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Samsung is succeeding where many others have tried and failed: closing the coolness gap with Apple.

Has Apple lost its cool to Samsung?

Credit: Samsung
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Apple has lost their monopoly on cool.  People won't pay more for an inferior or equal product forever, just because it is the cool phone to have.  Samsung and other high-end android phones have better technology.  Apple has been playing catch up for a while. This commercial was brilliant advertising, because all of it was so true.  
It's sad being cool matters more than being functional.
+Jordan Serson cool only matter for so long.  After a while the truth comes out.  Many people that don't know anything about tech were buying Iphones because it was the "cool" thing to do.  
+Shawn Medeiros I agree. I don't own an iphone. I have a Motorola razr. Over a year now.

Apple is too profit obsessed, no wonder their shares are so weak compared to google
Samsung is ok, it's only a trend right now, not the best hardware phone on the market.
maka fred
Android by Google has given Samsung the best technology so is cool 
I don't know I have the note 2 and its pretty damn cool B-)
James May
Apple is not cool.  Apple products look pretty so they attract sheep.  Samsung realizing this has made nice strides in terms of UI design and it's helping them.  Samsung is still android underneath though so it's already vastly superior (and cool).
Apple was kool until android was unleashed. Android is what a phone needs for full potential 
Hell yes they have lost it.  They also lost a lot of people by not innovating, and trying to sue anyone that tried to innovate.  Apple's idea of innovation was to patent a rectangle with round corners - WTF?  Also, how's stretching a f**king phone considered innovation?  If that's their idea of innovation then they belong in the same folder as every other company that withered away because they couldn't evolved with the times.
My biggest complaint is imprisoning their devices with the ball and chain of itunes. The worst software I have ever dealt with in my opinion.
+Marc-Olivier Hétu " Apple is still cooler than them " says the sheep... Lol.... J/K ... Is all about different taste I personally Jelly Bean :-) 
James May
I agree Andrew.  Itunes is the biggest bloated piece of shit ware ever.  Possibly even worse than the java updater.
Apple WAS cool, but it was a largely fictional cool that could only be maintained by Jobs.
Good for Samsung! They deserve it. Samsung makes the hottest phones in the market today. 
My nokia still serve me well :P
Im starting to see more people with galaxy SIIs and SIIIs than ever before! Almost more than iphones! Here in the U.S. that is....
+Scott Beamer mine is not even the Lumia..haha..still on Symbian..but the phone serve its purpose :P
+Scott Beamer symbian is the OS that Nokias used to use before going WindowsPhone..outdated software, but still has plenty developer support.....
All this chatter makes me sad for Blackberry.
+Jordan Caviness I was just joking. Symbian has always been virtually non-existent on phones in the US (due to Nokia being pretty much non-existent here).
+juan elias I'm running a HTC One S with CM10 Ville and JB. I'm not really what we can call a sheep. I just hate Samsung since I bought the YP-P2 back in the days and that they just dropped us as customers because they lost all ground against the Touch. The promised updates never came, functionality either and customer service was awful. Anyways, glad for them if they sell a lot of phones, but I have a hard time associating them as "cool" and am very sceptic of their long term service with their customers. I have a HTC but in my opinion Apple is doing a great job making their products cool and providing customer service.
I have a Samsung tablet (Galaxy tab 2) for email, browsing , G+ but not as a phone.
Apple cant compare to Samsung.....Samsung blows them out of the water by far....
Iphone get passed by better phones since iphone 3g-3gs after that is only be purchase by ppl who wanna feel (cool)
I like both. As both succeed, we as the consumer benefit! Although in today's market Apple is losing ground because they are not innovating. You can only make the same phone with the same UI so many time before people say, "give me something else". Which is why the push for movement to different phones and OS's. 
+Connor Macleod that's a lie, people still buy cars don't they? And there range of pricing is worse then phones.
That would be contingent on Apple being cool in the first place.

Being followed by millions of automatons doesn't count...for long.
Apple is cooler, end of! Its like comparing hugo boss to a tramps wank rag... Move on apple haters
Bear Lee
I have an iPhone. Maybe time to make the switch
I duno how people still pay for that piece of shit , the only thing sheep knows is 'A' for apple and 'i' for iphone
6 will bring pain back to Samsung.. Get ready 
Is in the process.. I hope u don't get too excited.. Cause one thing for sure .. When Apple talks ... Everyone listens
Shame welfare doesn't stretch to pay for apple products. Should jump off your sisters and take your mouthes to the toilette speaking such shite. 
It took Samsung.. 7 years to be cool like an Iphone.. And that's a fact.. 
+Liu Puebla people said the same thing when iph5 was about to launch , and what they got is a stretched screen , bravo 
When Samsung reaches 7years of popularity then we talk..
This isn't 2007 anymore , things changed
Baahhhh American product patenting litigation empire... baahhh...
Um, I never got my iphone to be cool. I got it because it was afreaking mazing. It had everything I needed. I really don't need to make a call on it to be cool. I read WSJ and they're not cool. I like them because they have good content, minus this article about coolness. Samsung phones are good but let's be real. The iPhone made the samsungs be what it is today.
2 words..... Apple sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neither are ' cool' , they are corporations for gods sake . 
Meanwhile Samsung is making money off of Apple... You gonna buy my parts and im still gonna take your customers.... Lol that's kinda harsh
Pointless n endless which one is cool, matter most is you feel cool! with what you own
Its not the first time the world should have left an apple alone!
They are products ... which is coolest brand of Oven ? Corporates dont need to advertise anymore , sheep do it for them . 
Sammy phones are nice. My Galaxy Note II is the first Android phone I bought that has finally replaced the IPhone as my daily driver. However, I still like vanilla Nexus devices the best. Up until now though their cameras sucked. Can't get my hands on a Gnex4 so can't comment on that one. Note II camera is on par with Apples IMHO.
Neither Apple or Samsung are cool. The new cool is owning a Nexus! Google FTW! 
Samsung is not.cooler 
Samsung made one of the Nexus phones actually, LG made the latest on which is not being sold anymore on Googles site for whatever reasons. 

But I think its more accurate to say the Android/Google is cooler then both Apple and Samsung, but i def choose Samsung over Apple, I like the ability to do what I want with my device.
Wrote a novel on blackberry, made many pictures on LG, using iPhone to check twitter, gmail, facebook etc, but to read a book using a large Samsung screen, still waiting for a favorite blazer (like in Blazing Night), then I call it cool.
Definitely. Samsung prefers to innovate instead of litigate. Easy to see the results. 
Choice is cooler than a shiny Apple logo any day 
Samsung lost its lawsuit with Apple, but making ground on iOS with its Android powered smartphones.
Yes. Mainly because Samsung actually innovates and adds features to their products, while apple has released the same phone for the past 6 years. Pretty soon apple will be repackaging old devices and calling them something else. Just saying 
Hey you're standing right next to me. I want to share a playlist, photo, mixtape, video first let me send it to the cloud and hope your carrier can find you, standing right next to me they we can laugh and listen. OR I'll bluetooth it over to you because we've paired before and you're "ON the list" OR we magically touch the same brand name device and viola... DONE. Hmm which would a tech savvy peer group choose or NOT so tech savvy Retiree group choose?
I think Apple had an advantage in that they had a CEO that really understood the market at a gut level. That and Steve Jobs legendary attention to detail/understanding of tech. Apple didnt just release cool stuff, they changed the game and left their competitors playing catch up. With Jobs demise Apple appears to be a lot more predictable and a whole lot less innovative. The iPhone 5 was really the 4s with some different cosmetics. Samsung havent stood still and this is now playing out
People who had used Apple than later change it to samsung always feels that samsung android phones are much better than Apple. Apple has not been innovating their product like before instead making the same product that just makes it faster and taller. Its obvious that the world market is taking on Samsung side rather than apple
How many people are really happy iPhone 5? 
Samsung is succeding because they actually make something that's useful, that the consumer wants for something other than mere vanitys sake, and they don't jerk the customer over a barrel to own the product.
Apple stopped innovating. Simple really. Instead of breaking the rules of the game and playing smarter than their competitors, they have started to behave like a fat cat corporate. Cook needs a kick in the pants
Fuck Apple, I love my Samsung galaxy s3, much better.
Android phones are still on top because its so practical in terms of the price and also you get more what you paid for specially the cool apps you get in the play store.;-)
I pretty much agree. But as I tap this out on a Nexus7, I've gotta say, "Share a little credit with Google, or Android."
Samsung is not really a cool product compare Apple's any product but as per my exp Samsung surviving only bcos of Android but Apple product is not the case.. 
You isheep have no clue what your talking about. Just try a GS3. You will be surprised how this phone functions. Take the blinders off and try something before you bash it. You may like it...... Or maybe you like using the same old boring os since 2007
Google place Apple in bit of a bind - Google do not need to make money out of Android hence it being open source as their business model is more indirect. Apple on the other hand are fully exposed and hurting
I own an iPhone 4S and it works good, not saying it's the best though. I like Samsung and actually have Chromebook and pretty much all of our appliances in the house including TVs, Blu Rays and Stove are Samsung, but I will have to see Apple not innnovating their iOS radically and Samsung giving me simplicity and funcionality with a great handheld design other than what they nowdays have.
Apple are in bit of a bind - if they stay with the ipad and iphone as their income generators they'll slowly bleed to death. Question is however what next? If they launch a TV, they'll be slaughtered by Samsung, LG, Sony and so on.... Tough place to be
You can't spend more on litigation than you do on R&D and expect to remain cool, much less innovative.
I like my apple products .. My iPhone5 , iPad, iMac 27, my MacBook Pro ... I also have windows puters which I will never go back to .. I started with smartphones back with palm and have owned all the iPhones .. Don't know why you all are hating on apple .. Their products are fantastic .. And the software is waaaaay cheaper than windows and it just works better .. That's all .. 
from my perspective it has been fascinating to watch it all unfold. in 2001 I met jobs at the SOHO NY Apple Store opening. Apple had yet to launch the ipod touch/iphone but you could feel the potential was there. Apple was the under dog about to do some seriously cool things. they were in touch with the mark in a way their competitors could only dream about

A few years later the iphone is launched as the old ipod hits sunset and Apples rise began. Macs were cool, OSX even cooler. Apple announced anything and it was bigger than huge news. Apple seemed to be becoming increasingly arrogant. 

I was on holiday in the US staying in San fran when Jobs passed away. I remember thinking that they'll loose touch with the market and the magic will begin to die... sadly I think it pretty much has. Suing Samsung into oblivion has cost Apple its underdog status and now they are were Microsoft were in the 90's. Sad really 

Apple need to launch something that'll change the game and get competitors following rather than overtaking. They also need to radically re-design the iphone, it is getting to be old hat
+Lance Miller Well said.  If only Apple could realize that.  They are slipping behind while everybody else is innovating.  They are stuck on patenting their oblong shape with rounded corners and other non-sense.  I'm surprised they didn't try to patent the fact that you talk into it.
HELL NO Samsung is a total Apple wannabe freaking copycats 
Samsung is not cool and it will never be cool. Google is cool.
Apple's biggest mistake in the US market was it's tying the iPhone with AT&T. Telling me to change phone companies to purchase one was a big turn-off for myself. Freedom of choice...

I think it was all about money being extracted .. Apple are like that will all telcos and Android isnt... 
Samsung has no style. Just look at the horrible negative add campaign. You can love or hate apple but they do have a unique style. The Samsung will blow off, the only thing they " innovated" is to make screen bigger. All the innovation actually came from Google that they managed to completely forget during their keynote on the Galaxy phone. Samsung is like Gandam Style, gum that is stuck to your shoe. The company has built its business on stollen ideas first from Nokia then RIM and Sony as well as Apple. 
Just ordered a Nexus 7 32gb .. Android 4.1 .. Will see soon enough.. 
The only time I ever see apple having an advantage over Samsung is the ecosystem other than that every time I hang with my family and they show my how cool something is on their iphone I realize that came around with frozen yogurt and gingerbread years ago and besides the shape of the iPhone changing and maybe a few software updates everything still looks exactly like my first iPhone I had way back when that's just not impressive u can only take that so far I think the only way they can compete is through litigation because they realized everyone beat them to the punch so they'll just sue and implement already existing tech to stay relevant 
say what you like about Samsung, Apples numbers speak volumes. They are losing momentum whilst Android is only just starting to ramp up
Making big screens phones doesn't get you anywhere. There is a difference between a Mini Cooper and Lamborghini. 
Brad, a Nexus 7 isn't Samsung's device.  :P
regardless Apple is being resoundingly beaten by players innovating rather than litigating
Fuck coolness. I have no idea why people buy stuff because they are cool. It does not make any sense at all. 
Samsungs are still poorly designed and poorly manufactured. Better numbers, yeah, but numbers don't account for physical and interactive quality.

My answer to the title is no, they've got a long way to go and won't get there until they invest time and money to add a nice shell and user experience to the impressive hardware within.
Android people are funny. They remind me of the ugly fat kid picking on the good looking kid. They feel they have to put Apple down to make themselves feel better. They must have really low self-worth and not be confident in their choice to follow Android. Apple people simply don't care what other people use. Because we are confident. You want to use Android? Go for it! Good for you! We don't care. We are the good looking successful kid. :)
God they're both just phones. Neither are "cool". Can both type of fanboys please just STFU and get a life - Owner of iPhone, Android phone, iPad and Android tablet (all with their own advantages and disadvantages).
Its not copycat +Christopher Young , look at it as competition, cell phones aren't the only things that compete...take your every day devices and you will see the same thing. Its everywhere. Don't put your focus on two your eyes. 
Robert, you need slapped. haha.  Made me laugh even though I am the fat kid.
My note 2 is the coolest in the planet. 
+Eric Keele He has a point, Android fanboys do seem to be always a gazillion times more arrogant than Apple users.
Alexandre Andrianov, Gandam Style is so passe, just like Apple!
Apple still has the better product 
My note 2 is the coolest in the planet. Apple's got nothin.
They are losing the "cool" but also sheeps
Lamond B maybe your trying to say better design, not better product
+Jimmy Hales That's twice now you've felt the need to tell us how "cool" your Note II is. May I ask why you think any one of us care?
Enny O.
Haha! I love you people!
Apple was never cool, they never truly innovated a thing. There was mp3 players and smart phones way before apple got into mobile electronics. ITunes has got to be the most uncool DRM garbage in existence. It may be easy to use, but now android has far surpassed iOS in ease of use, speed and features. Every ifan I've showed my nexus devices were in awe and some of them were like sure I can wirelessly pay and beam stuff too, I'm sure their is an app form that they say... Their ignorance is beyond me, sure iOS is good, Google did android better.
+Alex Sepulveda And increase the weight and price?. I don't buy a phone because it is pretty or because its a fashion statement. 

Less cheap feel?. lol! Believe me my note 2 does not feel cheap at all. Even if it does. Who the fuck cares?. It's the best dam phone there is right now. 
+Kyle Weller There's a difference between inventing and innovating idiot. Apple has never claimed to be first (in fact they have mentioned this many times in keynotes), but they do things "right" for regular consumers.
I have always agreed that whatever works best for you is what u need and I always kept my opinion to myself about apple but I started thinking otherwise after hearing all those keynotes about innovation and I admit I'm always excited about new tech because I think its good for the consumer but then apple started buying companies with tech that was already out so they could have their patents then implementing it into their product and saying hey look what we created that's already been around and now we want to sue because we now own the technology uve been using for years like round edges voice commands and things that been around forever now if I'm correct when Google snatched up Motorola mobility there's a million patents they could have sued over but never did because it was tech that already existed apple should watch out because other than Motorola I'm pretty sure if someone bought rim which is up in the air right now the things that exist on most phones right now has been what's keeping blackberry Afloat as they keep collecting royalties from every company out there on patents alone if google had rims patents or let alone samsung at this point it wouldve been game over a long time ago on over 3/4 of the lawsuits apple has so hopefully nobody on the android side of the fence claims research in motion or it could be a rough go for apple if someone decides to be petty too.
+Robert Gilchrist apple fans are now like microsoft fans, So rapped up in their outdated ecosystem they are oblivious to where the tech world is headed.
I was once a apple buyer, last 3 years not so much. So much more freedom with Google & more free apps 
+Robert Gilchrist I disagree with that statement you made. Its actually the opposite. I know many people that bought iphones cause their friends had them and the were ridiculed about their choice of phone. When the G1 came out plenty of iphone users had plenty to say when I pulled it out. I will say I dont hate apple...really how could I, I prefer their mac osx over windows and its the closest thing to linux for a beginner like me. Android is actually very powerful its not the laggy cluster f*#%k that people bash on in the past. Just saying but your entitled to your opinion as I am mine. Enjoy your iphone and I'll enjoy my note 2. Godspeed!
+Nomeneta Saili You people just don't get it do you? There is no "best" smartphone. iOS and Android are very different systems. Android is great for people who want to customise,  want bigger screens or want more options in price range. iOS is great for people who want a simple phone that just works. Neither is good or bad, just different. And if someone feels the need to belittle others based on the brand of their phone, or their lack of knowledge or interest in customising/rooting/roms etc., they honestly need to get a life and more important things to concern themselves with.
+Jesse Ivery you are totally right, they are very oblivious. And they do remind me of Microsoft fans too lol. I'm just happy to see Linux leading the way with android :-)
I'm hoping that all the stuff which runs on my windows would work on Linux based OSs like Fedora,Mint,Ubuntu, then i would stop using windows and switch to a better platform, also since i have used Mac but never owned it, i feel that it's not worth the price.  bottom-line: Open Source is cool and others are not.
U can continue buying androids like me since its launch but never ever get the battery life and the proper network, and of course the battery drain from many apps!! All this said has been cured by my new iPhone 5, love the feather light phone and the unmatched Airplay feature, listening to music and you tube movies awesome. Still a die hard fan of android and related phone makers but they have to think of battery life and the weight as well, people just don't buy iPhone blindly and millions sold, lastly the have iOS 6 running on all devices not just one. By the way Apple did not catch up they just became best of the best throughout the years 
It would be nice if these companies agree to a standard....would make developers life easier...but this could stop innovation. My choice on different platforms
Desktop : Windows
Server: Linux
Mobile: IOS
Hope to see a good connector between these systems which would help talk to each these OS.
+Corey Evans I said it so it is my opinion.

Yes there is nothing wrong with different. Nothing wrong with wanting a phone that works most of the time. What is wrong is when people are pompous about it.

The simple fact that people consider Apple to be cool and why iSheep buy them irritates me. Now it's starting to happen to Samsung and i for one hate it.

Fuck coolness, fuck superficial crap. I only care about specs/features/functionality. This is where the Note 2 trumps everyone and why it is the best there is.

Coolness?? What are we 12?. 
How sad ...are you really buying a phone to try to make your self feel "COOL" so sad :( ... Btw i like my samsung i can make calls on my phone and all kinds of cool stuff like that.
My iPhone serves me well. Personally.
Have a samsung galaxy s3 and I love it
I remember selling many iphones to customers just because they thought it was cool...even after I tell them about other phones that were better I.e. ( Evo 4G, GS2, ONE X, GS3, And even the Note 1 and 2.) I'd even compare my phone with the store iphone demo.... and still. "The iphone is still cooler" they said "all my friends have it." Tsk tsk.
John Ro
Jesus, all you people touting innovation, what's innovation to you?
The followers feel disrespected now, unable to accept their inferiority they violently lash out at those who represent change. Like a match first stricken they glowed bright but as the darkness now ever nears and their light grows dimmer and dimmer so does their status. What made you stand out as cool now makes you stand out as the mark of a tired trend of complacency.....all apples will ripen then slowly rot. 
Wondering if Apple could throw this subliminal message in their next ads or commercial. Send me your money by paypal and dont buy Apples next overhyped last years technology thing. They are so behind the times and haven't been cutting edge since Jobs died from cancer. Truth hurts Apple clones the products are overpriced, not that easy to use, the company blows over 2 billion in store fron rental to show gigantic shiny chrome plated apples, and employs slave labour by the thousands in China. And you fucking wieners loath these products, oh they are so fantastic use. Its a fucking tragedy. I hope their shares plummet.
Apple is cool for some and samsung for others .. its all about Ethics ... :)
+Anthony Garcia That's why they called are iSheep.

It's all about image but not substance.

Suckers pay a premium for that cool factor or brand name as well lol!.

If Samsung ever tires to pull a Apple and charge more because of their brand name i will kick them in the nuts and go somewhere else. There are many great options. Other androids or perhaps Ubuntu, firefox or perhaps windows.  
I stopped reading the article after "most agree Samsung is not as innovative as Apple with software..." What world do they live in?
IMO Samsung ruins Android. For me nexus = android. If pure android 4.2 runs on more nexus device than iOS 6.1 on iPhone then I will call android is winning. 90% android users runs outdated OS that slow as hell. 
Apple has lost a lot the two last years
I sold my galaxy s2 then y bougth a nexus 4. I cant wait to t galaxy s4
The note 2 is a beefed up gs3 the only reason why people have is draw attention to themselves 80 percent probably don't even really know how to use it 
great, our country is circling the drain, and we are worried about gadgets and the newest tinker toy
The note 2 is a beefed up gs3 the only reason why people have is draw attention to themselves 80 percent probably don't even really know how to use it 
We got that right? If we can't get it this time we will get it in next or after that. Brilliant!
well Android IOS either is pretty good. Pointless debate really
I think rather than directly an issue of whether or not Apple/Samsung's products are "cool" or not, it's more of an issue of appeal to a demographic that is not tech savvy. Apple has traditionally done very well with reaching out to groups of people that aren't interested in having a nerdgasm but rather like having nice features and everything is set up in a way that it's not only easy to use but also confines you to a "safe zone" where you can't royally screw up your phone. Thanks to the various advantages of android, Samsung has had an oportunity to create a similar product, surpassing Apple mainly because of what android has to offer over iOS.
This 'competition' is more ridiculous than the 'causes' of WW2. What matters is what we do with technology, not the manufacturer.
Yawn........phones a phone guys! Do we argue who has the best fridge?

Life's to short..
Ryan R.
Lookout for Sony, they seem to be starting to bring back their coolness again. I'm basing from the momentum the Xperia Z is gathering. It's been a long long time since they were the coolest during the Walkman days.
A man walked up to a trash can with his apple and said "im finished with this thing" then threw it away. Lol. Jk. But really, no hating but apple was more of a genius marketing strategy than innovative. Stretch screen is def copying. No nfc, customization at its greatest... 3rd party apps. Where is apple. Its like prison. And people must be suckers for pain. Maps that lead you to your death? Im bad at geography but i dont think lady liberty is from LA. Lol. Or where ever they put her. Haha
Samsung had to try to be cool, Apple was naturally cool. 
Why of course...Google is bigger than Apple and Samsung is down with Google and not OverPriced like overrated Apple.
Ok I will explain something that people are starting to figure out. You can't and I repeat you can not be cool if everyone has your product. That is the problem with Apple. Saying an iPhone is cool is like saying having a microwave is cool.
Who gives a shit? I just want a good phone, not a free-membership to a sycophantic fan-club...
+Oremo Ochillo Wait wait wait, having a microwave is not cool? But I wanted it to be part of my pick up lines!
It's not about who lost cool to whom, it's just that masses of people are waking up to the fact that just owning a technology product which will be outdated within 6 months by something bigger and fancier does not make you cool.
People who buy Galaxy S3s, Droid DNAs or any other flagship device in the price range of the iPhone (or higher, as many are) do so because of the specs and features. They mod their phones and customize them (with or without rooting), and their focus is more on 'look at all the cool stuff I can do with this' rather than 'Look at me, I've got a Samsung/HTC/Motorola so I'm cool'.

Also, these people will cry bloody murder if there's a screw up on the company's part, if they delay firmware updates for example. And if another company ups the ante with something even more advanced, they'll switch over. Only Apple fanboys have blind, unquestioning, uncritical adulation.
+Jordan Serson did you just call a company Too profit obsessed? I hate to break this to you but all companies are. 
In the UK its more people with samsung than apple handsets and they advertise more samsung
I think Google will come up with some really nice stuff in the future. Most likely they developed high end phones with their daughter Motorola to challenge Samsung and Apple.
Soon we will b like the UK in all ways pretty soon

What's the added value of Samsungs phones against ZTE, huawei etc.? They offer the same or better hw for a lower price. Software is obviously always the same...I think Samsung is going down unless they come up with something unique (a new OS) is boring .
it has lost, but the story line is going there and i think the ending will not be nicer for Apple
its irrational brand chache thats why a bunch of grown men who should know better have been debating this ages
These corporates are pushing marketing strategies, forcing us to use stuff we don't need. They use slave labour, conflict resources, and the de-democratization of the internet to pursue profits. In the end, anyone who defends one or the other, is just a mindless consumer drone hanging their spirit by a consumption pattern that alienates themselves from their very humanity , and strangling the positive force that technology could play in society. All driven by the stupid need to outdo others and have neat stuff. Honestly, why give a damn.
The only thing Samsung need to do is ditch their bloat from their phones. No one wants Samsung apps, game hub etc. 
Here's an innovative idea - how about be happy with what you have and stop going around in circles about which phone is better ;) 
To the guys calling Apple a greedy company only interested in making a profit out of high margins, you guys are hilarious.

Yes I agree with you. But that's because all corporate companies are the same. Or let me rephrase: all corporate LISTED companies are the same. They have shareholders to please. So the same goes for Samsung and Google. One of the main drivers for Google to develop and push Android is that it serves as an open door for people to get on their platform and utilize their services, while trying to push personalized ads based on your actions, behaviors on their platform. Samsung, I hope you know them as a corporation well enough for me to not explain. And I'm not saying all these are bad. It's just the way it is.

Seriously, the way some of you guys paint Google to be some big giant philanthropic entity that has gracefully bestowed Android upon the masses for free, with no other business motives apart from creating double-rainbows every day for everyone. It's absolutely hilarious. 
Sorry, iphone,  is still an iphone, as Mac to the PC. 
Watch the Chris Vass show run Samsung note 2 against the Apple Iphone 5 through every benchmark test you can imagine. The Apple camera takes slightly better photos low light situations, but other than that I have to give it to Samsung it blows Iphone 5 out the door.
Just stating the facts.
+Ming Jie Wong  shut up and stop buying Apple products. People might take you a bit more seriously then.
Dont go out to buy a kool fone. I go out to buy a phone thats functions suit me. Samsung note brilliant
Before Samsung figured smartphones they had a long product line of not-that-great cellphones. I love my Galaxy S2 but I don't think Samsung is better than Apple, just an alternative. Anyway if it wasn't for Google, Samsung (or the other Android phone makers) wouldn't be where they are. 
Cool is only an opinion. No point arguing over opinions.
As I had tweeted yesterday: "Google/Android fans r no different from Apple fans. Each group tries to smear the other's rep. "My OS's dick is bigger than your OS's dick!""

Which can be applied to any fanbase...

"Samsung fans r no different from Android fans. Each group tries to smear the other's rep. "My smarphone's dick is bigger than your smartphone's dick!"

" Sony fans r no different from Microsoft fans. Each group tries to smear the other's rep. "My game console's dick is bigger than your game console's dick!"

Primitive human tribalism at work. ;-)
I used to love samsung but I was urged to get an apple phone as I was told your either a follower or a leader! Can't wait to get back to my samsung a and still be a leader!!!!!!!
+Brent Weaver before Apple figured computers, they had a long product line of not-that-great computers etc etc. No one cares about how each company was 5-10+ years ago, as even Apple themselves were an extremely different company back then too (example, they criticized Microsoft for performing most of the actions they're doing today).
To me this isn't about Samsung but the inevitability that from among the many Android hardware partners one would evolve to take on Apple. It's simple probability. The same thing tells me that Apple is fighting a losing battle. If they want take on Samsung they need to buy Nokia. 
TC Mok
That's an interesting debate.
The iPhone was only cool...back in 2007. And still so 2007. Just adding more lipstick, mascara and plastic surgery as it goes on. 
Apple hasn't lost its cool to Samsung, it's lost its cool to ubiquity.
Iphone, needs to think of something really fast!!!
Samsung technology is up to par with iPhone and in many occasions is surpasses it. Functionality and practicality are key.

Better the devil you know than the angel that you dont know.
Apple already LOST the geek crowd since Android 2.3.
The journalist and Wall Street is the one that IN DENIAL and forcing the idea that Apple is COOL.
This is the exact reason we see CRASH in apple share price, the journalist were hype-ing Apple too much.
2011 will be remembered as the year Android match Apple.
2012 will be remembered as the year Apple eat Android dust.
2013 will be remembered as the year Apple strugling for new identity.
Coolness factor is fine, but the Android ecosystem is hampered by the massive fragmentation. There are so many versions of Android out there, whereas just one major iOS release, as well as hardware. All the cool accessories are either iPhone only or iPhone first, almost all apps are iPhone first and Android second, Apple has iTunes and Android doesn't, etc. Apple may not be the most profitable company in the world anymore, but they're still top 5... Apple are doing fine, mostly this speculation is just that, speculation. 
yea i think it has.. i think apple needs something diffident now because of the consumers want soothing diffident    
Kiet Le
S Pen is cool. The reason I bought Note 1, my first Samsung. Apple may have a patent or two related to pen input, but Sammy put it in a phone and it is quite usable.

My first iPhone is cool then. but it was also cool for thieves.

Apple is playing it cool in a catch up game.

I remember the time when Nokia was dominating the market we reached to a very high spec 12 Meg pix can 16G memory or 32G and so on. Then comes Apple and puts us all back a few steps with their 3.2 meg pic cam and 8G memory as a result we are all behind in technology and that's why the world is in rescission. That's my theory anyway feel free to comment. 
+Volvic Ice The camera may have been useless, but the rest was unimaginably much better. I still remember just how slow and ugly the Nokia Symbian-based devices were. The instant one saw the original iPhone presentation it was plainly obvious to anyone that the old Windows Mobile was toast and that anything with Symbian on it was toast too. Unfortunately for Nokia, their management were too overconfident to see that...
+Volvic Ice The huge difference between nokia symbian based phones with apple iphones was the OS. iOs made installation of variety of apps possible, and the diversity of apps along with a smooth operating system, yielded to apple's domination. I guess camera meg pixels does not matter that much in comparison with functionality. 
Put me in touch with one of you're reporters. I'd love to do an interview sometime. Remember the name @Murica89
All I wonder is when will iPhone user's  quit complaining about the reception they get with their phones.  Consumer Reports once again states that the biggest complaint from iPhone users is the poor call quality they get with their phones.  Yet they keep buying them???

Apps may appear for the iPhone first, but that won't last much longer.  They where the number one smart phone out there.  But now that Android out sells the iPhone, developers will start writing for Android's first. It's just a matter of quantity.  If I developed applications, I would want to do it in a market with more customers than not.

The only reason I can think of as to why Apple is so profitable, has a lot to do with the way they over charge their customers for their products.  Apple restricts their products usability, charges and arm and leg for it, but the customers keep buying them up?  Samsung's Galaxy SIII rocks, mine can do just about anything, does more than the iPhone and cost lest.  Yea, the Samsung is the cool factor.
Yeah I hear what your saying but Nokia symbian wasnt too bad I can see it having a come back
There's plenty of room for both apple & Samsung. As an iPhone 4S user, I may go for the Samsung Note 2 in future. 
We are a cool Samsung family with a note, nexus and ace. All cool and more versitile as they are android based. Samsung or not, it has to be android all the way. 
people rnt lookng at this, samsung sucks bt android wins, it is lyk putting high performance in an 80s model car, what do you think would ofcourse wins a car of today. So for the sake of O.S_android is the best! But for phones_let samsung go dig a grave!!!
I dream of Apple but cost and loyalty keeps me in tab with Sony Xperia.

as long as you are not an isheep then you are cool ;) LOL
I think "holding the place in-line for your parents" was the most effective 10 seconds of marketing ever by Samsung.

Kids are easily influenced and swayed by such little, effective drops, along with talking to the 10% of real, technical kids easily "frustrated" with Apple's "manuevers" that limit capabilities.

The result is one damaged branding that doesn't have a Jobs anymore.
E. Borp
I can see it now:  Apple is going to start using NFC in the iPhone 6 or 7, then start acting like they invented it.  "No, not invented, just perfected."
Nik F
Love Samsung always have. Quality technology more diverse than Apple I have Imac and Samsung Galaxy3 n find myself on S3 more and more
I think Apple Inc Badly Misses steve Jobs ............ they failed to understand the smart Phone market
+Hafiz Hassan
 "Using ads to bash your competitors" really?
Who do you think came up with the 'I'm a Mac, I'm a PC' series of ads?
Samsung is cool...just look at wat you can do with samsung and other brands..theres a lot you can do about samsung than those other cheap brands..
Its not samsung who's cool. Its Google and Nexus.
+Kimmo Jaskari

Fragmentation never stopped anyone from releasing apps for Android. If you're talking about manufacturers delaying OS updates, that's a separate issue.
All the popular apps - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Angry Birds for starters - are available on both platforms.
"All the cool accessories are either iPhone only or iPhone first, almost all apps are iPhone first and Android second, Apple has iTunes and Android doesn't, etc"
Until Apple changed the dock connector for the new iPhone, breaking compatibility.
And what is it you do with iTunes that you're missing on Android anyway?
+Raul Duenez More like Samsung made apple what they are today. Every so called innovation from apple was just something they stole from someone else.
Did anyone read the article? It said analysts said Apple is innovative. Lol. That's where I stopped reading. 
+billy routh
 You're doing it wrong. Apple is good because I say so. Features, value for money, and plain simple logic can go hang.
+Richard McCoy Nexus devices are pretty good, I had a GNex and currently have a Nexus 7. But let's get really Vanilla Android is pretty plain and doesn't have near the software features that Samsung adds.
+billy routh
 One thing I like about Touchwiz is that you can create folders in the app drawer as opposed to just the homescreen, and that you can uninstall apps by longpressing there without going into the 'manage apps' list.
Apple has lost its cool the moment they focused on taking everybody to court rather then bringing the next best thing to the market. The new iphone5 screen is still smaller then most smartphone out there. Only reason why the phone is faster is because apple is the only company that gets to build both phone hardware and software. But since android unleashed the jelly bean Samsung phones have been able to get a small boost in speed that is when the phone companies release the update and stop trying to add all there bloatware. NFC is probably the best thing out right now just to bad America is ass backwards and don't want to embrace new tech. cough Google wallet all in all apple is meant for kids that don't need a phone to use for work and Samsung just seems like a more mature and work friendly phone. I can care less about the "cool" facture, I want a phone that is bad ass and for me I have to pick Samsung
Stop rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, the Apple has fallen from the tree.
I have a MacBook Pro, 11 inch Air, 1st gen iPad and an iMac at home and use Macs at work. Have done since 2002. I like Apple, they've had a lot of my money over the years.

My S3 however makes my old iPhone 4S look dated. I can customise the look of my S3 to how I want it, rather than being tied into Apple's really rather poor UI. Widgets rock as well. Plus being tied to iTunes is a nightmare and iCloud is useless. The S3 is not as simple to use as an iPhone and its camera is not as good, but these are minor points. 

I now have my sights set on a Chromebook.
Apple desperately needs a makeover...they are so boring now. Now their idea of innovation is noise canceling mics and a stretched screen...congrats apple u are the new RIM...smh
I have only tried the Samsung S2 and it is good enough for me.
Dude I'm still rocking my S2 its an awesome device but I'm thinking about upgrading to the note 2 either way its a win for me +George Holland 
I don't think apple was ever cool. College kids wanted an iphone because most of them couldn't afford one. I remember when everyone had to have Reebok shoes, they weren't anything special, they were just expensive. 
i hate using apple's ui. it's boring. it's quick, but it's boring.
Apple needs to do something to buck the trend as the whole world was underwhelmed by the iPhone 5. I thought it was a good phone, but all in all my S3 is far better. I like apple but they need to start start breaking new ground in order to win back people who have defected to samsung and others. 
samsung should start making cars too...i know it would be mobile...there is something about the label i dont wanna change it any other...liking themvery much...bonne chance...
the samsung s3 is way bettr then the iphone.iphone is to strict on some level
The real scoop here is, somebody considered Apple was cool.
Samsung is cool? Don't make me laugh! Samsung's success comes from its technological superiority. 
Combination of good products, good marketing and Apple allowing themselves to fall behind the last few years.  However it happened, congrats to let's see if they keep working on hard to stay relevant, or pull an Apple and get lazy.
If u don't use your phone as much I'm sure it'll be cool :p
Samsung copied apple, got sued, lost, and put its tail between its legs. It turned to unstable tech like nfc to get attention. Nfc is has alot of security risks and in the world if id theft is scary to me. Apple uses a tried and true 'device is made by the same guys who programmed it' model that gives security and stability that Samsung and motorola can only dream of . I have had both and can honestly say android is fractured, powerful, and vulnerable. Apple retains its cool for being reliable and awesome
It looks like a great number of readers of the Wall Street Journal are Apple fanboys. No wonder why the economy sinks day after day.
Also. Many corporations with secure networks won't let android phones on because they do not meet security protocols while iPhones do. So now work buys you an iPhone. Go apple
"It looks like a great number of readers of the Wall Street Journal are Apple fanboys."

It probably has to do with demographics +Vincent Etienne. The WSJ readership is composed mainly of older white men. So, no surprise that they tend to like Apple more.   
Apples problem is the one that had with when the MAC vs PC war was established 20 years ago. They have too many restrictions, you need to use iTunes to do everything (which sucks), that´s why Android earn so much terrain.
I guess some people never lern (BTW, i love apple products).
Android only has more phones on the market because android really the is of flip phones and cheap crap in Africa. If you look at only high end phones only, it's not so android heavy
I just to be a Blackberry fan for longtime because of security matters. Then I had a iPhone 4 that never really catch my attention. Then I feel in love with Samsung Galaxy is nice machine to work with.
Wait... I just realized we are discussing about coolness on the Wall Street Journal.
To speak of coolness here looks just as wrong as to debate about bukkake in the middle a Westboro Baptist Church
" If you look at only high end phones only, it's not so android heavy"

Even if that was true, +Ryan Jensen in a world where the ecosystem is everything, being strong on the high end is irrelevant. Whomever dominates the long tail (and it is a very long tail), will dominate this market. It is no different from the old PC world. 
+Ryan Jensen Android phones have the Google Management system just like Blackberries have their own RIM Management software, to keep security tight and control over the phone, whereas Apple provides zero support. This is why non-joke work places generally go for either Blackberry and Android based phones over iPhones when providing to staff.
Apple was never cool to me
Htc always makes better devices 
The issue of Apple being cool is that it never was.. really it was a Computer company that wasn't Intel/MS and ti did the thing you need well... Yes it has ton of people who loved them.. I worked there for near 2 years .. I thought of the Apple as the PC that did graphic work right and if need could do Business well too. People who ran to Apple  when the iMac came out came due to the ideal of system that was all in one and it Look pleasing to the eye(there clue there) Then the G3 tower and the then G4,5  all having this sleek look one design after another.. But was it the fact they were cool to have (at $1500 up) or that you wanted people see you as being hip and Artful and what ever was cool at the time? Yes many spent ton(I know i saw the invoices on thousands of system being costume made to order)  Then a shift again and  in comes the iPhone the Touch the ipod .. these were more "Eye" candy items but are they cool?   We're they hot at the time..I guess but why?

Apple kept updating and upgrading and turn out clone device that seem to be the same but for a version number..  I think the ideal of computer company device being cool is just not there.. They were but I can see what cool to device that it locked in how you get more apps to run or where you can get music from and well control you and the market with legal attacks.. Apple isn't losing it cool it just never had it.. They had a lot WOW that looks cool  but is it a cool you want now?  Look at what the market wants  clone wars  isn't it .. If you want Cool Then Change  and don't let the other see what direction you are going but not doing the same thing 5 or 10 time . and just changing the color and hope people think it cool to have .. Oh look the iPod touch come in a bunch of colors now isn't that cool? Nope it just more eye candy (clue to the "i" in everything)  the "i" is eye  and Candy is what they want you to think as it bait to get you to buy.. How many of you bought the clam-shell ibooks with the color cover?  Blue ,Green,Orange and some what look blueish gray..  They look more like hand bags.. but the did sale for some time..

I work as a rework tech on the floor as the made the system and failed i fixed them and got them out the door.. I loved it and hated it as some time it was just insane builds and some time it was dead space.. everyone waiting on the girds to come in and take us all out(Apple contracting rule #1 fire everyone when nothing to build re-hire in 2 week when ready to build again) sound great but laying off 50 150 in one night does not make people feel you work for cool people or they make cool stuff.
Image it all about image..
Apple 15 years ago was just coming out of some slow times .. they just got Jobs back on and thing were clicking fast adn the first thing they got  out the door ..the iMac.. it was cool it was new it was initiative.. it was just the Mac re-boxed.. really  but image  they gave it a slick new look and well they add this "i" to the mac so ti totally new right?  It was the PPC of the mac in anew body.. and all inone with some new hard ware.. but inside those fist system.. Laptop motherboards and CPUs..really the fist new ideal was re-launch of their  Macs use less parts and plugging it into a new color monitor.

The only part we made here was the computer half of the system it was put together and ship here .. but not for long they more that build to Mexico and closed down making any iMacs for about 6 to 8 month and they came back due to fire in the Mexico plant(it was building Dell's and gateways as well) But the fire made then return the build here for a few years and they we got iMac mach II  this time with more colors .. and a new MB this time it was built onto the Monitor MB and it was just awesome to watch them build.. I mean it was just an amazing sight..

Seeing people who didn't not flyback from a light socket yet there they were putting together system that had about 28,000 volts and no one got killed as no one on the line but for the Techs and the people running the line had any training in computers or electronics.. I question that many in Apple didn't know much as talking to one engineer on the flybacks he answer what it that? I was more scared when I was put on the task of alining the screens manually wile holding camera to see the red green and blue pixels..this was done by reaching from the front of an open running system taking plaster  adjustment tool and turn some setting on the back of the monitors ..but you had to look at the screen not where your had was.. Meaning at some point you had to brush against the high voltage wire that part of the thing call the flyback.. and just a small pin hole in that and POOF! you are dead.. 28,00voles 15 to 17 amps..  Luckily i work on high voltage electronic before working at Apple and knew the danger and made it point to make sure other did to.. But again it all about Image with Apple

.. Good Image you must be cool right?  Now i will say the G3,4,5 and all did a great job ate doing what task you wanted and as an artist  I loved them but They stop being cool when they kept this game of we are better ever if we don't have Intel inside..
Really spend ton on saying you are better and cool because you are not Win-tel? wow (if you ever take apart a G3 or 4 look at eh chips and it make on the boards Intel bridge chips) So ti was cool you could say you were not when you were and yet then spend all the time to say how great the PPC chip was (and still is) but yet drop it not because ti was better to drop to X86 was just cheaper on getting programmer's on x89.

I mean yes the PPC chips were costly and nearly always late shipping but then one the most costly part was gone on the Apple you think YEAH price will fall.. nope  their Apples you pay for that name and that they are cool(in their mind) 

Really It is sad they could have had a better run at just dropping desk top go to portable laptop and tablet and all and took OSX to run on any X86/PPC system and taken the market into a different direction but nope let build and keep at full steam that iceberg isn't really that big..
Can Apple be cool?
Yes! How Stop trying to be bigger than you are and stop suing because some one thing they can design better than you..
if you are that good  Show it in building things that make people say WOW and WOW!  Not suing for round corner's.. . That just makes you a tech bully and Well bullies are just very uncool as we all know.
I have been using htc for 10 years dating back to the imate days I have had a great run of success with them (currently running htc one XL) I would however go with Samsung before apple any day of the week, any one that has owned an I phone has had to get a new front or back screen, to me that's seems like they have no quality about them. 
+Brendan Bunyan check the drop test between the Samsung s3 and the iPhone 5 before you make your next purchase. If its quality build you seek you may want to give the iPhone a chance. 
Specs don't mean everything. Like windows vs mac. Mac just works so much better. As does iOS. I love the SIII, had one for a few weeks, looks good, too spec but after a while on real world scenarios it sometimes stutters or crashes or an app doesnt seem to want to talk to another app so you don't get that smooth seamless experience. Android lets it down as windows does a top end PC. Its a close call and before my trial i was almost tempted over, but the reality is its not as smooth or intuitive as its admittedly lesser powered iPhone. Although this obsession with bigger screens i dont get. its a fone! want bigger, get an ipad! Try jogging with an SIII! lol
Apple need to do an SIII equivalent with iOS to please spec heads. That would be something. For me, for now a 4s does all I need. Sales don't mean anything. There are many galaxy models, android fones. As PC has market share so does android. But people that know, studios, musicians, artists, they go mac. Why do u think that is? Same reason they go iPhone. Just all works so well for so long. Simple 
"but after a while on real world scenarios it sometimes stutters or crashes or an app doesnt seem to want to talk to another app so you don't get that smooth seamless experience. "

Yeah, I guess the Apple Maps fiasco never happened, right?
Ryan Ng
Samsung is good if you're looking for better software on your phone.
However, Apple is good for drop tests.
Ha ha surely Apple had every right to be upset. Samsung is executing on a strategy very similar to the one Apple used to displace Sony at the top of the TV stack. Here's how it works: First partner, then emulate, then effectively steal the market from the company targeted. Ka-ching! 
Hahaha samsung has better software!!?? What a joke. I was amazed at how may times my friends with the note 2 had to pull out his battery. Thing kept freezing!! iOS > Android no contest. 
ya Bobby  Apple people don't have to pull out their batteries if the freeze ..They can't
Samsung commercials bash blackberry as well. They are just a bunch of cock smokers who think they are gods. Apple needs to crush them and remind them who the boss is. 
Mo Pain
It's amusing reading all these posts! Who cares what is cool to each individual. It's a matter of functionality for each individual that matters. Believe it or not, some people actually work and don't have time to waste toying with their phones all day long. I prefer Droid because I personally like constant change. In all honesty, Apple still offers the best environment by where you get everything in 1 place. Pretty damn important if you are running a business and not goofing around all day piddling 
It's all marketing Like I said Apple's" No Intel inside" ads but in truth they did.. Marketing and spinning the tech we use is the game they all play it the one that get it really right that will the day but never the war.. That will always go on..
Humberto right on point .. Is a preference to each of us.. I like simple, solid, performance on a smartphone .. iPhone since 2008
Being cool does not mean adding a 1/2" of screen to your phone, so that its 4 inches instead of 3.5 Being cool means having a phone that has a 5.3 inch screen that also doubles as a mini tablet.

Apple is so far behind the times and catching up is hopeless. I still don't know why those lemming mindset people buy inferior products for twice the cost.
Iphones is cool before steve jobs died.
I'm not sure about cool, or that i even care about cool, but without a doubt, when i see someone using an iphone now, its sort of like using a BB when the iphone was just getting popular.  It sort of shows me that they have the 'typical thing' instead of the next thing. 
Ryan Ng
+Ryan O'Neill iPhone was cool about seven years ago when it was a novelty. Now it's a thing we all expect to be released every autumn.
Apple sucks i dont want a product that has symbolism from the bibble like biting into a apple like thought of that a differwnt blood

Apple os sucks its to shallow lacks depth and samsung rocks heaps. Since changing to galaxy3 ive spent tons more time on the phone but still shits me people kept ringing when i dont want to talk can someone make an app to send people a dont ring me for 5min im friggen busy face to face in the real world message lol
+Hafiz Hassan Dude, Apple have done this countless times in far more obvious ways. What goes around, comes around.
Rudy M
I don't know, but owning an iPhone at my workplace is no longer cool.   The unspoken idea is that if you own an iPhone it's because you are a technologically challenged consumer and needed something that was toy-like and simple to use.  This is silly, of course, but that seems to be the growing perception.
ryan b
I have had both. iPhone doesn't freeze and glitch like droid does. Bottom line. 
I believe the slowdown with Apple has to do with hitting market saturation. Just my opinion.
I would never swap my phone to either an iPhone or a Samsung device. Don't make me wrong both company has its good devices, however they got popular due to investing in marketing. Investing in marketing unfortunately does not produce any valuable extent. It's good to earn profits though. I would rather buy a phone which priced without marketing costs included. 
Ryan Ng
+ryan b iPhone has a lot of other software problems (yes, I had both as well), like when you try to enter a passcode on iPhone 5, the screen glitches.
WSJ, I would give you my answer but you have to scale my paywall to read it.
Good for Samsung. The competition is beneficial for us consumers
I can't say it has. I've never heard anyone shooting the breeze or raving over their Samsung devices compared to Apple products. Samsung makes great products,  but they for some reason don't have the cool factor that an Apple product comes with. 
Apple is a great company, but it's gradually losing...
if you perfer apple, then you will fall behind like most apple users
Why do we all behave as if Android and iPhone users belong to some different section of the society. We are all same. And people keep switching platforms. It's really cool to use whatever phone you like :)

Yes, I am also guilty of getting involved in stupid Apple vs Android fights, but I only do that when I find a snobbish apple user (not all are like that) trying to put down someone with an android phone. 
Nope still like my iphone and ive owned android if i really want to do all that customizing ill just use jail break ive owned both platforms including a hp webos tablet with android cm9 hack and still prefer apple hell i even owned the g1 the fact is apple puts parts that last and its more stable "application crash" which ive seen happen on all androids
Samsung is successful because it makes solid products. Same for Apple. And yes, apple is losing users to Samsung. Theres enough room for 2 cool kids in the class. Thank God. Wish there were more. 
A phone is a phone. An iPhone is an iPhone. A Samsuck toy is toy (plastic too).
Get over it #undroid fangals. 
+Roope Leppänen Yes all companies are profit based, but for example Google gives free services like Drive, when Microsoft Office costs what it does, and Google works hard to keep Android as low-cost as they can and it benefits us, and also them through advertisement revenue.
Google+ rocks you guys make me laugh lol sent from Samsung galaxy3 lol
I think Samsung is cooler than iPhone for now but Samsung should watch for Sony 
Blah blah why don't we just support an American company vs a Japanese company that just copied everything the American company did. Maybe not everything but the most important things yes. We can sit around and buy Asian everything and watch our companies go to shit or we can support our companies and pay the extra dollar for U.S innovation or did you forget that, that is what apple did to the cell phone and now everyone wants a piece of the Apple. 
Can we support Technology rather than any company....
jus a thought....its good to have everyone coming up together...isn't it?!
Abe, Samsung is not a Japanese company. If you are going to go on a half baked rant, at least get the basics right
Reading the comments on the official WSJ site are telling. They are arguably not from the tech enthusiasts here on G+. Almost all of then state that "Apple is far superior to Samsung in terms of hardware and functionality, Apple just costs more." And "I know people who switched to the iPhone 5 just for the ease of FaceTime." Alas, the average, not techy consumer is unbelievably blind.
+Ryan Jensen , you do realize that Samsung basically makes the iPhone for Apple, right? You're making yourself sound a bit stupid...
Jst bought a note 2 ...and loving it !!..
I love when Apple fans like +Bobby Parizeau say things like: 'I was amazed at how many times my friends with the note 2 had to pull out his battery...' if you even have that supposed friend, he wasn't pulling his battery
Maybe lower end Android phones from 2010? Try again, please...
People expect too much from Apple and when another company makes something innovate that's not apple they don't get credit for it. 
Fuck steve jobs, arrogant clown, died from a very treatable condition only because he wanted to try "other" methods..look where that got you...screw apple
+Kimmo Jaskari so you can install iOS 6.1 on an iphone 3G and 3GS? Fragmentation exist everywhere. My ibook g4 cant even update to the latest itunes and stops its software updates at 10.4.11 osx. Granted its old and underpowered but the same exist for most phones. Not just android, windows phones, blackberry phones, nokia phones..etc all have different software version floating around even the cool iphone. 
I been working in computer for over 36 years  Apple is great marketing .. their hardware works as  some like and not as other.. and for proof I give you Apple Maps.. A computer is a computer  they just come in new colors these days.. Apple was best when it was using the PPC but now they are he same parts  just running a different OS.. It's all Wintel hardware now.
I agree with +Connor Macleod . Apple has been playing catch up for quite some time. Unless they come up with something super cool soon, the gap will keep on widening.
Lol credit is from Samsung. Of course they say that, they are biased. I do admit Samsung is pretty awesome but I prefer Apple. Samsung doesn't have to put up a biased post just to "prove" they're better. Neither does Apple. 
Actually most of the parts in apple products are made by samsung. Apple isnt good or cool its just trendy. Fez's are cool, Bowties are cool, Aosp is cool.  Apple is a greedy bully that sues everyone and their mothers while charging an arm and a leg for an inferior product that breaks when you drop it and cant be opened to change the battery if it comes loose. ALmost everyone I know whos owned an iphone has broken it.  I know a few people that broke their droids but most of them survived over 20 drops before breaking
When i worked at Apple the had a lot Sony in there and many thought the were merge .. Now samsung and other inside .. Apple is just made up more of others tech.
I guess the samsung stuff isn't premium brand but once you put together samsung's nand flash memory and cpu, sony's battery, and camera sensor, and Lg's screen tech = premium quality product but some of the components are Samsung's? So Samsung doesn't use the premium stuff on their products but they do use the premium stuff in the competitors product? What is the definition of a premium product? The look? Or is it aluminum? So my tuna cans are premium products? Help plz!
+James Huston Thanks for the laugh.  That's the funniest thing i've ready all day!  You not only made the joke that Apple is the one who gets copied, you used the term "misled consumers" to describe Samsung users instead of Apple users...  ROFL!  Good job, man!
Samsung is about to snatch the crown away from Apple their dominance in the mobile sector has been short lived. Android blows them away and most people are buying Apple for status anyway. I love my Galaxy, I said I love my my Galaxy !

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