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The latest unemployment numbers show the number easing to 7.7% (look at the chart below and how the dark hues are fading to the lower right). Are you seeing more good jobs to be had lately?
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The headline 7.7% unemployment is a joke.  If you read the report it says unemployment remained the same.  The the lower print is because labor participation rate decreased.
Definitely more jobs out there, but not a ton of them. The recovery is a slow one this time around.
The unemployment rate going down to 7.7% for the month of November is a complete JOKE.  READ THE GUTS OF THE NUMBER.  The participation rate is at the lowest levels in more than 30 years.  That means more and more people giving up and retiring or working one or more part time jobs.  Those people are off the grid and not included in the unemployment figures.
It shows improvement but basically it isn't substantial,most of the jobs out there are temporary and low paying wages.There's clearly still a lot to be done out there.
Seasonal hiring helps a great deal, but come January will it stay around 7.7% ?
From the BBC " Statistics suggest that much of the decline in the unemployment rate since 2008 has been due to people dropping out of the workforce, either due to retirement or because they have given up seeking work."
US unemployment lower...really I think not.  Simply people dropping out of the workforce.  All reports estimate true unemployment closer to 16%. 
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