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If you create an account to use Gmail, YouTube and other Google Services, bang, you're on Google Plus.

Sources say the aggressive strategy comes from the top, CEO Larry Page. What do you think? 
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Well, I don't have to use Google+. I just see it as a bonus feature included in my Google account - not upsetting me any more than Google Calendar or Google Reader.
I like it... you dont have to use it, but its part of its ecosystem... 
It's not is Smart business.
This is a little broad brush. I think there are two types of aggregation going on here. One is ordinary convergence, like when common law and equity courts merged because the distinction had become a technicality. The other is more like bundling, that bane of competition.

Sharing restaurant ratings with Zagat / Local / G+ to get better recommendations in Maps is an obvious integration - convergence. Selling Likes is more like bundling. Then there's a question of proportionality - how much sharing is "bargained for". Lots more to consider...
Google doesn't need to get so pessimistic. Size of Facebook's 149 million is double-edged.
G+ is my favorite social network all the smart people hang out here :) people have to sign up but they don't have to use it.
In what way this is different from FB? Heck, I cant comment on many websites now, without having FB account
BTW, the comments on the article are hilariously stupid
+Ganesh Nayak Thank God, Your comments are so smart that the symetry in the universe is preserved. 
Why not? everybody is doing this...
Whatever it is I really want G+ to stay clean, professional and not invading into people's private other social networks. I really like seeing different views that are worth discussing on the world platform. 
+Ganesh Nayak I wrote about symetry in the universe not below that particular article. And this g+ thread is a part of the universe ... ;)
Somtimes people have to be forced to do the good thing. Price of the progress.
Google+ is just superior to FB. Besides, Google+ makes me feel like I use to before 'geek' was the new 'cool'.
Enlightenment sometimes needs to be forced on some people who are slow in thinking. How anyone could use Facebook when there is Google+ beats me. 
Google+ is cool but to be honest I use it for news and stuff like reading as many sites I add to circles, there is less friends and family here...all those are on my Facebook :)
I think the far smarter move by Google has been incorporating the instant upload pictures for android users into G+.
Someone said, that Facebook is a perfect tool to show You how stupid Your friends are. On G+ we are usually follow smart people and that leads to exaggerated illusion, that G+ is very cool. 
G+ is of course plain and simple and ad free platform and google do not need to put here ads to make for a living, because they need only information to place ads else where. 
Thats is a competitive edge of G+. They do not need to put ads here. 
i wish more people were active on g+. i like it much more than fb...its like the best of fb and twitter with features neither have. 
Dan Lee
Wish G+ had more APIs built into websites. Not Googles fault of course...
Now if only Google can force people to use it.....that would be something eh? Would be great leap for mankind: turn FB people into smart G+ people.... Whoa! What a beautiful world it would be...
I'm glad to be getting more relevant ads. 
For me, FB has turned my decent family and friends into celebrity wannabes. Some of my FB friends are trying to make groupies out of anyone who'll listen. Disappointing...
On Google+, I get global access to opinions and news, even if some responses are not bleeped. I prefer Google+.
+Angshuman Nandi +Adam Duda Interestingly though, FB messenger has become my de-facto replacement for SMS on my phone. It is more reliable and I can pick it up and respond on multiple devices. I'm just waiting for Google to pull their finger and come out with something less half-baked than the messaging app.
I think it is a great idea. Will help people discover Google+
sound very bad, but in almost every sites you can give access, with the facebook nick o email, why not google?
Scary also, everything you do and everywhere you go someone is tracking you and building a profile on you. Really don't like that. I would rather pay for the service or be paid for the information they get from me for using their service. 
I actually like Google+. Facebooking has become kind of boring.
I love google + , their is so much less drama. More people posting positive things and professional's 
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