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Portraits of the victims of the Newtown shooting, as shared by their families and friends:
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Very, very sad and I can't imagine their love ones pain. But these are all HEROES in my book. 
They didn't deserve to die. No sir. They did not!
I agree with those that say that there also needs to be better security at all schools, however can we please do this with trained professionals (yes, the U.S. can afford it and unemployment is high anyway) rather than arming educators?

This proposal below (I came up with yesterday) might actually be workable since it keeps focused. I would like to see this discussed by people as widely as possible so that the debate might be elevated to something practical/pragmatic: 
...As I well know that large-scale bans and confiscation are impractical as well as possibly undesirable, my idea would be to simply go after High Cap magazines alone. (BTW, I have been an avid outdoorsman and hunter myself in years past, as well as served 2 years in the German military.)

No need to dispossess anyone of their property worth $300 - $3,000, simply make all high-cap magazines beyond 10 rounds illegal, give a 3 or 6 months amnesty to turn them in, and even replace the ones turned in with 10 round versions wherever possible for free.

That way, gun enthusiasts can keep e.g. their 6-8 round capacity Colt .45 pattern sidearms, even their M1 Garands (8 rd steel clips), asf. - unchanged. Everyone can keep their AR-15s and M-1As, asf. except that they'll only have 10rd capacity magazines anymore.

No one would say they have just been disarmed, and yet it would take the possibility of a rampage or drive-by shootings more remote already. Yes, someone could still fire 10 rounds and then reload asf. but that is still very much in the right direction. People could also storm in with 4 revolvers on their person, but that's still only 24 rounds or so total.

Once the high-caps are illegal throughout, their open market value would be nil, especially if there were very clear, stiff prison sentences directly attached (like there are with e.g. silencers now, and no, there aren't any "grandfathered in" silencers out there either, only illegal ones except by the few who have obtained Class III licenses for them, as well as limited law enforcement and military).

And high cap magazines are rather easily identified for most firearms (typically longer, and/or double-stack; Glocks and similar full-size 9mm pistols can have 10rd mags that reduce their capacity that are also easily id'd due to being single-stack instead of the 15-17 rd double-stacks).

Instead of talking about any of the red herring attributes such as "assault weapon style", looks, or any other features (which really mean nothing, a pistol grip stock on a rifle does not change its function hardly at all, asf.), focus on this ONE feature alone. The one that makes the most difference. The one that doesn't allow the pro-gun side to dismiss this as "going after our guns".

2nd Amendment intact. Solved via rate of fire/reloading time alone, same as the already existing laws on fully automatic weapons (Class III). It's not perfect, but it would be a sensible/doable step in my view.
+Rnold Vitug Bautista prayers are good, but let's also pray that this society and its leaders wake up to the enormity of this problem. The U.S. has gun homicide rates nearly 50 times as high as most other Western, developed nations:

Firearms deaths rates paired with the homicide rates show that about 75% of them are committed by gun in the U.S., while less than 10% of them are committed by gun in e.g. Germany. So the asymmetry is even more staggering really (0.06 vs. 2.97 per population of 100,000 = 50 times as many for the same amount of people).

Yes, people still find ways to kill each other in Germany nonetheless, but they are obviously not "inventive" enough to get past that 1/5 as many murders threshold... the "replacement rate" of gun to something else just isn't very high.

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HOLLYWOOD = GOD &  guns,does how they do it.....
So sad my little dears
Ver noticias como estas, donde las victimas en su mayoria fueron niños, de horrendo crimen, a sus Padres que el Todopoderoso les Consuele, debe de llevarnos a la reflexion, en relacion al porte de armas deliberadamente sin control en naciones como USA.
They are now all smiles with their Creater in Heavenly abode -leaving earthly relations grieving -:(
i am living in europe. i feel sade for these inocents angels. from here, we dont undertand your political way aboute guns. In belgium, it is wery hard to get and keep one rifle at home.
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