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These girls will perform at Carnegie Hall this month, as part of Afghanistan's only national orchestra. But the Afghan government has ordered the girls' shelter where they live to shut down its music program.

Music is "tempting people toward immorality and is against Islam," said the minister who signed the order. 

Photo: Lorenzo Tugnoli for the WSJ
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They (Islam) fear the passion. Because they do not understand Allah's comPASSION for us.
FFS. If your silly religion can't stomach some talented girls expressing themselves musically without getting bent out of shape, might I suggest ditching it and adopting one that has room for both women and art. Women are half the population, and art is what makes life worth living.

This is the 21st century. It's time to leave the caveman behavior behind.
Someone, somewhere, please offer these brave girls asylum before some self-righteous pig of a madrassa reject shoots them out of ignorant superstitious delusion.
Those girl' are beautiful......anyone look like them do please contact me.
How sad that these girls will grow up in a barbaric country, oppressed by hate-filled men.  As Blanche said, PLEASE grant them asylum and keep them Free!
Why is Islam so against exanding the minds and hearts of their children, no matter the sex?
The Christian church was once that way. The Gregorian Chant is considered by many as the West's first experiment with pitches outlined from ancient Greek times by Pythagoras. In this Gregorian Chant the music is absent of rhythms, tension, and resolve that you would find in "dance music" (dance music was considered by people of the church at the time as being associated with the devil).
Islam is the religion of slavery.  It dominates and controls the people that give it power.  It likes to stay in the 7th century, with uneducated people.  Don't believe.. then look at all Muslim majority countries see how the people are dominated and controlled.  For instance the new Egypt... when in fact it is a religious take over of the country that will smother the love of life out of the people.   
That minister is a biggest fan of Rihanna. Perhaps he felt the weakening of Islam in himself for this reason
How can music tempt to immorality when it bring closer to the divine. 
God created the birds, who sing, we are to make a joyful noise and sing praises to Him. God loves music and my prayer is that these girls would sing from their hearts and know what is true and righteous!
I dissagree if someone said islam fears the passion of music. in islam we have our own song, and it's called "nasyid" and these songs are mostly full of passion. If you still think islam = suicide bombings, you should read more and don't trust such propoganda from western media about islam. Islam is a peacefull religion my brother. Allahu Akbar! 
I am Muslim but I do not understand the rationale behind music being considered haram. It is not the religion itself that is flawed but the culture these ladies are in. 
Has anyone here read the Qur'an, Hadith, or any other books like Islam by Karem Armstrong. I would suggest it, it doesn't take to long. The point is that if you educate yourself about the topic (from the source) you will understand that it's not Islam doing this but recent controlling unsecure caveman that are probably illiterate. The Qur'an doesn't say anything about the prohibition of music. The Hadiths which does talk about music are writings 200 years after the Qur'an was written and is mainly a collection of traditions and old jurisprudence.
If Islam is true religion from the almighty, d most merciful,d most gracious, d most compassionate, nothing should forbid its expression in dis most noble of all ways diz talented ladies are doing! Go girls!!
I have never read the Koran or any of the Islamic understanding comes mainly from biblical readings and historical records....I know there are very strong differences and from a western perspective they are not compatible...I have refused to read it out of respect towards what I consider a possible misinterpretation on my part of what is contained there. As an observer I find the culture in need of reflection. Countries that respect their women are clearly more advanced and respectful of life which is important for harmony in any society. Treating women below the standards of animals is just unacceptable...and does not make men more men just more ignorant and cowardly...a man that enjoys hurting women is usually a coward when he faces a confident and just man.   
+Javier Silva , you stated that so much better, compassionately, and eloquently than my, "Islam is a painful disease and needs to be eradicated from the planet."
Can't blame the religious
It's just human beings stupid attitude sometimes acts in wrong ways
Watch movie "Viswaroopam" released in India having so many good things explained
The fact that Islamists in Afghanistan and also Mali BANNED MUSIC is very upsetting to me. Life without music has to be the biggest destroyer of humans' soul and spirit. 
Bob McCormick, you are an ignorant douchebag. If islam is the religion of slavery, where does that leaves christianism? Wasn't it for the sake of those morals that we started to invade, kill, rape and submit others to our will? Wasn't it because we considered whatever they believed in as a lie or a retardation that we started to shape another world to make it look like ours? Wasn't it for the sake of those same morals that we commited the biggest genocide in the world's history? And a bit before that, was it because "our" religion was so much ahead of our time morally wise that it terrified all Europe with little thing called "the inquisition", rings any Bell?
Any religion is the religion of slavery, for all of them states that there's no other religion and that there's no laws above the ones dictated (but not read) by the "all mighty". All of them require that you follow them blindly. "Happy are the simple minded for the heavens belongs to them" isn't that a christian saying?
Religions do not make people...
People make religions.
Thus, People decide what to do, not religion.
+Rachid Glaoui It still remains that in today's world, Islam can be compared to slavery.  It  rejects human rights and continues to suppress and control people (especially women) though violence if necessary.  Which is the classic definition of slavery.  The christian religions of today have evolved to allow people the god given right of free will. Thus my point Islam is stuck in the 7th century and anyone who rebels against that is killed in the name of God.  That is barbaric.       
There is a world of difference between faith and religion. Most comments here have been pointing out "religion". They talk about the Muslim religion and the Christian religion and how badly they have handled their purpose under the sun. However, these two faiths is what has brought us to the present day state of affairs. Living in modern day, 21 century is not the exclusive privilege of Christians, or Atheists....Islam today is struggling with its role in my opinion, it is being redefined by what is right and fair to others while remaining relevant. Islam has many challenges because it attempts to keep it integrity to its written record of the truth which conflicts with the realities of the present. Christianity is a faith that has much relevance to today and that is what makes it more appealing...its message is simple and its truth is verifiable in every corner of science, history, life, the universe etc. ...this is not to say that Islam has not contributed significantly but that it should contribute with relevance today...allowing young women or anyone to play music is at issue and it only undermines the intended goal when you say no to this opportunity. 
Using religion as an excuse for violence is a weakness
Using religion as an excuse for goodness is a strength
when music agains the religion and culture of how the creativity of the nation's cildren who one to get ahead ? was tantamount to violation of human rigths 
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