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What did you think of that GoDaddy kissing ad? How about that Dorito-loving goat?  View all the Super Bowl ads, vote on the best and worst, and share.
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ads of today must be made by democrats, theres way to much violence. teaching our kids to be bullies just like democrats.teaching sex abuse and bout every kind of abuse.
It's sad that politics are injected everywhere. We are one nation. And we need to start acting like that from congress on down.

Being decisive and rude is detrimental to our country.

I've seen many conservatives show more skin at church and in public than my children. But I don't call them names.

We need to respect ourselves and others. Our country has become too coarse as anyone can see here on G+ by the language from both sides. 
The kissing ad was repulsive. Not because of who the actors were. But because of the extended and close up scenes of their tongues and the sound just made it that much worse.

But the Tide commercial was quite funny. As was the Doritos ad.

And the tribute to our active military serving overseas was truly touching. We need to remember them as they come home and give them the support they need. Especially jobs, hire a veteran! :-)
I need to set aside some time to look at these and see what all the fuss and discussion is about....I followed the game via Twitter vs. watching so I didn't see any of these :D
nothing really blew me away. insurance company should have used the industrialsafetyrap to bring home job safety in a upbeat manner.
Anyone find it odd that paying attention to and dissecting/discussing the advertisements aired during this annual sporting event have become a cultural phenomenon? Most people were excited about DVR/TV-Series DVDs/online streaming of television shows precisely because they could escape (or at least fast-forward though) the advertisements. Ads were becoming so ubiquitous, they inspired several great satiricial pieces and skits on the pervasiveness of ads in our daily lives. Now, we have an event where the advertisements are as culturally relevant as the show they air during. Just seems to me to be a crazy cultural shift that happened VERY rapidly...
Worst ad ever. Hope they did not pay for this crap....
Lol only a phenomenon because THEY(the media selling the ads) say it is. Otherwise tis a chance to get a drink, use the BR, or finish cooking. 
The kiss ad was a little bit overboard, but GoDaddy has all ways gone for that effect. So I wasn't to shocked. However the taco bell commercials let me down. I just feel like all american ads, displayed in america should be in English. 
Jack H
+Nathan Kelly : ...why? English isn't our official language. We don't even have an official language. "Melting-pot culture" for a reason.
#1 Clydesdale. Bud came through again!
Top; Doritos Goat 4 Sale and little girl dress up.
Least Dodge Ram and Jeep. Well made ads but they tug at the heartstrings not the purse-strings  Who doesn't like farmers or vets. Tell us why are their  vehicles better than the other guys?
I gotta give the Number One pick to Paul Harvey and The Farmer. Oh, and to Dodge Ram, too!
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