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Owners of fat pets are trying new ways to help them slim down, including making them work for their dinner.

Interactive feeders and puzzles can also help with behavior problems and digestive health and keep pets stimulated, experts say. Have you tried any of these approaches? Have they helped your pet?

Photo: The Aïkiou Activity Food Center
Credit: Allison Scott/The Wall Street Journal
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Considering our pets only eat what we feed them, maybe we should just feed them less. And get them some exercise (and by extension get ourselves some exercise too). 

We do have a 'puzzle box' for our dog but it's more about foghting boredom then her losing weight, since she is the 'correct' weight for her size, according to her vet.
Maybe some people should actually do that thing called exercise and take the dog for a walk.  
Feed the pets less. Take dogs for walks and throw a ball across the room with cats or dogs. Both the pets and owners will get their daily fitness in one go.
So the puzzles frustrate the dog to the point that it doesn't want to eat?
Betsy M
I have used a brick in the bowl to slow down my dogs consumption, she inhales food.
our dog eats way too fast too, its her most favorite thing in the whole wide world, FOOD!
It may be you are feeding your dog food that is too tempting.
... My family always fed our dogs dry food only (Purina Dog Chow) and left it out in a reasonable amount.  Mine would typically have about half of it when we put it down, then go about her day, with walks and exercise (retrievers are easy ... throw the frisbee, wait for it to come back, repeat until dog keeps the frisbee out there, sitting and panting).  At the end of the day, when I'd settle down in bed, she'd finish off the bowl of dry chow, drink water, come into my bedroom, belch, lay down and sleep.
... She kept a healthy weight for her entire life, even though our downstairs neighbor thought her name was "Porkchop."  He had never read "The Merchant of Venice."
How about giving your dog a set amount of food at set times each day, and actually walk the poor thing(not aimed at anyone in particular, just generalizing)? Sure, not everyone overfeed their pets, and a great deal of people have sense enough to actually give their dog some of the exercise they require. But as with us people there seem to be many owners that doesent remember that eating slightly less than they burn  off during the day helps any body a great deal. 
Why not just take them out for a walk? Should work just fine for the owner as well... 
Hmm...fancy gadget or just walk the dog regularly? It will boost your endorphins too!
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