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As more states approve marijuana for medical (and recreational) use, here’s how to invest in legalized pot:

Would you invest in legalized marijuana?

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hell yeah! invest and help the industry with consumption! we have to protect our investment =}
No. I believe legalized drugs should be regulated non-profits where all proceeds go into addiction prevention and treatment.
not if legalized +juan alderete  besides there would be less paranoia associated with it also just because of legalization!
+john doe Yes, there would be less operational risk compared to an illegal venture, but still more operational risk than almost any other industry.

i'd stay out unless your a principal in the industry. A cannabis ETF seems.. unstable.
Tax it and help out our failing under funded school systems, as well as prevention/awareness programs a la D.A.R.E.
absolutely! ain't no so different from tobacco or alchool.
Absolutely not! Marijuana has no medical capabilities whatsoever and is only legalized due to left-wing politicians believing people's excuses that it can be medically helpful, when all they really want to do is get high. It's shameful that this is the direction that our country's going, and I hope this trend doesn't continue much in any other state or country.
+Doug Girardot First, thats just flat out scientifically and medically not true. Second, so what? Even if its just for recreational use, how does that affect you?
Is it wrong, then, for a terminal cancer patient to get high? I say no. Is it right to give medical MJ for pre menstrual cramps, I say no again. However I do not believe that it is all some left-wing conspiracy. My $.02.
so... we're all wrong when we drink at parties?
anyway... I don't know if it has or not any good medical effests, but just wonder... ehm... e.g. people can be alcohol addicted, and alcohol can cause accidents, death, injuries, cirrosi epatica (sorry, don't know tre word in English, so I put in Italian) and more and more... but it's completely legal.
so... why marijuana cannot be the same?
My concern about further legalizing marijuana use is the impact of the driving population and the workplace. It seems like the people who advocate for "recreational" use of smoking pot don't think about the people who would smoke marijuana and drive. A person has to be sober and clear-headed when driving a car. If it is not legal to drink-and-drive, text-and-drive and put on make-up and drive, then I certainly don't think people should be able to legally drive high. In addition, do we really want people in the workplace, i.e. doctors, lawyers, pilots, truck drivers, teachers, cops and factory workers high as a kite while they do their jobs. No sir! The liability would be tremendous.
yes +James Aldridge , I see you point, and I agree with you, but, in my opinion, you do not completely consider that tha same laws which forbid sms writing, or driving after drunk, or any other action that could get th attention lower, cuold be applicated to the MJ "who drinks don't drive", "who smokes don't drive"... on the work place could be the same...
Very interesting article, strong possibilities for investments, especially since banks are not lending to business startups, but still a lot risk because of federal laws.
the main risk are not the federal laws... are the drug dealers, the narcos and the entire illegal system
Look. The Swedish have decriminalized weed, and statistics proved time and time again that minors were less likely to engage in smoking marijuana for recreational use. Studies, credible studies, have shown benefits for cancer, pain, and eating disorders.  Sorry, +Doug Girardot but those are facts. When has alcohol benefited a cancer patient, or a girl dying of starvation? It hasn't yet. Us left-wing liberals use facts to back up our arguments. Try it sometime! 
+Danielle Sandos, I don't disbelieve what you're saying, but could you cite any of those studies? I'd be interested to read some of them.
Ok So, what if it does become legalized? Would big companies that... Say.. for instance.. rely (partially) on stoners for business invest in other businesses the sell the Ganga? Who owns Taco Bell, KFC, Arby's. Wise investment or?.... Munchies anyone?
The mob is going to love dealing pot legally!
+James Aldridge so you don't think that people are already driving, working and whatever high? I guess you think that it will increase the likelihood, but there is some evidence that legalization might actually reduce consumption. BTW, did you see that ER doctor from AZ that drove drunk into another car at a speed that got her car airborne? When arrested she said she was going to work.
Naah I've invested too much in it already, high return though.
Alcohol is legal. You ever read heaflines: man high wrecks and kills family of 6? NOPE, cause he's not driving. He's at home eating lol. 
I have been in these stocks for the past month, made a good chunk, still lots of up side potential. 
The only difference between pot and alcohol, tobacco, caffeine etc. They are smart enough to tax the others.
Yes legalize it i dont smoke but alcohol is worse atleast marijuana can be used as medicine.
i wish my country legalize it soon
Marijuana is no different from liquor to beer but at least it doesn't kill people unlike cigarettes!!!
if all states legalize it and tax! our national debt could would be gone in two years!
Once big business gets involved the pot will get stronger and we will have more mental health issues and lazy stoners this generation dont need any more excuses for not getting of there ass
Yes I would it cures a lot of medical problems ad people wouldn't have to take pills to make the pain go away when the pills don't always work the way Mary man's.does
Mary Jane would cure all the medical problems ad people could do away with the pills Id smoke it if I could ad do away with the pills God grew it so it must be here for a reason to cure everyones pain
I can tell by some of the posts i read here that you have no clue as to what you are talking about!
A lot of the comments that I have been reading on this post made me question the competency of people! Thousands of test have been done over the past fifty years that shows the benefits of medical marijuana. Even if it was past for recreation unlike alcohol you never hear on the news how a man smoked weed all day and went home and beat the crap out of his wife n kids because he was high or how a person was so stoned that they got into a car accident and killed a bunch of people. You don't even hear of people breaking into homes to steal because they need to get high. A lot of people don't even know that there is nothing in the make up weed that is cancer causing! Get educated people before making an ass out of yourselves.
MJ is not just a left wing issue. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was for legalization. Pat Robertson even is against criminalizing it.

I lol'd seeing this from WSJ btw. 
A couple of reasons why it will never be legalized for recreational use or even medical is most of the money that law enforcement receive for the war on drugs go for the fight against weed. Almost two thirds of the budget goes for this. Legalize it and that money is gone. Also the pharmaceutical companies stands lose billions if the public was able to self medicate. Right now you can only get a mmj card for a small percentage of ailments that weed can help with. Corporate America only care about money not the people they hurt.
Technically two is more. Brilliant people @ that paper.

The government is not going to let those 2.5 million jobs connected with prohibition go 
This is a ridiculously risky and stupid investment. What if the next president decides to actually enforce the federal drug laws? You could get a mandatory sentence of around 10 years in jail for knowingly financing drug trafficking.
Four seats may become available to fill by president obama before his term is over in the U.S. supreme court! these four seats could have a profound affect on the federal laws governing the legalization of marijuana. Any half wit can see that if legalized in all states and taxed properly will reduce greatly or eliminate the national debt and lower unemployment rates just within a few years! +Kevin Mampuru you show your ignorance comparing LSD and marijuana. though at this time both are schedule 1 class drugs. LSD has no medicinal value. LSD can,t be used for making productive materials beneficial to the GDP. LSD can not create jobs to reduce the unemployment rates like the cultivation and sales of marijuana. +Glenn Perry there are different strains of marijuana. these strain have different uses. some strains are used to block pain, and some can be very stimulating. before posting some retarded shit that says more about you then the subject. you should do some research for yourselves first rather then relying on what your parents and society brain wash you people with!.
This current president won't or he would have been arresting people in California during his last term. Even medical marijuana breaks federal laws +david greifzu . Unless he's made some statement to the contrary that I missed
+Adam Bowling I thought the Justice Department was shutting down all the shops. They will do whatever is required to be effective.
Can you get 20oz containers?
Marijuana is non addictive to all those ignorant people that truly believe it is we are talking about plant not a chemical 
Once the public as a whole become more knowledgeable about marijuana and stand up to the people that is trying to lie about the facts about how it could help society that is the only way we the people will ever get a fair shake on this deal. Do the research and then form your opinions on the facts and not heresy.
getting people to stand up against anything is hard. they are attacked by every jack off that wants to halt speech! most people aren,t strong enough to stand with worry of loosing their job, home, family, life! there are those that just don,t give a fuck if you think or speak. so many people think that since my parents have given me such a great start on life they own them to up hold their ethics, values, and everything they told me has to be right! they are my parents right? then you have our authorities have made our economy such that we all have to work are asses off to get by. working to raise our families the best we can, getting ready for that once a year vacation so we can show our children the world and give them new experiences. once in this rat race and the vortex of WTF. the media crams stupid shit down their throats creates fear freely because people are so tired and don,t have enough time to look around for themselves. step out of line and every interest group or race tries to stick their foot in your ass, so accepting whatever is put in front of you is easy to accept and just move on because you have to get little joey to musical classes, or go on that vacation that when you come back from your going to be just as tired from by scheduling everything you can into, because your not going to get to do this again for another year! society wants to form everyone's opinion with your not cool, you have to fit in, you might offend someone if you form your own opinion, you,re not doing it right if your not politically correct. our government has convinced everyone there are only two candidates, and you waste your vote if you vote other wise, while being backed with millions of dollars from every interest group and company on the planet! people accept it and move on thinking everyone else is thinking this way so i guess i have to also! give me a break! control is an illusion people! it,s all smoke and mirrors! they don,t want you to question everything and search out the truth for yourselves! they aren,t untouchable and don,t want you to know it! why do you think they run around sucking your asses for a year before election time??? because things can,t happen without all of you!!!! if they control you they can keep reality away from you!!! divide and conquer keeps the top 12% in power and you ... well under control! CONTROL is an illusion!!! go buy a bag and smoke all of it! form your own opinion! inform yourselve really! about everything!
if all drugs get to b legalized the better .. the gov don't want it cuz dey would loose money
Im curious.... Why is it that its only in the United State that all anti social/ or illegal act becomes legal.

The state is always the first to condone anti social vices.... First it was legalizing Same sex marriage,Abortion and now Legalized marijuana.
Only God knows what else it has in its archive awaiting confirmation.

Call me old fashioned if you may... But that is just my blunt vuew... Pls dont hate if my views upset you.
They need to legalize it in my state so I can use it benefits for my anxiety
Do your research people! That's all I have to say!
Do your research people! You might be surprised at what you find out!
Anyway, you may be right,,,, at least there are different strokes for
different folks.
Yes legalize it but there has to be rules like there is with alcohol like no smoking while driving! 
I would not invest in Marijuana, because I have no idea what the federal government or the other states are going to do next. With such a large risk, I would not do it. Especially with all of the hype, it seems like a fool's game.
Sure, let us turn 0,50 cent in to 12,-.AGAIN. Potential stocks / shares / financial markets show technical / diagnostic / medical and pharmaceutical companies, because the earlier published
 " #potential #financial #market of #medical #marihuana "  is not 110 billion but could be 100 to 1000 billion with 166 to 225 global daily users, and between 1,6 /16 to 2.25 / 22,5 million patients.. Buy your shares today..
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