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A massive solar eruption rose up from the sun on New Year's Eve. It extended about 160,000 miles out from the Sun - about 20X the diameter of the Earth. Watch the footage:

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I have just read some comments in other place, some people say it's fake, because the satellite should have burned for being so close to the Sun... not to mention the comparison of size, people say it's fake the Earth isn't that close of it....

Ben Smith
Man, scientific ignorance is fun to behold.
the Sun did it own fireworks celebration too
+James Lucas Actually, we've been harnessing that energy for thousands of years in the form of harvested plants and water power.  Millions of years when you figure in the plants and animals that were turned into coal, oil and gas now being tapped as "fossil fuels."  And now directly in the form of solar power.
A massive solar eruption?  I wonder what impact there will be on the earth. We could see a massive aurora in the Arctic or climate change might happen somewhere? I guess I'm just a little bit scared.
+Nolly Meets nah. It wasn't facing Earth. Nothing will happen, probably. ^_^
OK, Ben. I hope nothing bad will happen.
No need to worry we will have to spend billions next on research of it and the effects of global warming, we have another election comming soon and politicians will need money to fund it, so they will give tons of $$$ away to large companies to get some back for the elections. You all know how it watch and see.
This is what u get for polluting the universe and beyond
we not think fr that coz that is not true....only god know when the earth end...
I think, that must be the reason for the doomsday prophecy..
"A massive solar eruption" should be preceded by " gigantic solar erection"
the eruption size is probably 50 times (or more?) the size of earth...
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