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Is today a day of pride or shame for India - after the country successfully launched a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead? "A pointless waste of money, which could be much better spent making the average Indian's life less miserable," says one contributor on the BBC website. Another says: "This is the best way to achieve long term security for India." India joins countries like China, Russia, France, the US and UK in nuclear capability. What do you think? And who is running the world's military now? Http://
India says it has successfully launched a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile, able to carry a nuclear warhead as far as China.
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Ridiculous preening just to show who's the boss of the playground. Nobody needs nuclear weapons (I'm looking at you, £1bn Trident). India needs to sort out their economy first.
Let us hope that the big red launch button in India or anywhere else is never controlled by someone with the Anders Breivik type of insanity.
Are you properatory to wage the clash whith your neighbor?
They are insane without any limits
#AgniV test fire is being seen as a deterrent to Chinese aggression in Sino-India border conflict... This appears to be a Competitive style conflict resolution... Will this really work out with scenarios like the #ICBM being tested only when the weather was favorable & the Chinese possessing #Dong-Feng5 capable of hitting targets at 13,000 Km, two & a half times greater than #AgniV !
We go on about Syria,and north Korea etc,and yet we can't stop these other countries,how shamefull of India!
+Jane Gooding Syria and NK is hardly in the same league as India - they're a billion people strong democracy - with issues, admittedly, but then which democracy doesn't have issues. You might as well try 'stopping' USA or Russia from whatever it is they're doing.
xcuse me +Jane Gooding U compare India with Syria nd North Korea? Do you even hav ny knowledge about Indian policies relating warfare? Just b aware of them bfor passing such comments over d worlds largest yet successful Democracy!
i dont understand why is it always right for America ,Russia,England,France,Israeel and their fellow to have nuclear power but it is too dangerous for international peace if Muslim contries and others like SK and Nk have nuclear power.all the Super Power contries are trying to stop Iran from having nuclear power but they close their eyes in case of India and Israeel.
+Madiha Khan I donno wats d case wid Israel but wen it comes to India I believe its foreign policy, no first use nuclear policy, its credibility in peace keeping nd maintaining stability in d region, brings the difference!
excuse me mr.Aditiya who said India is the world's sucessful democratic system.they cant even accept the majority of Kashmiris people demand of independence.what type of democracy this is.i kiddo you should review the defination and explanation of democracy.
Woo +Madiha Khan How come no Kashmiri lodge a protest for independence? There were protests wid weapons which I dont even consider dem to legit, bcos one dosent need weapons to protest in a democracy like India! Coming to success India has been a elite nation in economic (GDP growth rate) success as well as success in arms race which u can already see... Der will b always faults in ny nation as long as u peep deep inside!
bro i think u had not heard of 9 million kashmiris who gave their life to get is a protest.1000 of unname graves have been discovered in kashmir. if India is the best democratic system then why they are doing this.your army using black laws on innocent civilians kid and womens.i am not bluffing it has been proved by human rights watch and other organization.till their is China and Pakistan together India will continue this drama of no first nuclear use.
no doubt your country is making progress in arms as well as in cruelty and oppression.dude 55% people of your country lack washrooms and you are saying about progress.those people have nothing to do with know what destroy your washroom and buy some weapons then there will be peace in world.
there is another said protesting with weapon in hands,there is no use of weapon in a democratic country like India then why is Indian army using weapons.your army also took control of Kashmir with help of weapons. in 1948.where were you at that time.
+Madiha Khan Im srry bt I never heard of the kashmiri sacrifice stats u mentioned... How come der was no resolution in the #UNHRC if the HR viloations are proven? Pak's ally China (as u mentioned) has a veto in the #UN .. Y dint it hav a resolution passed to stop ny such atrocities (Im against ny such atrocities in my nation if proven)? Nd I never mentioned India has the best/most successful democratic system, I only told India is a successful Democracy! better read clearly bfore replyin!
+Madiha Khan Pls dnt talk abt d age old wash room stats... just know abt the recent care taken by the state govts to increase the standards of living...
+Madiha Khan I never said der is no use of weapons in India! I meant Insurgents nd militants by stating armed protests! In 1948 India went in aid of the Kashmiri king who wanted to accede his territory into Union of India (whatever might be his reasons)... Please read the wiki articles regarding the Instrument of accession and the first kashmir war.... I dont think my location at dat time has ny relevance wid this discussion!
Why don't we just blow the hell out of this planet and get it over with!
Is world war three on its way?,,from whom are we protecting ourselves?,,really now
hey aditiya you dont know that the King of kashmir sold kashmir for 85 lacs to India.and kashmir never wanted to accede with India.UNO has passed a Resolution about giving kashmiris right to accede eith anyone of both pak and Ind.but India never gave them this right.UNO also passed a resolution to hold a refrendom in Kashmir.But sweet India never did that.without knowing any thing you will always say gud about your country.
+Madiha Khan Thank U for enlightening me with the facts that probably only u know! It would be helping to preserve history if u cud enlighten #Wikipedia too which states "Singh's reign saw the accession of Jammu & Kashmir to the newly independent Indian Union in 1947. He originally manoeuvered to maintain his independence by playing off #India and #Pakistan against each other. However, following an incursion by tribesmen from Pakistan in October 1947, Singh appealed to India for its help. He acceded to India, though there is considerable controversy over exactly at what point."
+Madiha Khan Regarding the UN resolution u mentioned u said India wasnt conducting a plebiscite in #Kashmir. Do u know what the #UNSC resolution 47 stated? The resolution recommended that in order to ensure the impartiality of the plebiscite #Pakistan withdraw all tribesmen and nationals who entered the region for the purpose of fighting. Pakistan ignored the UN mandate and continued fighting, holding on to the portion of Kashmir under its control. Subsequently #India refused to implement the plebiscite. For furthur details please consider reading
+Madiha Khan Now that you hav questioned my knowledge about my nation, I challenge you to prove any of the allegations u made in your previous comments!
In response to Madhia Khan's comment/s particularly that of 21Apr. I challange you,first to study the history in full lenght then ask your conscience whose Kashmir is, let me tell you that if I were the foreign minister this issue would have solved long long ago.It is not a dispute in fact it is a cock & bull story. CONCOCTED STORY
its is useless to play flute before buffalo(India & Aditya).
you are not requested to play flute before anybody,come to the point and DONT TELL THAT GRAPES ARE SOUR.
+Madiha Khan Talk sensibly... So U agree dat all ur accusations are false? cos only people who cant argue start blabbering!!!
+Madiha Khan Y do u try to insult all d time, instead of discussing the main issue? it isnt healthy... Probably dis is one of the reasons talks b/w India n Pakistan always break up even before they complete the first round!
i am not insulting you or your country i am just giving my opinion.hey bro the problem is that this is what i know and my knowledge ,and by the way you should have the sense that i cant prove what i have said cause there is no prove in the world that that who is right in case of India and all what i have seen in media.there is never a single news that India has done something in favor of humanity.your media always blame us and our blames said King of Kashmir wanted to accede to India,but the King of Kashmir was a how he could had favored Pakistan.
And there is another thing,we all post comment just to give our opinion not to prove that who is wrong.if your Govt and our Govt cannot solve this issue then hoe can i or you and Tabish khan.Tabish khan you cannot solve this issue thats why you are not foreign minister,when you will i would be there INSHALLAH to see that you can solve it or not.
and there is another thing i am not the owner of Wikipedia its there own information.
you can prove that Kashmir is Indian property.
+Madiha Khan U say calling Me & my Nation buffalo is stating ur opinion? If I made a similar comment would U accept it as my opinion?
+Madiha Khan U dont even know d working of Wikipedia... For ur Kind Information data in wiki is not posted by its owner .. Public like U n Me create nd maintain d articles in Wikipedia! nd u rely on proof less media statements while making comments about the price tags of a state! I pity U!
+Madiha Khan All the people capable of solving issues cant be a foreign minister! nd reg d proof u asked, in my earlier posts I gave U enuf info to prove India's rightful claim for Kashmir while U couldnt furnish even 1 reliable info!
what kind of reliable information do you want I dont know but I will only request you to study the history thoroughly so you can easily distinguish between right and wrong correct and incorrect because LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS NO KNOWLEDGE. Aditya Veerendra is not my relative I am a Pakistani but I believe in TRUTH.
You said yourself that data on wikipedia is created and maintained by people like i rely on information of media similarly you rely on can i beleive that information you showed was not creared by you or people having views like you or people of your country.i did not created that data.that whys i cannot beleive you. Wikipedia has not shown the name of informent.tell me suppose you take this matter to any court of the world you will show this wikipedia information to have no legal prove niehter do your country.
I am not talking about wikipedia, I am just talking about history. In fact Kashmir belongs to India and an Indian territory this is truth. I have come to know this truth after studying Indo-Pak history.I am also not going to ask you to believe what I am saying.I will urge you to just study the history thoroughly.
belonging is another thing.when when sub continent was divided Kashmir was given the right to decide whether to acced to India or to Pakistan.people of Kashmir decided to accede to Pakistan.Hindus are minorities in Kashmir.the Muslims are majority.minority cannot rule over majority.Pakistan was also the part of British India,but was given the right to decide and you cannot say that Pakistan is still Indian territory.minority cannot rule untill majority allows it.
And Aditya you asked to prove that your country is not the world best democracy so take it.Bollywood actor Amir khan is hosting a program named " satyamev jayate".plz watch the first episode of it.Amir is Indian citizen.i hope it would be enough.
+Madiha Khan I said wikipedia is maintained by people like US bt nt people like ME, there may be pakistanies/indians/americans or people from any other country... nd the data regarding the people who edited the pages will be available publicly on the wiki page itself.. If u donno abt wiki better be silent instead of makin blind comments!
+Madiha Khan I never mentioned India has the best/most successful democratic system, I only told India is a successful Democracy! better read clearly bfore replyin!
Madiha you said that muslims were in majority in Kashmir while Hindus were in minority and minority cant rule over majority, this is right then would you like to explain that why our fore fathers ruled over this sub-continent for more than 900 hundreds years while they were in minority?? actually muslim warriors made so many aggressions on this sub-continent one after another the last rulers were Mughals after that British took over. that is I am asking you to study the history in full length. Madhia dont surmise the Kashmir issue,your studies just moving around 1947 in plus minus. you are sending desultory comments on this issue without any thorough knowledge. I am not going to teach you history but you must accept the truth.
so you would say that Pakistan is still Indian territory and should be given back to them.and Spain was a Muslim state ,its Ruler was a Muslim,its system was a Muslim system they ruled over Spain they were then why its not Muslim State,why ther eis no Muslim system.In France Muslims and Masjids are now more in no. then Churchs and Christian,so why its not a Muslim State .In Palestine,Israel took control of Palestine as a minority.Palestine is not even their own state.
Tabish khan:but Muslim rulers did't do what India is doing in Kashmir.and I also have read histry.plz tell me name of histry book's arthur and book's name.because the book that i have read told me all what i said.I should see which histry book in Pakistan told you negative things about Muslim rulers.
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