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some nice updates for the Bible app on Android today.  Since this is one of only a handful of apps that I really use daily, I love seeing the updates.  Still a few bugs around Reading Plans (clicking "Start Plans" from the Today screen throws an error; suggested daily reading on Today screen not always pulled from my current reading plan)  Otherwise, lots of nice visual updates, and I can't wait for the promised tablet version!

Congrats +YouVersion team!
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The tablet version is available too! I simply hit Play Store and the update was available!
well, the update is available for tablets, but it's not really tablet optimized.  At least that's how I interpreted their note in the blog post... that a tablet optimized UI was coming.  

This update still works much better on tablets than the old version, so I'm not complaining :)
Agreed. I was just excited to see it! Lol
Have they fixed the bug yet, where it notifies you, regardless of app settings disabling notifications, when you first turn the device on?
I don't ever recall seeing that bug, so I'm going to go with "yes"?
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