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World's Last Chance
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World's Last Chance

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Good insperation
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World's Last Chance

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More than a prophet to foretell the future, the writings of Ellen G. White encompass virtually every area needed for living a victorious life in Yahushua.
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World's Last Chance

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M Stins
I am a SDA and will remain one. However, I believe in the Holy Convocations and they are not the pagan word feast. 1 Cor 11:19-22 I do not called them sabbaths because the Bible does not called them that accept the Day of Atonement our sabbath. They are all Holy Convocations including the Weekly Sabbaths. I do believe in the New Moons but the Karate base on their presumption of visibility, if I can see some visible light then it is a New Moon. I keep YAHSHUA'S Supper and not the passover. YAHSHUA became the PASSOVER! 1Cor  5:7 I believe that EGW was a messenger as she stated not a prophet and she is fallible as we all are. I also believe in THREE INDIVIDUAL BEINGS not persons or god heads. We are made like THEM and not THEM like us. Gen 1:26 I believe in the original Paleo-Hebrew Script since I am a Biblical Historian. I understand Hebrew and Greek, the New Testament was written in Hebrew not Greek. Paul used the original Septuagint Bible written and place in Alexandria Library in Egypt. The one used today were corrupted by the Christians and not the Nazarenes the true followers of YAHSHUA. I also accept YAHWEH ELOHIM, YAHSHUA ELOHIM and THE HOLY SPIRIT ELOHIM. The English word "of" is not in the original Hebrew scripts and I know about 1John 5:7 and who put this in! We do have some things in common and I hope we can discuss without being ill toward each other. I am not THE HOLY SPIRIT,  I just present what I have studied in the Word of ELOHIM and that is it, plain and simple humbly.
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WorldsLastChance,Bible Prophecy,Yahuwah, Yahushua, Lunar Sabbath, Luni-Solar Calendar, 7th day Sabbath, Seventh-day Sabbath
Introduction We are a team of non-denominational volunteers dedicated to sharing the last message of mercy given in the Bible and the wonderful news of the soon second coming of Yahushua. We started this online ministry in 2004 as a result of past years of prayer and research.

The Bible is our rule of faith and striving to obey the promptings of Yahuwah's Spirit and the teachings of His word inspires us to call attention to its truths. We believe that Yahuwah does indeed reveal Himself to all those who search for Him with all their heart (Jeremiah 29:13).

We love the brothers and sisters of all beliefs and we believe that the Word of Yahuwah is given for all humanity. Matthew 24 says that “this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." This is why we are trying to spread the gospel and encourage all to get ready for heaven.

We are distraught at the many denominations that exist today claiming to follow the Bible. The fact is, if we all have one reference, we should all have one basic belief. We believe that "there is no other church than the assembly of those who have the word of Yahuwah and who are purified by it." This is why we encourage all to study their Bible. The word of Yahuwah is the only safe guard against deception. Without the Bible the way is opened for minds to be deceived. The great controversy of this earth has been between Yahuwah's law and the traditions of men, the pending question is, ‘Will we obey Yahuwah or man?’

If you see anything on our website that contradicts the Bible, please point it out and we promise to view it with an open mind and heart. We will test whatever you send by the Bible test. If we have erred, it has been on the side of love for our brothers and sisters in humanity and conviction of duty to Yahuwah.

Yahuwah is so good, so loving, that He has revealed Himself in His word and has given us His prophetic word to help His children prepare. Praise Yahuwah!