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NASA's Curiosity rover is in its sixth month on Mars. This self-portrait was made by combining dozens of exposures taken by the rover's cameras.
Credit: Reuters
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who took this picture?
A handsome fellow that gets the job done.
spend less time taking profile pictures for facebook and more time finding aliens please ..
Enough, let's set a goal of landing humans on Mars.
Looks like it has some work to do on that roadbase before the pavement goes down. WOW! That is amazing. Such clear high-res images. Its almost too good to be true. I would otherwise require grainy black and white photos to believe this is imagery from a neighboring planet. I love NASA!
Mars in Hindi language means Mangal which in english means welfare of all.
That's insane!  Makes me want to take my quad out for a ride....

the ground looks like the remnence to stone settings
of an ancient Romean Street, suggesting:

who were living there and, when?!

This is not occurred naturally by, for instant dried off waters, etc.?
Wouldn't it then be more equally sized and symetric spots?! They're all fitted into each other--

That rock doesn't offer much now..does it? 
Is it really from mars or a picture taken from somewhere in Africa?

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