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For their 60th anniversary, a couple returned to where they spent their wedding night, the Waldorf-Astoria. The hotel honored their 1952 room rate of $21 a night.

Photo: The couple's original receipt. 
Credit: Natalie Keyssar for The Wall Street Journal
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That's Amazing!  Wow!  THAT is Customer Service!  +Jeff Turner - I'm hoping +Steve Thorne and I make it that long - too bad we didn't choose such a cool place like that for our first night! :)
Wonder what the rates are today? I will bet it is several hundred dollars a night.
The Waldorf Astoria is still The Waldorf Astoria. 
And that's why I LOVE being in the hospitality industry. Nicely done Waldorf Astoria!
What a great story! Well done Waldorf Astoria (and what a cool vintage hotel receipt !!)
One of the first, truly charitable actions I've seen in the last 50 years. Om tat sat.
And if the dollar was backed by silver now, as it was then, those prices wouldn't look so amazing.  
Great story! I would love celebrating our anniversary like that! 
+Michael Tefft the linked article says $3,450 a night. It also states that a single serving of pancakes is $24.00. Pancakes cost more than luxury rooms did in '52 apparently.
A Franklin half-dollar in 1953 contained .36 oz of 90% pure silver.

The spot price of silver today was around $US31.50/oz.

So, if Mr. Sussingham paid his $21 room bill in 50-cent pieces, that 15.12 oz of silver would be worth $US476.28 today. 

Why the room costs seven times as much today even in silver is a puzzle. Maybe it's the TV. And pillow mints have gone up. 
Of course, Mr. Sussingham only paid New York City a buck in tax. I doubt the first time around the happy couple got the suite they did the second time. 
That just made their day extra special :) more years for them to come. 
+Margaret Leber Could you explain what you mean by the dollar being backed by silver back in '52 and not now? Or a link to a source where I could read up on it would be helpful.
I was born in 1952, so I do remember some of this. :-)
First off, all coins worth ten cents or more were made from silver. And dollar bills were "silver certificates", redeemable for silver coins from the US Treasury (although your corner bank was happy to do it for you.

FDR confiscated all civilian owned gold back in the 1930's.




That's amazing! Great customer service and what a perfect way to honor repeat guests and anniversary couples who have been married for so long!!! What a sweet thing! <3
Hoarders of the world take note what receipt have you thrown out lately hmmmmmm
That's great.  Sometimes love does last. 
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