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Getting the interiors of your home spot on is very much essential if you are going to lead a comfortable and hassle free life. This is only possible if you indulge in careful planning and execution when it comes to purchasing the necessary hardware or furniture for designing the aesthetics of your home. When it comes to doing up your home’s kitchen, bathroom or dining area, the sink is one place that should not be overlooked at any cost. This is because of the fact that the sink’s overall design determines how quickly and easily you can perform cleaning chores and also spend less time on maintenance. Hence, understanding the different types of sink designs can prove to be helpful when choosing the best design that suits your needs and requirements. The information provided in the following list can be used as a guide in making the right decision.
• Rounded Rim Sink–If you hate water spilling all over the place and wish to contain it within the premises of the sink, you would be sensible to choose the ‘Rounded Rim Sink’ design. This type of sink has been designed to minimize the spillage of water onto the counter tops or other areas surrounding the sink and thereby reducing your cleaning time.
• Built-in Recessed Sink –A more practical option, the built-in recessed sink has a spacious and large basin which makes it easier for you to perform your cleaning activities. Plus, the major highlight of this sink’s design is the placement of the faucet which is within the basin. So the chances of anybody spilling water when using the sink is extremely low.
• Rettanglo Sink –Featuring an extremely simple yet futuristic design, the Rettanglo sink is a true amalgamation of art and real-world engineering. In this type of sink, the water is delivered vertically through a lengthy faucet that is attached to the ceiling. The reason behind this design approach is to allow gravity to do the work of delivering the water when required.
• Moody Aquarium Sink –Italbrass is a well-known Italian luxury brand that makes designer bathroom products and faucets. Their latest product called the Moody Aquarium Sink adds a new dimension to the way we have envisioned sinks to look and feel so far. True to its name, this sink features a fully functional aquarium that can be used to house your favorite fish species. The soap dishes found to the sink’s left and right side act as the entrance ways to feed your fish or clean the insides of the aquarium.
• Grooved Countertop Sink –A favorite amongst housewives, this sink design comes with a countertop that has grooves embedded into it. These grooves act as a passage for the water to drain down to the basin once have left your washed dishes to dry on the countertop.
The sink designs listed above have their own merits and demerits. But it is up to you, the consumer, to decide on the best choice that fits your budget and also gives you the satisfaction of using a quality piece of hardware.
To see our sink designs, click here.
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