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Woodworking for woodworkers.


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(WARNING... It's Mammoth in Size!!!) The 14 Best Tile Saw Reviews. Did you buy the right tile saw that you should have?

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Fantastic & easy wood projects that you can start building today. 15 in total, check them out now!

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AWESOME wooden American Flag plans for the DIY'er and woodworker. And it's just in time to get it done for the Fourth of July!

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The DeWalt DWS780. Is it all that it's cracked up to be???

We put it through our own analysis and #1 of what we didn't like surprised us!!!

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19 Tool brands. Pro's and Con's. Extreme vetting. Honest truths. No compensation for these tool reviews from manufacturers.

How does your favorite tool manufacturer compare to the others????

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Don't you hate it when you're looking for tools and can't find what you want? Yeah, so do I!

Just think of a place where there's all the woodworking, hand, pneumatic, and power tools, what to look for in the tool, and what the tool manufacturer is known for. It'd be pretty awesome wouldn't it?

Here's the deal...

We created just the spot for you...

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I got so mad looking up power tools info. All crap, buy this or buy that. Never found what I needed (maybe because I broke my keyboard getting so mad).

I solved my problem by assembling the most epic power tools guide that'll...

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Ever try to find that perfect circular saw and all of those recommendations are for saws that DON'T fit your needs? I hear ya!

It gets better.... We did something about it. We created a massive guide on the best circular saws that are broken down into 10 different categories. Yup, you read that right!

Find out why it's...

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Getting frustrated and upset trying to get a precision angle cut on a project? I get it, I've been there too many times.

That's when I got the best miter saw that I could afford. Precision cuts are a breeze now!!! Check this out...

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Have a tough cutting job ahead? Don't skimp with just any sawzall...

Get the best reciprocating saw from these top 5 reviews.
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