Communities stop tragedy, not laws. Dont underestimate how creative people will be when they want to hurt other people, instead focus on changing communities to keep people from wanting to hurt others or from thinking that it will be easy to do and get away with.
Banning guns dont solve a anything, its the society that you have to make more better, USA shut but more money in healtcare and improve its citizen well-being.
In Czech, Switzerland, and many other countries there are quit liberal gun-laws and no school shootings or lot off gun related violence. Guns are not the reason nor high capacity mags, or semiauto weapons. It is the illness of the society that`s cause these horrible things.

In Finland we had two school shootings and gun-laws have made more tighter, that has caused lot of trouble for lawfull hunters, reservist etc.

So banning something is only a scapegoat to ignore real reasons.  
I do love that people think that if guns were banned, they would all just dissppear. Like how cocaine and heroine are banned, and you can't find it anywhere in the United States.
No Rob, the world will not disappear, but communism will appear ! You are so manipulated, or so dedicated to fellow Marx, that you realy deserve 20 years of living in Cuba, North Corea, China or Siberia !
I believe that you, Cristian, are too paranoid about this. HOW can one honestly believe that the USA democracy (or even Plutocracy) will become Marxist or change to Communism? And your claims aren't answerable because "we" are too "manipulated" to be aware of what we are doing realistically.
Joyce, what's the percentage o people on wellfare in US ?
The percentage o people on cuppons ?
Is it true that you will pay 3 years for a new health system without any benefit ?
Will doctors have limited fees, regardless of their experience or skill ?
This is communism !
I am sorry to tell you that, but you are not qualified to perceive the moves toward communism.
Unlike you, I have lived 38 years unde communism and 23 under capitalism. :)))
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