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So today the Google+ DevRel team took the afternoon off for a little team offsite. This jawline trick from +Peter Hurley has been going around lately, so we tried it a bit and everyone was really amazed at the results. You should see some photos soon from myself, +Ade Oshineye, +Chris Chabot and others. Try this technique yourself the next time you're doing portraits. It really does feel weird, but the results are great!
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Awesome, very interesting trick and we know it really works from experience now - thanks for the share +Will Norris !
Ha! I learned this watching America's Next Top Model! Rarely, if ever, do I have a double chin in any pictures because of that little trick. Yippee!
Man, and here I was thinking the only solution was spending more time in the gym!
I'm gonna give this a try. Thanks Will.
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