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How has Apple and Google’s relationship changed this past year? “It's always been on and off,” said Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman.

Read our interview with Schmidt here:

Photo: Bloomberg News
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"It's extremely curious that Apple has chosen to sue Google's partners and not Google itself." Indeed, it is.
how bad did Apple screw up: i have bought every version of the iPhone except the iPhone 5, because i don't want to trade in my iPhone 4 which still had Google Maps and Youtube, and i definitely want upgrade the iOS to the new version , for same reason
Goggle and Apple both make great products.  Both are innovative.  Both have had their share of screw ups.  But here is the bottom line for me:  Google is open, Apple is not.
Apple is hardware, Google is software. Imagine what they could accomplish together.  Until that happens, (the same day hell freezes over) go Google (for the same reasons +Jeff Grundman pointed out)
Great juxtaposition of foreground and background in the photo.
It looks almost like sibling rivalry from some standpoints. of course you wouldn't sue your own brother outright, you'd make him pay you back some other way. I personally feel as if Apple was designed with an end date in mind. Yes, new tech comes out and needs to be constantly updated, but why should I as a consumer be expected to re-purchase the same product for one or two simple changes? repeatedly at that. Why not just design something that I can upgrade or download updates for? It's high finance, who knows what's going through their heads!
Apple, like Microsoft once was, is on its way out. Look at the chart people. Head and shoulders for those investors out there. I also agree with Jeff 
Actually most enterprises are protecting their own profit reflect to other's. There's no more new tech said Kevin McCormick. Google has been Big growth in tech. But Apple's growth has been declined already even still live Jobs.
Some may say that Apple own the phone industry, perhaps even the consumer computing world, the tablet ndustry even. But Google, they own everything you use that nifty little device for. The few areas they aren't already industry leaders in, they soon will be...even Google+ has a chance at uprooting facebook! 
now don't mistake my words, I definitely agreed that new tech is coming out at a rapid pace. And yeah Google is at the front of the charge these days. That's why there's so many people out there just trying to make sense of it all
This two are the industries big draw including Samsung meanwhile Nokia are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how they lost their market share even in cheaper cell phones.Its a battle out there for market share and Apple is obviously threatened by the growing influence of Google and Samsung.
I've bought all previous generations of iphone exception of 4s and 5 and I've also owned all previous Ipad generations but i rather got myself the nexus7 and nexus4,why spend excessively for a premium product that has zero upgrade in their features and technology.
I can't even read the article without paying....
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