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Apple has cut its component orders on the iPhone 5 due to weaker-than-expected demand.  Screen orders have been cut in half, approximately.  Has Apple's halo been cracked?
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Duan Dao
stock manipulation?
Maybe now my son will be believe in the power of Android. ;)
#Microsoft  is paying a small fortune to manipulate opinion in the media to favor its horrible Windows phones - That's why we're seeing all of the new "teenagers hate #Apple  " articles popping up everywhere. 
Jack H
'Bout time that bubble popped. Unsustainable; I've been saying it for years.
As they say:All things must come to an end.Next stop,SAMSUNG.(Bubble Burst!)
+Stephen Peer because Microsoft is benefitting soooooo much from this. Look at that Windows Phone market share skyrocket...

Oh wait.
If you go to macrumors site, you will notice just how retarded people apple fanboys are. And they never spoke nothing about the fact that apple stock has dropped insanely the last 6 months. 
Since Apple hasn't improved their OS much over the past several years people are switching away from Apple just to get innovation and cool new modern features. 
iPhone is the most overrated electronic. Android is superior.
+luther robinson iii Yes, some white people actually resist when thugs try to take them. Good thing only the thugs have guns in Chicago, right? 
I just got an iPhone 5 after owning the HTC INSPIRE and I love apple! Everything is streamlined together. It's just a more fluid device!
I mean don't blame us it ya fault to be on ya iphone so much not pay ya get what is coming.
+Brian Daniel yeah compared to an HTC Inspire but that is not the case for the Nexus line or the Samsung stuff.
+luther robinson iii Maybe we should tell the management at the +Sam's Club at 9400 South Western Avenue Evergreen Park, IL 60805 (708) 422-7417 about your comments, because, well, they sell iPhones, right? Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to the customers in the parking lot. 

Fabulous News and may they continue to drop. Here's hoping that there buddle has finally burst and buyers are getting smarter!!
Mike Ward
+Edward Solomon Samsung won't have any burst bubbles. Too many fingers in too many pies. They are also innovators so will always have new cards up there sleeves. Apple innovation is all gone. Just recycling the sane old crap.
+luther robinson iii Well, you're the one out here in public laughing at people getting mugged for their phones, I figured you getting fired by a company that sells them would be really funny.

Don't worry, I'm sure they'll find somebody else to bring the carts in. 
Samsung/ android overpowering the market in uk these days people bored of apple
Mike Ward
This post has gone very silly!! This is about the downfall of apple and not poor out Luther...we love you Luther, you have android

+luther robinson iii You did say "I mean don't blame us it ya fault to be on ya iphone so much not pay ya get what is coming. That how white people get rob every day lol lol" ,right?

And you work in the parking lot of a +Sam's Club store that sells iPhones.
I knew this was going to happen, when I saw them suing everyone left and right...
nobody likes assholes
No, they are not going down. 30ish years ago they came out with the "Lisa" which close to nobody bought. And look what they became. Every manufacturing company hits a bad spell but that doesn't mean that it is they're downfall.
Fuck me G+ is retarded. Thought I was reading FB comments for a moment.
+Simon Palmore ....and 15 years ago, Apple had to get a $150 million handout from Microsoft so they wouldn't go bankrupt and disappear into oblivion. What's your point?
Google stock is also down nearly 3%.

Apple needs a shake up.  They are making a ton of money, but their power has always been in perception and advertising.  As more and more people realize that +Android  is just as good a product (if not better) people won't continue to pay a premium just to have a half bitten fruit logo on the back of their phone. 
+Eric Mejias ....and RIMM is up 10%. There's a lot of weird things going on in the stock market today, but the one consistent thing is that AAPL is down....again.
Im not by far an Apple fan but I'm finding myself wanting to ditch my PC for any MacBook. Good or bad move.?
If they'd make it an open system and allow jailbreaking, they'd sell more iPhones.  I haven't upgraded to the iPhone 5 yet, because I'm still awaiting a jailbreak.
Wow I thought the iPhone 5 would have outpaced supply but apparently not... That's awesome though maybe now they'll innovate instead of spending their money on lawsuits
apples halo has not been cracked, its just the iphone 5 is not what people wanted it to be 
It's probably that upgrading requires a new 2-year contract, so people can't upgrade every year without a hefty fee. So many people have iPhones now that a leveling-off was inevitable.
neil h
They have ridden the wave... its over
What were people expecting from the iPhone 5? The market is maturing there's only but so much you can improve upon. They got a bigger screen, which was needed, what else could they have added?
Tristan S
2009 - "People don't want big phones." - Apple
2012 - "People want bigger phones!" - Apple

Meanwhile, they just make the screen bigger and put in maps that get you lost. 
+Donnie Osbourne The real question is why? Because you've heard what the fanboys said? If so, thats a horrible reason because the fanboys are blind and will ignore any problem and sing only blind praise. This is true for everything, not just Apple.
And are you willing to go through the learning curve? OSX isn't Windows and does do some things differently. Again, ignore the fanboys because there will be a learning curve. Not a huge one but yes there is one (its why Apple Stores will give you an hour lesson to learn to use a Mac because of that learning curve.)
So, yeah, why do you want a Mac? I'm just wanting to help you think your move out and help you make an informed decision
This just goes to show you the power of the Microsoft spin machine. And why do these always revolve into an Android is better argument? Look at there chart, apple is right where it should be
I love how if apple falls all their fanboy following blames counter marketing... Why not Blane the fact that the last 3 phones are almost the same, out the fact that they are playing catch up to all Android devices
Ven L
Enough with the tribal rubbish! If you enjoy the iPhone, brilliant If you prefer Android, fantastic. I say use the kit that best suits your needs and nuts to anyone that sets out to try to make you feel bad because of it but at the same time don't for a second think your any better because of the gear you use. 
+Armand Sellers Errm, well: NFC, proper multi-tasking, widgets, an even bigger screen, maps that work, sip stack, ability to configure default apps, a swype keyboard, haptic feedback, sharing to any app, and you know, maybe some innovative stuff that Android doesn't already have.
I've said the fad is dying for a while now. I hope they are run back into the ground where they belonged. 
+John Willey its not an argument, its one side starting facts and the other being in denial ;)
Apple already played all his cards nothing left to show anymore its time for android now
+Xatolos Wired thanks homie but all what you said I've been saying to myself all along. I just think windows 8 is crap I'm not in the mood to wait around for the hardware to catch-up with the software. This isn't a Android IOs thing. It is more of a WTF was Microsoft thinking with Win8. Not to mention my PC just broke. I just wanted an honest opinion in any case. 
Got bored of apple product..i put my 4s garbage can, when i found out that 5s is just recycle
when I saw no innovation in the iPhone 5, I knew Apple's time was up.
Maybe they have all they need and don't want to get stuck with the outdated model when the iPhone 6 is released?
iPhone? iOS? aint nobody got time for that.

To: The Galaxy S4 with its FHD 4.99, 440 ppi display, 2 quad core CPU's, 3gb RAM and 2500mAh battery

"Hey look - the emperor isn't wearing any clothes!"
mr. Tim cook is already rusted.. bon vayage to his lawyers.. good bye innovation...
I knew their high wouldn't last. I'm so happy, I hope they fall below 300.
+Kevin Key That's what they said when Apple dipped back before the iPhone 5 made its debut. Than after the iPhone 5 hit the market the 4S sales were outnumbering the 5 sales 3 to 1, and even now the 4s is still outselling the 5, and Apple shares are still barely hanging on just a little over 500 a share. They can keep claiming that the iPhone sales are bad because the consumer's are waiting for the next one every single year but the truth is Apple is no longer the cool kid on the block. 
Where does anyone get the idea that Microsoft phones or any device with Win8OS is picking up momentum in the market or in popularity... MS and Win8 are dying a horrible death right alongside Apple. MS sucks and so does Apple. Android sales world wide stands at 75% of the global Market  . .  Long Live Android . . The myth of dominant iShit is just that, . . unadulterated iBullcrap..
Because nobody wanted to drop $500 for essentially the same phone with a marginally bigger screen? Go figure. 
Lmfao.....FYI....that is nothing new for apple!!! They are experts on sabotaging they own success!!!!
To many competition I guess theres a lot of android phones out there thats less expensive monthly and offer the same Apps and features as the IPhones unless they drop the price then people will snag them up like crazy. 
Apple does what they do best... They let someone else take the spot light from their prime time.

Hey apple!..why not screw your sucker followers a bit more by switching the 120v to 220v for USA suckers and have them buy an adapter?....dejavue..."USB new cable" did you in stupids!!!!!
They are getting destroyed by the real innovators outpacing them using the same ideas they copied from others. They werent as succesful as microsoft back in its day when it held back innovation with buyouts and lawsuits.... rip crapple.
Apple is going downhill.....oh! Wait there's an app for that!
It's funny how people will say "Just wait for the iPhone 6!".... I have to laugh , that's 1.5 years into the future. They will probably make an iPhone 5s this year and iPhone 6 the year after. That's a long time to wait for what Android has already.
+Jack H well i think they would fair better if they stopped suing everyone and focused more on building some new exciting phones.
I think this will be the new normal for Apple. I love Apple but even I think Samsung and Sony are coming up with phones that have features the iPhone does not.
Oh! And all those poor people that bought the iPhone 4s when it first came out will have to wait forever to get a new phone on contract. They will wait 2 years and only the iPhone 5s will be out . they won't want that because the real innovation will come out in the iPhone 6. I would hate to have to wait that long for a new phone. They might as well switch to Android.
Dropped the iphone @ #3, been on that galaxy2 skyrocket wave......#thatapplebeen rotten
Apple has nothen to worry about lol.

this is why they tell u to never to sit under the apple tree
So apple has to scale back orders but the nexus can't stay in stock +1 for android
Wow I knew it wouldn't take long for people like +Calvin Davis and +Rob Marques to show up and talk crap about apple while talking about how android is obviously the best. Thank goodness for people like +RANDY O'DONNELL who are fair.
+steve augustin(to answer your question) I greatly dislike apple; however, i own an ipod... the same one for about 5 years now... and one thing ive started to notice as i have begun looking into other phones, mp3 players, and computers; is that apple charges a much high amount for their stuff than most other competitors (hopefully this isn't a shock to anyone reading this :P), and for the most part, there isn't much difference in quality of equipment, they do have a nice UI, but for those who actually want a more versatile device which gives the user flexibility, apple fails misserable... Their system is closed and i very much dislike that... which compounded with the cost of equipment makes for a hatred of apple.
-Plus its sad to see my close friends go out and buy apple's new phone just to see that they are only fractionally different than the one they previously had, heck from iphone 4 -> iphone 5 i couldn't tell the difference unless I was told :P

-to end, when Apple first came out, they were a step above the rest, coming out with innovative technology and amazing UI and graphics and so on... but now i feel like they have fallen in a rut which most companies seem to be moving out of... And that isn't going to fly anymore... hence their dropping stock prices. They have a chance to bring themselves back out, but i have a feeling that this is going to be a continuing down trend.
The high prices must have lowered demmand but there is a high supply of iphones so what apple has to do is to lower their price to incerease demmand for its thing that only people to look good so if they are wiser consumers then they will realize that there are waaay better options for a device that I will never buy because of personal interests.
mwa ha ha ha. after apple falls, mac will dissapear, and then microsoft will stop as global warming floods Seattle, and Linux will be the dominant OS!
Don't confuse stock prices with product. Stock market gold rush mentality ... 
Apple's stock was over-inflated, anyway. 
PleAse ... its just a bubble but MS loses in an investment in Apple years ago. 
And if you put your ear to the ground, you can hear Steve Jobs yelling from the bowels of hell , (Cook, you fng idiot!) 
Finally, Apple has serious competition from Samsung.  Therefore, investors are dumping the stock because they know Apple cannot maintain its share of the market with overpriced equipment when Samsung produces a better product at lower prices.
Rs P
I have apple n s3, wat can i say is s3 with competitive price to its feature but i found out bugs oftenly, it just stop sudden when i running apps.. this rarely happen on apple, for me apple is more mature developed than s3, but recently the sad story after steve is not much 'meaningful improvement' from apple which i hope samsung will try better..
+Stephen Peer people hate apple becsuse of there business practices. I would never support a company that takes every idea they have ever had from other companies, repackage them with an apple logo then take all the credit for it. 
Randy H
That's such a racist remark +luther robinson iii...but I digress that's why the industry calls android "Whiteberry" it's the white people's phone lol
I bet apple starts being more open source I bet they start putting micro sd slots in there phones. I bet they start trying to be more android friendly. They will come to see that is what the public wants. 
Please, the iPhone 6 will get announced, the journalists will go gaga over it and the stock will go to $700 again. Thus is the cycle of life.
I was an avid IPhone fan boy until that garbage iphone 5 came out.. and Samsung made the Note 2...the rest is history.... lol 
Finally, I hope apple either finally invents or innovates something they haven't stolen or goes out of business.
The fruit has fallen off the tree and the worms are now doing their part.

I know lots of iPhone user... Most of my friends/family have one or two... 3/4 of them are get the BB10. I think I will too! It looks very cool :)
They had a good run. But how long can you keep selling the same rebranded phone to the same people? I for one don't feel the need to by a new phone once a year for upwards of $600

4s is a good phone, iPhone5 did nothing significant to improve on it. Apple isn't taking risks right now, and risks are what made them so successful. That and putting huge profit margins on their hardware.

But! Don't forget, they have $500 billion in cash and the backs of the Chinese to continue to build their Empire. These guys are far from finished. 
+Brian Daniel hey, do you know how old is your HTC? On addition, even in its age, inspire was not a high-end android product at all.... Try the new nexus 4, if you are lucky enough to find one in the market..... or just try Galaxy nexus before you jump to your conclusion:)
April 2013 APL stock $613, don't miss it :-) 
I don't know why ppl say that iphone 6 is coming ......everybody knows that apple is only renew their handset s every 2 years so don't expect iphone 6... instead iphone 5s with the same shitty technology and same scren size
Buy now. When they release the iTV it will jump back up. At least for a little while :) 
Some good news, innovation should grow and not slow or stolen
It's because they didn't fix their stupid maps app!
This further proves that the Obama-mismanaged U.S. economy is horrifyingly weak. There is weaker-than-expected demand clearly due to the fact that the business climate in the country is extremely insecure because idiot, Marxist Barry raised taxes on 77 percent of all Americans. Sadly, many of the un-American traitors who voted for Obama are too dumb to know this because they're busy watching Buckwild and Jersey Shore, like the useful idiots they are.
Hmgh i just think its over bored with em
Nothing has come to an end. It's a transition. Apple got lapped, or at least caught up to, but unless they decide to drop out of the business they will always be a big player. Plus it only takes one idea to cause another transition. They now know they can't survive on brand mythos and will be putting a lot into product and software development. I'm sure Cook is sweating!
This is the stock market. Anyone that follows the stock trade knows that stock doesn't really compare to how a company is doing. It was a bubble bound to pop. If anyone on this thread thinks this is the end of one of the biggest tech companies in the world than that person is a fool. Apple has over $150 billion in the back. That's more than some superpower countries!
apple now: much cash, few innovations...
I just find it funny.

AAPL down 3% = Die Apple die going to bankrupt. iPhone fans losers...

GOOG down to almost 3% = meh
RIM Stock jumps 10% = meh

Welcome to Wall Street where money never sleeps.
AAPL is selling at a ridiculously low valuation. They have over $100/share cash and even conservative estimates are for earnings to be in the mid-$40s this year. You can all sell me your shares... If you look at the past 5 years or so, the sock usually makes its low in the Jan/Feb timeframe each year.

Apple is notoriously secretive about their innovations until they are released. I bet they have some good stuff coming out before the summertime and we'll likely see Apple hit $800/share before Google.
Louis B
Yeah cut in half, to 34 million. :))
It'll bounce back after earnings call.
I am not an Apple user, but I hope their stock stabilizes, there is too much investment money tied up in the company and a big slide would be detrimental to national economics.
What goes up, comes down## gravity!!
I feel sooo sorry for apple and all of their Tarts...............(for all Americans that was sarcasm)......
If apple going down hill is not obama or bush fault is beacause they don't care about the ppl who buy their products they don't care what their want. all they want is sell plus the la lack of innovation....nobody else is responsible but apple.
I'm so old, I remember when owning an iPhone was hip and cool.....
Samsung is part of the equation, but not a huge one.

AAPL isn't what it used to be, and the death of Jobs is a huge part of that.
+Donnie Osbourne There is no defined benefit of moving to a MAC.  If you like the design better, go ahead.  However, if your a gamer then don't make the move.  Sure, you can install Parallels to install windows to play games (see the issue) but still not the same.  I have both, and find in 99% of the cases the Windows computer gets used more.

Also, all of them are PC's.  One is a Apple Based OS and the other is Microsoft (or Ubuntu if you like).
The pure racial ignorance on this forum...I could have sworn this was about stock in a company lol. Lets get to the that please.
Thats because android is the bomb and apple sucks. 
Paul T.
The Apple ship is sinking.
Their greed has caught up with them. 
"It's just gravity at work again." -Isaac Newton
jk he did not say that, i think.
look out below: no one cares about apple..
When you release the same phone year in and year out, while your competition is constantly innovating hardware and software, what did you expect?
Apple is starting to bore people, is not the cores that counts, but the publicity and the looks. Okay iPhone looks cool back in the days, but now, we are seeing the same brick over and over again, we demand something fresh !
Yay poor product finally yielding poor results
What pisses me out suing others for something they never created or innovated.
1. better business model and software integration into commonly used search engines,email etc 2. Higher quality for cheaper 3. Changing to well known apple plug....srupid. I hate apple but I got an iPod for The connectivity now no good. Ps iTunes blows
Well I must say apple has always had a quality OS but hopefully now that their bubble has bursted, other companies step up there game and show them how they can control a market without raping our wallets...!
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