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Fall asleep on your belly? You could be hurting your health. Best positions for getting better sleep:
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Thanks for the advice. Have a look at the article. Since we spend 1/3 of our day sleeping it is worth to do it in a comfortable way.
There's a weird link on that page when you get there. It says "Dell Eyes Going Private". I clicked it purely because I wanted to know what "Dell Eyes" are. Not realizing it was eyes as a verb. Laugh? I almost did.
this is really good info, Thanks for sharing
I alwayes sleep on my side, can't sleep on my back... is that normal or not......
A Wahed
it should be on the right side and the right hand under the right side of the face. This was Prophet Mohammed's way of sleeping
How do you with all of them mentioned?
Our prophet Mohammed was sleeping same this position and guided Muslims to sleep in this exact way from 1400 years ago !!!!!!
These are all stupidly obvious. If you have shoulder pain, don't sleep on it? Never would have guessed that.
This is a good educative article. Thank you so much WSJ. I like this. Let me share it to my circles.
A leggy pillow is a pillow you put under your top leg when you sleep on your side, it helps to align your spine.  I've been doing this since grade school when we had a chiropractor visit us for a presentation (I know that sounds weird, I don't know why my school did that)
Very good info, seeing that I have a shoulder and back problem!
Avoid tucking the sheets too tightly.... pathetic.. we should now invent a levitating machine of some kind so that we can sleep in zero gravity and have absolutely no muscle or bone submitted to any type of stress.... You want to sleep and be healthy ?? Exercise!! make yourself tougher instead of avoiding all body stress and gain 20 pounds per hour.
I was under the impression 1moves around in sleep its not1 position all night if thats true at least part of the night your in the right position-i suppose it could change with nightmares and dreams and of course who lying beside u
our prophet  MOHAMED was lean pepole to sleep like that before 1420 years
got some idea..thank you for sharing...
Hamza R
Useful information
If you're a US citizen you've got a large gut, should you still stick a pillow under your lower abdomen if you sleep on your stomach?
i tried the acid reflux thing and threw out my back in the process
it is not sad at all if u care what way u sleep
Interesting info. Thanks for sharing.
I have horrible pain from bursitis on my hip that is made worse by sleeping on my side. Tried the pillow between my legs which helps somewhat, my back is the only position that works for me. Although somehow I always end up on my side fighting with my fiancee for the blankets. I'm going to try different mattress options to try to help.
Sleeping right side is best way for healthy heart. I like the way of our holly prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him)

no, safest way to sleep is over your nose so you cant breath.
Great post and very useful. Thank you
You could be hurting your health: by doing things you read simply on the Internet.
well that sucks for you lolololololololololol you suck!
Given the source, I'm surprised they don't suggest that the best sleeping position is "on a large pile of money."
'Cause you know, when they aren't spewing 6 week old components orders as "news" to manipulate Apple stocks for their corporate masters, the WSJ has devolved to "What's in your fridge may KILL you! Film at 11." journalism. Another Murdoch rag, after all...
I know it is not good for me, but I just seem to sleep better on my stomach. I wake up a lot worse, but I sleep better. lol
aren't you kidding???
I use to be behave like a deadbody when I am sleeping.

oh that what i need to read thanks
I guess turning can be the spice. make it after a long while, else you wouldn't be sleeping at all. God gives His beloved ones sleep.
could go for some sleep right about now
The best position to get sleep in, is whatever position you're in after getting some.
Lol is there sources behind this?
Do you know that prophet Mohamed told us to sleep just like this .. Since more than 1430 years ago !
So how are you suppost to sleep with no problems at all.....
Since when did the wall Street journal care about people's health? Aren't they too busy supporting their criminal friends on wall Street? 
Mohammad pbuh told that many 100 years ago in his hadith any practicing Muslim would tell you 
+Robin Jacobs true DAT. Now is a good chance to start reading about prophet Muhammad and real Islam. Its never too late 
For as ( i mean Muslims) its an old history we knew about the perfect sleep position before 1400 years ago from Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon to him)  you are too late even you have all technology devises 
Pur-lease! We can't change how we sleep, this is how it goes:
You go to bed (make sure u r lying flat 4 proof this post is false)
U wake as ur usual sleeping position.
Duuh, not rocket science!
Opiates and also a lack of uniform organized religious faith and also more than simple sentence answers to questions and most of the time not participating in affirmation statements and rituals...
Most of the time they kind of gloss over that a lot of these studies come from are by and are applied to middle age white suburban mothers and most of the men they are with are driven insane by things like this...
Simplifying your life not getting involved in other peoples lives and then also maybe getting drunk or adulterated so that the fact that you are getting older is not as apparent and then maybe not dragging people that are younger than you into the BS of being OLD and not feeling good about it into an open discussion...
That's just my opinion tho'...
Heroin works for me...
WST is just about 1400 years late to find the best sleeping position see below Muslims knows this position 1400 ago: -

The Islamic etiquettes of sleeping

It is possible for a person to worship Allah through the whole day and night.  This does not mean that we spend 24 hours of the day in prayer, rather that we follow the Islamic etiquette for different tasks in whatever we do and this is our worship of Allah.  Sleeping is no different, and given the amount of time we spend sleeping, a person should be keen to follow the etiquette of sleeping so as to spend these many hours worshipping their Lord. 

The following points constitute the manner of sleeping that was practiced by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): 


The Islamic etiquettes of sleeping emphasise:

Protecting oneself from the Shaytaan (Satan) whilst sleeping by performing acts (such as making wudu (ablution) before sleeping),  making dua'a (supplications) and reading verses of the Qur'an

Ensuring one's safety by removing anything harmful from the bed covers and extinguishing lamps and fires

Remembering Allah upon going to sleep and waking

Saying Shahada (declaration of faith) as the last words before sleeping

Sleeping on one's right side facing the Qiblah (in Mecca) and not sleeping lying on one's stomach or naked

Special etiquettes with regard to having a bad dream

Children who have come of age not sharing beds with others

Respecting people's privacy when they are in their bedrooms

Before sleeping a person should:

Pray the witr prayer if one cannot be sure of waking before dawn to pray it

Perform wudu (ablution), since it will help the dreams of the person be more true, protect him/her from the Shaytaan (Satan) and be better should the person die whilst sleeping

Shake the bed covers three times, and repeat this should s/he get up in the night and return to the bed, in case anything dangerous is in the bed covers (e.g. spiders, scorpions etc) 

Extinguish any lamps so that the Shaytaan (Satan) will not cause mischief whilst people sleep.

"A mouse (or rat) came and started dragging the wick (of the lamp). It threw it in front of the Messenger of Allah  (PBUH), onto the mat on which he was sitting, and it burnt a hole the size of a dirham (a coin). He said, "When you go to sleep, extinguish your lamps, for the Shaytaan will tell creatures like this to do something like this so that you will be burned."

Read the 3 chapters of the Qur'an that give protection from the Shaytaan (Satan): Surah Iklas, Surah Falaq, Surah Naas, cup his/her palms and blow gently into them, and then pass his/her hands over as much of his/her body as possible 3 times

Say "Subhaan-Allah" (Glory be to Allah) 33 times, "Alhamdulillah" (Praise be to Allah) 33 times, and "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is the greatest) 34 times. 

Lie on his/her right side and place the right hand under the cheek so that s/he is facing the Qiblah (direction of the Kaba in Makkah (Mecca)).  Note: In practice, Muslims will often try (where possible) to position their beds in such a way that when they lie on their right side they will face the Qiblah.

Read the verse of the Qur'an known as Ayat al-Kursi (Al-Baqarah 2:255).  Whoever reads this when lying down to sleep will be protected from Satan until s/he rises in the morning.

Read one or more of the many dua'a (supplications) that may be said before sleeping.  A few examples are:

Allahumma qini 'adhaabaka yauma tab'athu 'ibaadaka [recite 3 times] 

("Oh Allah, save me from Your punishment on the Day of Your slaves' rising")


Bismika Allahumma amootu wa ahya 

("In Your Name, Oh Allah, I die and I live") Note: Here, "die" and "live" are metaphors for sleep and wakefulness, respectively


Bismika Rabbi wada'tu janbi, wa bika arfa'uhu, fa'in amsakta nafsi farhamha, wa in arsaltaha fahfazha, bima tahfazu bihi 'ibaa-dakas saaliheen

("With Your Name my Lord, I lay myself down; and with Your Name I rise.  And if my soul You take, have mercy on it, and if you send it back then preserve it as You preserve Your righteous slaves.") 


Finally, the person should recite the shahada (declaration of faith) lest they should die in their sleep and then these would be their last words.

If a person wakes up at night and turns over they should say:

 La ilaha illallahul wahidul Qahhara, Rabbus samaawaati wal ardi wa ma bainahumal Azeezul Ghaffaru 

("There is no God but Allah, the One, the Victorious, Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, the All-Mighty, the All-Forgiving.")

If a person has a bad dream they should:

Spit to his/her left (three times) in such a way that no saliva is spat, rather it is a 'dry spit'
Seek refuge in Allah from the devil and from the evil of what s/he saw in the dream by saying:
A'udhu billahi mina shatytan nir rajeem 

(" I seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the accursed") 

A'udhu bikalimaatil lahit taamaati min ghadabihi wa 'iqaabihi, wa sharri ibaadihi, wa min hama-zatish shayaateeni wa an yahdurun 

("I seek refuge in the Perfect Word of Allah from His anger and His punishment, from the evil of His slaves and from the taunts of devils and from their presence") 

Not speak to anyone about the dream
Turn over onto his/her other side
Get up and pray if desired
When a person wakes from sleeping they should:

Say one or more of the dua'a (supplications) for waking.   Examples are:
 Alhamdu lillahil-ladhi ahyaana ba'da ma amaatana wa ilaihin nushur 

("Praise be to Allah Who brings us life after He has brought us death and unto Him is the return.")


Alhamdu liallahil-ladhi aafaani fi jasadi wa radda alayya roohi, wa adhina li bidhikrihi 

("Praise be to Allah Who gave strength to my body, and returned my soul to me and permitted me to remember Him.")

Other etiquette relating to sleeping:

It is not permissible for a male child who has reached the age of puberty or ten years of age to sleep in the same bed as his sisters, mother or any other female.  The same applies to female children who have reached puberty or ten years of age regarding sleeping with males.  This is to avoid any kind of temptation or evil and to safeguard honour.

If a child is approaching the age of puberty then they must seek to enter permission their parents' room at three times of the day: before morning prayer, when adults have their rest after noon prayer, and after night prayer.  This is because it is at these times that the parents are more likely to be removing their clothes and are entitled to their privacy at these times and the child has begun to become aware of private parts and son.  Once the child reaches the age of ten, or puberty, they must seek permission at all times of the day to enter the bedroom.

It is not permissible for a person to sleep on their stomach (unless they must due to illness) since this is hated by Allah and it is how the people of Hell lie.

It is disliked for a person to sleep naked since their private parts may become uncovered   

It is better to avoid sleeping after Asr (afternoon prayer),  since after Asr prayer there is great reward in making dua'a (supplications) and prayers are more likely to be answered at this time.  For this reason, it is better if a person is awake rather than sleeping so that they might get the benefit of this.
Thanks, I have been looking for article like this since I never slept well these days
This is nothing new, this information has been know for a decent amount of time now 
With all this, the only thing left for me is to sleep standing on my head!
Thanks for the advice.
The 2 to 4 pillow comment is on point. Lol.
That's me one side all nite long.not good
Very good info!!! ,but....While I sleep, How can I control my sleeping position?
Imma a side bar sleeper that's cool:-) good and refreshing reading thnx WSJ
If all Muslims sleep this way, they should have longer life expectancy. I wonder what the survey says. ..
no i dont think. Right side is right. Islam says that. Just check it this fucking science.
After 3 back surgeries, each one of these tips is right on. Body pillows of memory foam are also awesome. 
Some nice informational tid-bits.
If you have ALL of these issues, do you sleep standing up?
It does not seem like it would very helpful. Different people sleep different ways.
And once again science comes down to prove religious teachings 1400 years later. I am referring to Prophet Muhammad's Sunnah. He used to sleep like that, and taught his companions the best way to live our lives to the max. This is one of those many examples. If you would like to know more read about his Sunnah and Hadith. Subhan'Allah. 
Wow didn't know that! I always sleep on my stomach! 
Thank you.ive been suffering for months due to this.very helpful. 
Chak JB
this rule is wrong
Islam says to sleep always right side
How can a post about sleep turn to Islam. Unfuckingbelievable.
Now I scared because I sleep on my stomach....but what the heck is the right way to sleep because I sleep all of these ways!! Lawd
very usefull for healthy sleep
I have been having back pains now after waking up for quiet some time, I really hope this works!! :)
The pillow between legs on your side really works. Been doing this for YEARS!
okay I dont get this post, so is that good position to sleep or not?
@Fauzia.....each symptom requires a different method of sleeping position indicated by the smaller views with the arrows.  Something for every ailment to help you sleep better.
Do not sleep alone then!!! :P
it's good potition then we put our chest under our  back
What if u have a broken while right side of Ur body like me
bin liu
wrong to sleep everyday
very useful, thanks for the share!
The dream of design can't make an experiment to prove the theory of sleeping but the theory of of aspiration 
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